“The myth of winning for 11 consecutive years” Bayern Munich’s crisis

There is a soccer team that has won the title for 11 consecutive years in the European big leagues. Bayern Munich, a prestigious mega club in the German Bundesliga and the root of German soccer, continued its winning streak until last season. Starting from the 2012-13 season, Bayern Munich continued to win the Bundesliga championship as if it were a basic option. As a result, the UEFA Champions League trophy serves as a yardstick for assessing whether Bayern Munich has successfully spent a certain season. To put it simply, winning the league is basic, and how many more trophies it has won to rank atop in Europe has become the checklist for Bayern Munich’s report card.

Bayern Munich is literally the champion who conquered Germany. It is a traditional powerhouse that has won the UEFA Champions League three times and the European Cup three times in its predecessor. Even if it expands its horizons not only to Germany but also to Europe, its status as Bayern Munich’s nickname is sky-high. It is one of the top five soccer teams in the world based on its value, sales and profit. With such a reputation, it is natural that Bayern Munich is considered the favorite to win every tournament. Some soccer fans even say that they are not worried about Bayern Munich.

“I’m not worried about Bayern Munich”월카지노

Despite making tremendous profits, Bayern Munich has always insisted on reasonable spending and managed stably. It has not participated in money games for a while to strengthen its power amid an astronomical increase in player transfer fees in the soccer market. Nevertheless, Bayern Munich, which always has the trophy, was regarded as a team that managed the club with solid performance and caught two rabbits with outstanding performance.

Bayerische was able to maintain its outstanding power even without a money game thanks to its high status. It has maintained a solid brand value as the “dream soccer team” where all players can always win the championship. Bayern Munich took full advantage of this charm to recruit the best players. It was able to naturally have the best capability. Even players who played as ace players in rival teams of the Bundesliga did not hesitate to wear Bayern Munich uniforms when the opportunity arises. Borussia Dortmund’s ace players Mario Götze (MF), Robert Lewandowski (FW), and Mats Hummels (DF), who won the title for the 2010-11 and 2011-12 consecutive seasons, are examples of Bayer’s status.

However, in the 2000s, the stronghold of Bayer Leverkusen started to wane amid the rapid progress of the English Premier League (EPL) that capitalized on. With the explosive growth of the EPL, players’ own goals have also changed. The club and league of dreams that players want to go to have begun to change. Bayern Munich still boasts the highest level of infrastructure and salary, but the Bundesliga itself seemed to be losing competitiveness. For this reason, Bayern Munich is strengthening its power by spending a large amount of transfer fee unlike before, but the number of top players wearing Bayern uniforms is decreasing.

The problem is that the German soccer community is so engrossed in the glory of the past that it cannot face the reality. German soccer fans have a very high level of view. For example, if the German national team accepts the report card for the quarterfinals at the World Cup, it is often criticized as a “rusty tank.” When the team won the runner-up prize at the 2002 World Cup Korea-Japan, it was in “sadness” that it failed to win the title. After desperately trying, Germany regained the glory of the past by winning the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, and seemed to put an end to the era of the rusty tank. However, after winning the World Cup, the German team’s competitiveness rapidly declined. Now, it has reached the point of failing to advance to the tournament for two consecutive World Cup events. The biggest reason was that good players who would secure the team’s competitiveness disappeared. To be honest, it seems that the goal of German soccer should now be changed to advance to the round of 16 teams, not to the World Cup championship.

The German national team is uneasy

There is a reason why I suddenly brought up the German national team. This is because it is not too much to say that German soccer is Bayern Munich and Bayern Munich is German soccer. After winning the 2019-20 UEFA Champions League, Bayern dropped to the quarterfinals in the last three seasons. Such a disappointing report card could be a sign of a bigger crisis ahead. The weakening of the German national team’s competitiveness leads to difficulties in strengthening Bayern Munich’s power. At some point, there is no player in the German national team who will have an eye on Bayern Munich. Bayern’s start to participate in the money game is part of the trend, but it is the result of realizing that it is difficult to maintain its power unless you turn your eyes outside of Germany.

Bayern Munich spent a total of 120 million euros last summer to recruit striker Harry Kane and 50 million euros to recruit Kim Min-jae. This is in order to secure the championship in the league and win the UEFA Champions League. It is a relief that the team already has a strong financial position to recruit players without worrying about money. However, the team barely managed to win the league title in the last game of the last season and is still in jeopardy. Some local media in Germany blame Kim Min-jae. It is time that Bayern Munich proved itself to be the “best” given its purely performance and performance, except for the glaring glory of the past.

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