Yonex Badminton Team, Coach Lee Chul-ho, Roh Jin-sung and Park Sang-yong are recruited!

Yonex Badminton Team recruited coach Lee Chul-ho, Noh Jin-sung and Park Sang-yong ahead of the 2024 season.마카오토토

Yonex held a ceremony with coach Lee Chul-ho at the “Yonex Brand 2024SS Trade Show” held at Pi Factory Studio in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul on the 18th.

Coach Lee Cheol-ho played for Korea National Sports University and Suwon City Hall during his active career, and gained experience as a youth leader after retirement. Yonex expects coach Lee Chul-ho, along with coach Park Yong-je and playing coach Lee Yong-dae, to greatly help players develop their skills.

The combination of Noh Jin-sung and Park Sang-yong is also notable. Noh Jin-sung, who joined MG Saemaul Geumgo in 2022, was called the top three players along with his teammates Jin Yong and Ahn Yoon-sung (Samsung Life Insurance) in high school. Ahead of this season, he moved to Yonex and re-elected to the national team, raising expectations for his stellar performance. Park Sang-yong, who joined Yonex upon graduation from Hallym University, is also expected to contribute to improving the team’s singles power along with Jeon Hyuk-jin. Yonex expects Noh and Park Sang-yong to contribute to the team’s national championship along with playing coach Lee Yong-dae, Jin Yong, 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games silver medalist Choi Soon-gyu, and national team member Kim Jae-hyun.

Noh Jin-sung and Park Sang-yong said, “I will show you through action rather than words. I will make sincere efforts to help the team.” “I am happy that great players and coaches have joined me and I am looking forward to this season. I hope that they will show good performance in line with the spirit of the team that does its best, regardless of victory or defeat,” said Kim Cheol-woong, CEO of Yonex.

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