“When I meet KCC, my offensive power explodes.” Defensive team LG, do you want me to show you my firepower again this time?

LG is the team of defense. Unlike offenses that can cause ups and downs, coach Cho Sang-hyun seeks to secure victory by lowering the opponent team’s lost points based on stable defense in each game. In fact, coach Cho Sang-hyun puts the most emphasis on defense to players in every game. As a result, he ranks first among the 10 teams with an average lost points of 76.3.

However, LG’s offense power explodes when it encounters KCC. The team scored 83.1 points on average this season, but it scored a whopping 93.3 points in the previous three games against KCC. Led by Asem Maray (19.0 points), Yang Hong-seok (16.0 points), Lee Jae-do (14.7), Lee Kwan-hee (10.3 points) and Yoo Ki-sang (10.3 points), the five players scored double-digit points on average against KCC.마카오토토

LG was able to score high points against KCC due to outside shooting. LG ranked fourth with 9.1 three-point shots on average this season and second with a success rate of 35.8 percent. In the match against KCC, LG scored 12.0 three-point shots on average in three games, and its success rate was 46.2 percent. If LG’s offense power explodes along with outside shooting again this time, the probability of winning the game will be even higher.

In response, KCC stopped its three-game winning streak after losing to Wonju DB on Wednesday. To make matters worse, Song Kyo-chang, who suffered a calf injury, was diagnosed with four weeks. In the previous three games, KCC had 33.3-37.7 rebounds for LG. In the absence of Song, the rest of the players, including Choi Joon-yong and Lee Seung-hyun, have heavy shoulders. In order for KCC to get closer to winning, they must face each other equally in the rebound fight.

Ra Gun-ah should have high expectations on him. Ra Gun-ah, who had difficulties in physical condition in the early days of this season, perfectly revived as an average of 19.2 points, 11.2 rebounds, and 2.4 assists in five games in the fourth round. In the third round showdown with LG, he gave KCC a victory with 31 points and 15 rebounds. Since he had a decision-making win in a matchup with Maray at the time, he should pay attention to his fingertips on what kind of play he will show this time.

Meanwhile, Anyang Jeonggwanjang and Seoul Samsung meet at Anyang Gymnasium at the same time. The current atmosphere is not good due to three consecutive losses in Jeonggwanjang and four consecutive losses in Samsung. It is expected that a fierce struggle will unfold to which team will turn the mood with victory.

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