“More sincere than anyone else” Choi Sung-won’s first All-Star appearance “so that I can come again next time!”

Choi Sung-won, the Anyang Chungcheong Province official, attended the 2023-2024 Chungcheong Province Professional Basketball All-Star Game held at the Sono Arena in Goyang on Sunday, and enjoyed the event with more sincerity than anyone else. Choi ranked 27th in fan voting and failed to make the list of 24, but was selected as a substitute player due to consecutive injuries. As a player, Choi showed off perfect dance to Baekho’s “Elevator,” and as a member of coach Cho Sang-hyun’s “Puppy Team,” he made five three-point shots and enjoyed the main game perfectly. The Puppy Team won 135-128 in overtime.라바카지노

Choi Sung-won said, “We came here because of the injured, and I hope the injured get well soon. I was very surprised at first because it was my first time in the All-Star Game. I didn’t know I would come out, and I heard the news when I was in Japan. When I watched the All-Star Game a long time ago, I said I wanted to play, but I feel good to play like this.”

Choi Sung-won enjoyed the atmosphere with passion from the eve of the All-Star Game. He even felt grateful for his hard participation. Choi said, “It was fun since the last night. I met more than 100 people and I wish more people came.” And many fans were curious about the housewarming party (which was an All-Star pledge). Whether I got chosen or not, I thought I should do it for my fans, so I filmed it.”

Choi transferred to Chung Kwan-jang ahead of this season. Thanks to the All-Star Game, Choi Jun-yong (KCC) and Jamil Warney (SK) who played for the Seoul SK Wyverns played together for the first time in a long time.

Choi Sung-won said, “I played with (Choi) Jun-yong, and it was nice to see you after a long time. It didn’t feel awkward at all. And it was fun to meet (Park) Ji-hoon, who is on the same team now. When I met (Wony, Choi Jun-yong, etc.), I went to eat something delicious while having daily conversations rather than talking about basketball. I’m on a different team now, but I still keep in touch often. For example, when Wony recently did a triple-double, he congratulates me, and Wony calls me if I do well. I keep in touch with him almost every day.”

Finally, he laughed, saying, “I feel more greedy once it’s released. I didn’t know this atmosphere before, but it’s even more fun to be released. All-star is the only one who can be with the fans like this, so I should work hard to come out next season.”

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