Defending champion Qatar beats China to win three games… China’s FKI scoreless humiliation

China was in a situation where it had to hope for a fluke to the round of 16 as the third place in the group, with China in the third place in the group, and Tajikistan, ranked 106th in the Asian Cup for the first time, beat Lebanon to reach the round of 16 as the second place in the group.랭크카지노

Defending champion and host Qatar defeated China 1-0 in the final Group A match of the tournament at Khalifa International Stadium in Doha, Qatar, on the 22nd (local time) with Hasan Al-Haidos’ picturesque winning goal in the 22nd minute of the second half.

Qatar, which won all three games while resting its key players on the day, advanced to the round of 16 as the group’s No. 1 player.

On the contrary, China failed to score a goal on the day and recorded a disastrous report card of two draws and one loss with no goal in three matches. It is the first time in 48 years that China failed to even win a single group match since the 1976 World Cup.

However, as Tajikistan defeated Lebanon, it dramatically ranked third, raising expectations for its advance to the round of 16. China has two points and a gap of -1 in gains and losses. If it ranks within the top four out of the six teams that rank third, it can advance to the round of 16.

Tajikistan, which was expected to be at the bottom of Group A, produced a drama that reached the round of 16 on its own after overcoming the twists and turns of two goals being canceled due to offside.

Tajikistan, which gave up the first goal in the second half of the second half, raised the level of its offensive after Lebanon’s Al Jain was sent off for an unsightly foul in the 11th minute of the second half.

Tajikistan tied the game in the 35th minute of the second half when they were trailing 0-1, with Umarbayev scoring an exquisite free-kick goal, and Hamrokulov’s dramatic header in the 16th minute of the second half.

Tajikistan, which has one win, one draw and one loss, advanced to the round of 16 by ranking second in its group, beating China and Lebanon, with four points. In its first competition, Tajikistan staged a miracle to reach the round of 16.

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