Qatar First to Confirm Round of 16… China Draws With Lebanon After Solskjaer War

Qatar, the host of the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup, was the first to confirm its advance to the round of 16.랭크카지노

Qatar won 1-0 in the second Group A match against Tajikistan at Alkor Albayt Stadium in Qatar on the night of the 17th (Korea time). Qatar led its team to victory with Akram Afif, who scored multiple goals in the opening match against Lebanon, scoring the winning goal in the 17th minute.

Qatar, which has secured its second win, has thus secured the top spot in its group regardless of the outcome of the remaining matches. The second-ranked team is China, which tied 0-0 at a match against Lebanon. Qatar already has four points ahead in points even after it lost its third match against China, and thus has confirmed its No. 1 ranking regardless of the results.

Prior to the match between Qatar and Tajikistan, China played Lebanon, and tied 0-0 with no points. As a result, China tied 0-0 for two consecutive games following the previous match against Tajikistan. On the other hand, Tajikistan and Lebanon recorded one draw and one loss each with one point each, but Tajikistan, which was ahead in gains and losses, is ranked third.

China had seven shots on the day, fewer than Lebanon’s 11. China had five shots on goal, but it displayed an overwhelming performance with 52 percent of market share, and failed to capitalize on the no-mark chance. After the middle of the second half, some scenes caused physical fights through rough plays, and even drew criticism, and eventually had to settle for just one point.

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