“Eoljjang national team.” Ahn Geunyoung is the flag bearer… The Winter Youth Olympics that Kim Yuna is talking about

The Winter Youth Olympics, which will be held in Gangwon State (Pyeongchang, Gangneung, Jeongseon, and Hoengseong), will bring together more than 1,900 youth athletes from 80 countries to compete in seven events and 15 events.마카오토토

Head coach Ahn Geun-young, a former national ice hockey team, joined Lee Hae-in, a national figure skating team, as a flag bearer for the Gangwon Winter Youth Olympics

The flag bearer that marks the beginning of the Olympics was head coach Ahn Geun-young (Team Puffins), famous for his “Eolzzang Ice Hockey National Team,” and representatives of six sports representing winter sports.

Coach Ahn Geun-young, who recently made her name known through various entertainment programs, is the only female coach in Korea to lead the Puffins, a children’s ice hockey team, and also serves as the secretary-general of the Korea Olympic Association, an organization under the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Kim Yu-na, an ambassador for the Winter Youth Olympics, said through the IOC, “Thinking that the PyeongChang Winter Olympics was already six years ago makes me feel new and time flies very fast,” adding, “We’ve been together since 2012, and I’m really happy that it’s going to be held in Korea this time, and our athletes are doing well in various winter sports, and I think it’ll be a good opportunity to become bigger athletes.”

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