Phoenix Starts to Burn ‘Arizona Triangle with 91 Points’

Daegu Korea Gas Corporation has been on the rise. It is 5 wins and 1 loss in the last 6 games. It was at the bottom, but the semifinals began to be seen. Instead, there is also an anxiety factor.라바카지노주소

Gas Corporation won 88-75 in the fourth round of the 2023-2024 Jeonggwanjang Professional Basketball League at Jamsil Student Gymnasium on the 22nd.

Throughout the entire match, the team was dominating the game. Even Jeon Hee-chul, the team’s chief of staff, admitted his defeat by saying, “It was my fault, and our players were also wrong. I hope they feel it. I will reflect on myself.”

Andrew Nicholson flew. He shot 33 points, nine rebounds, and three assists. It was truly an explosion. After 42 points in the game against Hyundai Mobis on Tuesday, he flew again on the day.

No one in the SK Wyverns was able to control Nicholson. He also had the power to endure under the basket and accurate mid-range shots. His two-point shooting success rate is 75 percent (12 attempts – nine attempts). He also garnered four three-point shots by throwing eight. His success rate is 50 percent.

Other players also kept pace. SJ Belangel scored 17 points, 1 rebound and 5 assists. Although there is no Kim Nak-hyun, it is possible to minimize the gap due to Belangel.

The forward lines of Park Ji-hoon, Shin Seung-min and Cha Ba-wi were also good. They each scored 13 points to seven points to eight. Shin also garnered five rebounds. Rookie Shin Ju-young also helped with five rebounds.

It is a game in which cogs rolled well. Nicholson is at the center of the attack. Belangel is the assistant weapon. The rest of the players also scored but displayed greater strength in defense. He also participated in the rebound. He led 31-28 overall.

If you look backwards, you can also see a little bit of anxiety. Nicholson can’t run for all 40 minutes. You have to keep your offense in the absence of Nicholson. Other foreign players, Duvan Maxwell, are more of a defensive type.

In fact, when Nicholson was not on the court that day, the attack by the Korea Gas Corporation was “close”. The ball was spinning well, but he couldn’t find the destination.

This is because there is no Kim Nak-hyun and Lee Dae-heon. They are players who can solve it inside and outside. Kim Nak-hyun has a bad knee. Lee Dae-heon has a hamstring problem. We need time. I don’t think I will be able to play in January.

“The injury should not get worse. We will have another meeting, but he is sidelined for about five games. A player wants to play. I am grateful for that. I will not let him run for a long time even if he returns at an early date,” manager Kang said.

He has a tight schedule. He will face KCC in Daegu on Saturday, followed by a home DB game on Saturday. He will face Sono in Goyang on Saturday. He will face off against KT on Feb. 1 and Sono on Feb. 3 at home in Suwon.

The team should play without Kim Nak-heon and Lee Dae-heon. First of all, it is nice to see that the team can defend itself. The team has scored 75.7 points on average in the last six games. It is far lower than the season average of 84.3 points. What is left is offense. We need to find answers on how to attack Nicholson when he is not on the court.

“Park Ji-hoon and Shin Seung-min are doing a great job. Maxwell is also basically fast. We try to create more patterns to make the outskirts look better. We have to play outside and make team play that cuts in. We have to overcome through moving basketball. We keep practicing,” Kang said.

Nicholson said, “The coach’s tactics are the biggest reason for my good pace these days. It creates the most efficient tactics for players’ positioning and movement. The players also gained confidence.”

We need to find a way to keep Nicholson alive and to build up points when he’s not there. That way, we can look further up.

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