“Trade is God’s move” → A huge reversal of 100% annual salary increase… How much more will it fly this year

It was hard to find a gap among the winning team’s powerful outfielders. Eventually, he was traded to another team, which became a step of God to him. Lee Ju-hyung (23) of Kiwoom Heroes is aiming to take a leap forward in the 2024 season with a 100% annual salary increase.헤라카지노

Kiwoom Heroes announced on the 22nd that it has completed the annual salary contract with all 44 people who are eligible for the 2024 season’s annual salary contract. The club explained, “Lee Joo-hyung, who joined through a trade in the middle of the season and showed his potential, signed an annual salary of 66 million won and recorded a 100% increase rate.” It is a two-fold increase from the 33 million won he received at the LG Twins last year.

A graduate of Song Soo-cho (Haeundae Little), Centum Middle School and Gyeongnam High School, Lee Ju-hyung joined the LG Twins as the 13th overall pick in the second round of the rookie draft in 2020. When he joined the team, he paid 150 million won (120,000 U.S. dollars) in down payment. Based on his nomination ranking and down payment, it is clear that LG has high expectations for him.

In his first year at the club, he played only in the Futures League. He had a batting average of 0.356 (31 hits in 87 at bats), 22 RBIs, 19 runs, four homers, seven doubles, two triples, 20 walks, 11 strikeouts, a slugging percentage, and a on-base percentage of 0.478 in 26 games.

The following year, in 2021, he made his debut in the top-tier Korean pro league, which he dreamed of. Although he failed to play in many games, he displayed a batting average of 0.125 (2 hits in 16 times at bat), three scores, two stolen bases, and one walk in 14 games. Eventually, he joined the team after joining the active duty in August that year, and was discharged from the military in February last year and has joined the team since March.

However, it was not an exaggeration to say that there is no room for Lee Ju-hyung to play in the LG outfield. LG outfielders were national team-level outfielders, where Kim Hyun-soo, Park Hae-min and Hong Chang-ki were holding on. In addition, Moon Sung-joo and Lee Jae-won were taking a spot in the entry as key backup players.

LG displayed a winning streak to win the presidency in July. It acquired Choi Won-tae through a trade with Kiwoom Heroes at a time when the formation of the starting lineup was struggling. Instead, LG gave up Lee Ju-hyung, pitcher Kim Dong-kyu, and a first-round pick in the 2024 rookie draft to Kiwoom.

This trade gave me a great opportunity. He started as a starter and gained experience. Consequently, in 69 games in the 2023 season, Kiwoom had a batting average of 0.326 (70 hits in 215 at-bats) with six homers and 13 doubles, four triples, 36 RBIs, 32 runs, three steals (one failure), 19 walks and five hits, and an on-base percentage of 0.390. Some critics say that Kiwoom acquired post-Lee Jung-hoo.

Kiwoom is expected to assign Lee Ju-hyung as the next player in the 2024 season. This year will be a very important year for Lee. If Lee continues his performance this year by playing in more games in the 2024 season, he will be able to earn an annual salary of over 100 million won instantly. In an interview with Star News in December last year, Lee said, “In 2023, I could not actively play stolen bases and defense due to my thigh injury. Due to injury, I felt the need for weight training and physical management. In 2024, I want to hit .300, double-digit home runs and 20 steals. I want to play 144 games while playing aggressive games with snowballs that I have never shown before in the 2023 season,” Lee said, renewing his commitment.

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