What Bananas and Baseball Have in Common

The answer is “If you step on it, you will slip.” Bananas are also a symbol of the happening of the Jamboree competition, which went through ups and downs last year. When there were many problems, including cleaning toilets, the prime minister even ordered the government to remove bananas from the lunch box. Participants who stepped on the skin of bananas that they ate could slip and hurt themselves, but many people said it was a comedy because of a flurry of management and management issues.

When I saw the news about the banana disturbance at the time, I thought of baseballs scattered in the baseball field. When I was at the club, I heard a lot of stories that stepping on a ball would slip. If you search for articles, you can’t miss the story of a player who stepped on a ball during spring camp or finishing training.

Soon, professional baseball teams will start off-season training. It’s trivial, but let me tell you why organizing baseballs is important for preparing for the season. The camp is overflowing with baseballs, from the funnel sent by the defensive coach to the ball hit in various ways by the batters. Dust blows from the uniforms of the players who roam the floor, and balls that roll next to the players are piled up as if showing a tremendous amount of training.

During a short break, players and baseballs come to a standstill as if the world had stopped. How would you feel when you are invited to watch this scene as a baseball fan? It would be very romantic. Usually, campsites are relatively warm and gentle. It is also touching to see how hard the players try to achieve their goals for the new season amid the nice weather and the scenery.

I felt the same way. When I was a novice front desk clerk, I felt that for the first time when I went to a field training camp in Arizona, the U.S. But that was the only moment that seemed like a scene in a photo. I came to learn that scattered baseballs and ground are minefields. It was an indispensable task for the front desk during the camp to organize and clean up the balls so that they were not scattered around the training players.헤라카지노도메인

At that time, NC Dinos coach Kim Kyung-moon taught me how to strictly manage the training ground. “How vain would it be if a player steps on a ball and injures his ankle when he sweats and strives so much for a single season? If a player gets injured, the team will suffer a huge loss as well. Front desk staff must have their own duties, but please clean up the ball so that it does not pile up during training,” he said. More than half of the season is often lost when a player steps on a ball.

Manager Kim also carefully checked the condition of the ground. The infield ground, which was defeated by players’ spikes, was repaired by picking and chopping and spraying water several times a day. The team demanded more maintenance than the original contract, but there was no problem even if I asked the local stadium managers several times because they gave me separate labor costs and gifts.

The management of the training site was not a one-time event that the high-ranking person would make a fuss about even taking care of the bananas in the lunch box. It was organized as a work manual and know-how for the front desk of the club to prepare and take care of. It seems like clearing the ball is nothing, but it also had the effect of showing the sincerity that everyone in the club came out and helped the player focus on training.

Of course, different teams have different training methods. But teams compare each other to see what kind of environment it is like. Baseball fans should also take a close look at which team’s campgrounds are well maintained. Maybe it is a measure of predicting the season. At the end of last year, a team coach raised the issue of the field for Jeon Hoon. It is embarrassing for the front office to be pointed out what needs to be taken for granted. It shows the team’s performance.

Recently, the emergency entrance of an Alaska Airlines flight was torn off in the United States during operation. An interim investigation by the U.S. authorities found that four bolts that bind the top and bottom of the emergency door were not properly installed. Small and small parts caused a big accident. The manufacturer, Boeing, faced criticism for being a “quality control crisis.” The same can be said for scattered baseballs and for the damaged holes in the ground.

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