‘Four months OUT’ Sancho surprised Dortmund!…. “He has a lot of training, is healthy, he can play right away.”

Dortmund coach Edin Terzic Borussia said Jadon Sancho, who returned, is likely to play immediately.

Coach Terzic mentioned Sancho’s possibility to play at an official press conference before the match against Darmstadt on the 13th (Korea time).

Dortmund will face Darmstadt in the 17th round of the Bundesliga in the 2023-2024 season at 2:30 a.m. on the 14th at the Merck Stadion Ambulenpalter in Darmstadt, Germany.

“We’re very happy that Sancho is finally with us,” Terzic said at a press conference on Sancho’s situation. “He’s had a lot of fun on the training ground. He’s healthy and has trained a lot over the last few weeks. We’ll go ahead with the session again and see what happens to him in the future.”

Jadon Sancho left Manchester United on the 11th and moved to Borussia Dortmund on a six-month loan.

Dortmund, a German Bundesliga powerhouse, officially announced on its website, “Dortmund has hired striker Sancho on loan until the end of the season. Sancho, a member of Manchester United, has signed a loan agreement until June 30, 2024.”

On the same day, Manchester United also said, “It’s news of our loan. Sancho will return to Dortmund. Sancho joined his former team Dortmund on loan until the end of the season. Sancho will return to Germany for a while as Dortmund prepares for the season after the winter break. I hope Sancho will perform at his best for the rest of this season,” and wished Sancho good luck.

Sancho, once an English football star, was not only removed from the first team but also banned from the first team facilities due to a public disagreement with Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag this season.

In an away match against Arsenal in the fourth round of the 2023-24 Premier League held in September last year, coach Turn Haach excluded Sancho from his list. “Sancho was not selected due to his performance in training,” he told a press conference after the match. “In Manchester United, you have to reach a certain level every day to be selected. That’s why I excluded Sancho from the list.”

Sancho then went head-to-head with his statement posted on social media to counter coach Turn Haq. “Don’t believe everything that people around you,” he said. “I trained very well this week. There are other reasons (except for the training). I have become a scapegoat for a long time.”

Coach Turnhach not only immediately removed Sancho, who caused a mutiny, from the first team but also kicked him out of facilities in the first team, including training grounds and restaurants. He is naturally unable to play in the first team because he has not been trained with his teammates in the first team.

Sancho, who was excluded from the first team, continued to be excluded from training because he did not make an official apology afterwards. When Sancho did not bow down, Manchester United decided to part with Sancho, who they recruited for a large amount of money.

It was Dortmund, his former team, who had his best days, that gave a hand to Sancho, who was on the list for release. Sancho appeared in 137 games during his time at Dortmund, scoring 50 goals and 64 assists, becoming the best winger in the Bundesliga. Later, he joined Manchester United when he moved for 73 million pounds (1203 billion won) in the summer of 2021.

After the winter transfer market opened, Dortmund considered bringing Sancho, who had become a nuisance from Manchester United, to strengthen his power, and Sancho also hoped to leave Manchester United, where he expelled him from the first team, and return to Dortmund, where he has good memories.

British public broadcaster “BBC” explained on the 6th, “We know that an agreement has been reached between Manchester United and Dortmund to allow Sancho to rejoin his former club for the rest of the season,” adding, “However, there are still contract and financial issues that need to be sorted out regarding the deal.”

“Since joining Manchester United, Sancho has struggled for a steady performance, but he has played 58 games in the league, scoring only nine goals and six assists,” he said, adding, “Dortmund, which is ranked fifth in the Bundesliga this season, is eager for Sancho to join the training camp currently underway in Marveya, Spain.”

European football transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano also said on SNS, “Dortmund is discussing the final details with Manchester United,” adding, “The negotiations are in the final stage, but the rent will be subsidized by about 4 million euros (about 5.7 billion won).”월카지노

Manchester United will be able to save part of Sancho’s high salary through the loan deal. Currently, Sancho is reportedly paid 300,000 pounds a week from Manchester United alone. In terms of annual salary, it amounts to 7.8 million pounds.

“Dortmund has offered to pay only 2.6 million pounds (about 4.3 billion won), one-third of Sancho’s current salary for six months,” the British Times said. “In this case, Manchester United will pay Sancho 5.2 million pounds (about 8.6 billion won) in the remaining salary during the loan period.”

When Sancho was hired on loan after rapid negotiations, Dortmund director Sebastian Kell expressed his expectation, saying, “Sancho is a player who makes an absolute difference, so I look forward to seeing him play in Dortmund’s uniform soon.”

“Sancho knows about this city, Zignal Iduna Park, our fans and clubs,” he said, adding, “Although we have not played in any games in the past few months, we are confident that Sancho will quickly settle down and maintain his best condition to help Dortmund achieve his season goals with his qualities.”

Sancho, who returned to his former team, also said, “When I entered the locker room today, I felt like I was back in my hometown,” adding, “I know the inside and outside of the club well, I’ve always been close to Dortmund fans, and I’ve never cut off contact with club officials.”

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