“Last season’s best fullback in EPL” → Estimated transfer fee is only 20 billion won… Fans criticized, “Is it the price of peanuts?”

Kieran Trippier, one of the best fullbacks in the English Premier League last season, is not expected to be paid very high. Fans expressed their surprise at the fact.라바카지노

Trippier, who grew up in the EPL through Manchester City, Burnley, and Tottenham, left Tottenham for Atletico Madrid and was in full swing. He showed a threatening attack based on a sharp kick, and although he had a weakness in defense, he did not have a big problem with his performance.

After moving to Newcastle in 2022, he was regarded as one of the best full-backs in the EPL, having established himself as a solid core. At Newcastle, he provided several attacking options with kicks and overlap, and was also named to the PFA Team of the Year in the 2022-2023 season, recognizing that he was the best full-back last season. He also accumulated seven assists in the league alone due to his early performances this season.

However, his recent performance has been sluggish. Starting with the last match against Bournemouth, he has rarely rebounded, becoming a defensive hole against Tottenham.

Along with the sluggishness, rumors of a transfer have been raised. The team mentioned is Bayern Munich, where Trippier’s former teammate Harry Kane is active. Bayern is said to have begun the process of recruiting Trippier, and Newcastle are said to have rejected Bayern’s initial offer, although negotiations are still underway.

Considering Trippier’s performance so far, considerable transfer fee was expected. However, the recent outlook surprised Newcastle fans with shocking expected transfer fee.

England’s The Sun reported on the 23rd (Korean time), “Newcastle fans have found Trippier’s ridiculous price tag with interest from Bayern.”

The Sun said, “Fans were shocked by the news that Trippier could leave for just 12 million pounds (about 20 billion won). According to the news, Newcastle want that amount for Trippier’s transfer fee, and Bayern prefers to rent it,” explaining that he could receive a very small transfer fee.

Fans expressed their surprise at the news. Newcastle fans expressed bewilderment on social media, saying, “What are you talking about?” “This is peanut price considering his capability,” and “Are you talking about rent?”

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