Choi Sung-won scored 23 points. Jeong Kwan-jang defeated TNT and confirmed to advance to the semifinals in second place

Anyang’s general manager won a ticket to the semifinals of the East Asian Super League (EASL).

Chung defeated TNT Trofanga (Philippines) 88-76 in the 5th round of the 2023-2024 EASL A Group at Phil Sports Arena in the Philippines on the 24th (Korea time).

Chung, who is also the first winner of the EASL, posted three wins and two losses, confirming his advance to the semifinals by ranking second regardless of the result of the final match against Taipei’s Fubon Preaves (Taiwan). The top-ranked player was the Chiba Jets, who won all six games, followed by Fubon (1 win and four losses) and TNT (1 wins and five losses).

Choi scored 23 points including seven three-point shots, spearheading Jeong’s attack. Robert Carter (22 points and 14 rebounds) and Jamil Wilson (15 points and 14 rebounds) also contributed by creating double-doubles.

In TNT, Ronde Hollis Jefferson (33 points, 7 rebounds, 7 assists), who played for KBL Busan KCC (then Jeonju KCC) in the 2022-2023 season, fought hard, but the team’s defeat faded.마카오토토

From the beginning of the game, Chung pushed TNT hard. Wilson, Bae Byung-joon, and Choi Sung-won fired outer shots in succession. On top of that, Chung, who also participated in Carter’s goal march, led 45-21 at one point in the second quarter.

TNT, however, had no intention of giving up the game as it was. Ronde Hollis Jefferson showed a strong performance to catch up with the team. Ultimately, they had a five-point lead with 4:24 left before the end of the game.

However, Choi Sung-won was in charge of Jeonggwanchwan who was in a crisis. He scored a three-point shot at every critical juncture, dampening TNT’s willingness to pursue him. As a result, Jeonggwanchwan was faced with a thrilling victory.

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