The basketball brothers gathered at Sungkyunkwan University

Currently, the most popular player in Korean basketball is Heo Woong (Busan KCC). His younger brother Heo Hoon (Suwon KT) is also very popular. Yeo Jun-hyung, who belongs to the same team as Heo Woong, is the older brother of Yeo Jun-seok, a KCC in Busan who dreams of entering the NBA, and Yang Jae-hyuk, an active player in Japan, is the older brother of Daegu Gas Corporation. Yonsei University has brothers Kang Jae-min and Kang Tae-hyun. Yoon Ji-won and Yoon Ji-hoon, who led Samsun Middle School to the strongest in secondary school last year, have exceptionally many sibling players in recent Korean basketball.라바카지노주소

On the 19th, Naksaeng High School visited Sungkyunkwan University’s gymnasium. Both teams also have brothers and basketball players. Koo Min-kyo (197, F/C), the younger brother of Koo In-kyo (194, F), played together as an upcoming admission candidate for Sungkyunkwan University, and Naksaeng High School’s Kang Min-soo (184, G) brother is Kang Sung-wook (183, G), the main guard of Sungkyunkwan University. One brother met on the court in the same team and the other in a different team.

Kang Sung-wook, a college student, said, “I meant it.” He said, “I want to show the taste of college to my brother, who became a high school senior.” The two brothers often matched up, and Kang Sung-wook didn’t mind rough physical fights.

When Kang scored with a fast attack, Kang dribbled through the defense line to score. In the ensuing attack, he continued his scoring streak with three-point shots and breakthroughs. Did he want to let people know that college and high school are different? Kang didn’t back down either. The score was not enough compared to his older brother, but he helped his team score with a sharp pass.

After the game, Kang expressed his strong ambition, saying, “I felt that he was fighting hard and I didn’t want to avoid it either,” adding, “I’m tired now, but I can overcome him when I enter college.” Coach Park Kyu-hoon at Naksaeng High School hopes that Kang will not only score points but also coordinate his team’s offense. Kang’s offense has been proven by winning the association’s long-term top scorer in 2021. Now, he hopes to score and read together.

Naksaeng High School is the runner-up team of last year’s National Sports Festival. This year, high-rise players such as Choi Jung-hwan and Hong Chan-woo can have a hard time with graduation. Kang Min-soo is the second-year player who played the most last year and has high expectations. Kang Min-soo also has a clear goal of going to college. You have to prove yourself with individual growth and team performance.

Koo In-kyo is a freshman, but he played a lot of time in last year’s College League playoffs. Due to injuries to his seniors, he had to keep the post with Lee Ju-ne (195, F/C). This year, he expanded his horizons to the outskirts. If you want to be competitive in the professional league, you should play second or third from now on. I am not used to wingman’s movements yet. Still, there is hope.

The post-debs have grown thicker with the admission of a well-heeled younger brother. Kim Sang-joon, head coach of Sungkyunkwan University, also emphasizes play from the outside to both his brother and younger brother. It’s because the play inside is already familiar. Competitiveness in the professional world is something that coach Kim is also considering. The more tall players in their 190s who can play both inside and outside, the higher the team’s competitiveness.

Sungkyunkwan University suffered a disappointing loss in the semi-finals of the College League Playoff last year. I don’t plan on repeating the same experience this year. With good freshmen joining the class in the 24th grade, I expect a better result than the final. “I don’t have any personal greed. I just want the team to win,” Kang said. Koo In-kyo and Koo Min-kyo also aim to win.

“Sungkyunkwan University is in a good mood for training,” Kang said. “I want to play at the same school as my brother.” On the other hand, he also wants to compete with his brother in other teams. Playing with his brother could be a competition against his brother. Kim recalled Kang’s performance in middle school. “He slowed down after the wrist injury, but he improved a lot recently,” he said. Kang declined to comment on his brother’s advancement to college.

The brothers, who met with reporters such as Yang Jae-hyuk and Yeo Jun-hyung, said they don’t usually talk about basketball. Because it can be stressful. Still, it’s comforting.” Because they know each other’s hardships even if they don’t say it in words. Sometimes they are rivals and subject to comparison, but they say there are more good things.

One brother dreams of the same thing. One brother dreams of the other. It is no different in a big way. Dream of Underdog Rebellion. “Winter Court” was hot because I had a dream.

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