Newcastle ‘key MF’ injured while kicking a ball, thigh surgery → prospect of returning in May… virtually ‘season out’

Newcastle United midfielder Joelinton will not play until May.

Newcastle United announced on its official website on the 23rd (Korea Standard Time), “Joelinton’s injury update,” adding, “The club confirmed that Joelinton has successfully undergone surgery for a thigh injury he suffered earlier this month.”월카지노주소

The club added, “Joelinton will now begin rehabilitation under the supervision of the medical team. He is expected to return in May 2024. I wish him a speedy recovery.”

Joelinton started against Sunderland in the third round of the 2023/24 season of the FA Cup in England on the 6th (Korea time) but was injured. In the 47th minute of the first half, he had contact with the opponent and collapsed.

It didn’t appear to be a strong call, but Joelinton didn’t get up easily. Medics came into the stadium to check his condition. Joelinton left the ground for a while and came in. However, he found it difficult to play the game anymore.

In the early stages of the injury, players were not expected to miss long periods of time. “The outlook is not good for at least the next six weeks,” Newcastle manager Eddie Howe said. “Joelinton is a key player, which is a big blow to us. Unfortunately, he has been injured frequently this season. He was consistent last year, but he had several problems this year.”

“There is no player like Joelinton. This is really important,” Howe said. “He has a problem with his tendon in his femoral quadriceps. This is a difficult area to get injured. It’s a strange injury caused by a loss of balance while standing up.”

However, contrary to Hou’s story, reports say it will take some time before he returns. ESPN reported on Sunday (Korea time), “Newcastle midfielder Jo Elinton could be out for the season due to thigh surgery that could leave the club for up to four months.”

As reported, Joelinton was put on the operating table. He is expected to return in May. In fact, he is out of the season. Newcastle will play its last league game on May 20 (Korea time) according to the schedule that has been released so far.

If the return is delayed at least a little, it will not be able to play in the rest of the game. Even if it recovers, Newcastle may not force it.

Newcastle is hit hard. Sandro Tonali, who was highly anticipated as the team’s main player this season, has been banned from playing due to illegal gambling. He once targeted Manchester City’s Calvin Phillips, but he is close to joining West Ham.

Joelinton served his part in the midfield of Newcastle. Despite the disadvantage of rough play, Joelinton also added strength based on his strong physical strength and abundant activities. He has scored three goals and four assists in 23 games this season.

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