“As expected, a trader born in heaven!”…Revealing the Ratcliffe winning scenario driven by “money,” “Cutting Manchester United players’ wages → Paying exceptional incentives when winning,” and “If you want to make money, win.”

Jim Ratcliffe has become the new owner of Manchester United in the English Premier League (EPL). The Glazer family will step down from the front line, and Ratcliffe will be in charge of Manchester United’s general management.

Ratcliffe is a stone tool-chemical tycoon in the U.K. He is a “celestial businessman.” His reputation is 29.6 billion pounds (50 trillion won). The core of Ratcliffe’s management philosophy is to prevent unnecessary spending. For this reason, some critics say that he became a billionaire while cutting costs to the core of his staff.월카지노

He plans to apply the nature of the trader to Manchester United. Ratcliffe is willing to touch the wages of Manchester United’s squad. In particular, he is pushing for wage cuts mainly from star players who have high wages while failing to play many roles.

A one-sided cut would undermine the will of the team and cause dissatisfaction. That is why Ratcliffe has another proposal. If he wins, he will give him a “shattering incentive.” In other words, if he wants to make a lot of money, he should win.

Soccer finance expert Kieran Maguire said on England’s Football Insider that “Ratcliffe will cut Manchester United’s stars’ wages. A number of first-team players, including Raphael Varane, have been asked to cut their salaries. Overall, he will push for a pay cut of more than £30 million (W50.3 billion). Along with the pay cut, Ratcliffe said he will add a new bonus clause in his players’ contracts to induce them to win the trophy.”

“A new annual salary structure will be implemented in which players will be given exceptional incentives if they win a championship trophy. Ratcliffe’s philosophy is that if you want the best, you want the best performance. Manchester United has the highest wage in the EPL for the past 15 years. We paid the highest salary in the EPL until 2022.” However, he failed to bring the EPL trophy for more than a decade.  

“Ratcliffe will try this kind of wage policy to make winning trophies a priority. During the Glazer regime, Manchester United’s top priority was to make money. However, under the Ratcliffe regime, winning is the top priority.”

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