North Korea Warns FIFA for Unauthorized Broadcasting of Women’s World Cup

North Korea received a warning from FIFA for unauthorized broadcasting of the Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand in July last year.

According to FIFA on the 22nd (local time), FIFA found that North Korea secured a screen of the Women’s World Cup broadcast that was aired at the time and investigated the circumstances and broadcasted it without purchasing a broadcasting right. FIFA reportedly agreed that North Korea’s broadcast of the World Cup game was an act of treating the copyright holder’s broadcast without permission, and that countermeasures were needed.

In response, FIFA recently sent a warning to North Korea’s Korean Central Broadcasting Commission (KRT), which oversees the Korean Central Broadcasting System, which was the main body of the broadcasting, urging the recurrence of similar cases.월카지노

FIFA has also prepared supplementary measures to prevent unauthorized broadcasting by North Korea. In the past, when FIFA signed contracts with South Korean terrestrial broadcasting companies such as KBS for the broadcasting rights on the Korean Peninsula, South Korean broadcasting companies transferred the broadcasting rights in North Korea back to FIFA at FIFA’s request as a humanitarian measure. North Korea reportedly contacted FIFA, which received the broadcasting rights back, and recorded and edited some of the matches for the Qatar World Cup.

However, due to this issue, FIFA agreed with KBS not to include information on broadcasting rights to North Korea during the negotiations over broadcasting rights for the 2026 World Cup between North Korea, China and the U.S. The North should pay FIFA directly to sign a contract or take corresponding steps. The North made it easy to identify itself as unauthorized broadcasting when the footage of the match was aired.

FIFA’s sending of the warning letter also follows observations that the scandal may spread as it has a precedent for the issue of unauthorized broadcasting of professional sports games by North Korea.

North Korea has been criticized for airing games organized by the English Premier League without a contract.

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