Hakbumson is back, the oldest leader to shake the K-League game

Jeju United manager Kim Hak-beom talked about the blueprint for the 2024 season at a press conference held at the Seogwipo Club House on the 10th.

Kim returned to the K-League for the first time in seven years after stepping down from Gwangju FC in 2017. In the meantime, he took charge of the under-23 national team and made a milestone as a leader by winning the Asian Games gold medal, the Asian Football Confederation Championship, and the quarterfinals of the Olympics.랭크카지노

He is one of the best coaches in Korea. He is a “big name” when considering his career, experience, ability, and achievements so far. Moreover, he is the oldest K-League coach this season as he was born in 1960. He is second to none in terms of weight.

Manager Kim took charge of Jeju. Jeju is the representative corporate team of the K-League. He spends money well. He ranked fourth in last year’s annual salary ranking. The final ranking of ninth did not match the club’s reputation or size. This is why he aims to turn the tables by appointing Kim, who is good at producing results and performances.

Now, change is starting. Kim cancelled his overseas winter training program first. In January, he will focus on building his physical fitness by training at a clubhouse. Surprised by the result of his physical fat test, Kim plans to draw a training program in which he takes steps to build physical fitness that can last 100 minutes.

“In modern soccer, players need to be able to play 100 minutes instead of 90 minutes. Just looking at the last World Cup and recent European soccer games, the distance between offense and defense is very narrow. Another trend is that players need to have physical strength to play pressure soccer,” he stressed. This is why he is preparing for the “Kim Hak-beom” hell training.

Having worked with players of different ages for a long time, Kim said, “Even though we are old, we know the trend and demands of the times. We need to create an atmosphere where we help each other and do things ourselves. Age is just a number. We need to change our minds. I need to do better to give more opportunities to leaders.”

It is his first comeback in seven years, but he seems to have no problem in playing field. He watched the K-League meticulously to select players for the national team, and recently learned the trend by visiting the field.

“There are more teams that are pushing up the line in the league. It seems to be following the trend of global soccer. In particular, Pohang and Gwangju were worth watching. They showed the direction the professional should go. Now my task is to find a way to catch the team,” he said.

Ulsan HD has maintained its throne in the K League 1 over the past two years. Kim expects Jeju to become a game-changing team. “We have three goals. First of all, we have to advance to the Final A. Then, we can aim for the second goal, the Champions League. If we go along the way, we can also challenge for the championship,” he also revealed his specific goal.

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