“I was very annoyed”… Han Yu-seom taught the “worst slump” in the first half of the year

Last season, Han Yu-seom (SSG Landers) had a rollercoaster-like season. He suffered the worst slump in the first half. His bat hardly exploded with 34 hits, two homers, 12 RBIs, 17 walks, 50 strikeouts, and a batting average of 0.185 OPS 0.531. In June, he was temporarily removed from the first team’s entry list and headed to the second team. After the All-Star break, he was also removed from the first team’s entry list in the early second half.

Han Yu-seom resigned as captain, and Oh Tae-gon, who served as interim captain, was appointed as an official captain. Since then, Han has gradually recovered from his performance. He played in 32 games from September to the end of this season and posted a batting average of 0.425 OPS 1.105. Last season, he posted 91 hits, seven homers, 55 RBIs, 29 runs, and a batting average of 0.273 OPS 0.748.헤라카지노도메인

In the postseason semi-playoff against the NC Dinos, Han Yu-seom swung the bat with five hits, two homers, four RBIs, and a batting average of 0.385 OPS 1.305. SSG ended the post season with three consecutive losses. After taking a break, he immediately started training and prepared for this season.

Han Yu-seom, who met with reporters after the launch of a new brand identity (BI) and fan festival held at Songdo Convensia Hall 2 in Incheon on the 21st, said, “I prepared a little earlier than usual. Unfortunately, I was eliminated from the fall baseball, so I rested for about two weeks and made my body right away from early November. I have to spend a lot of time with my family during the offseason. Except for such a special time, I exercised as much as possible. I focused on the fact that off-season exercise should be free from injuries from spring camp rather than to do well in the regular season, and I think I’m doing well.”

Han Yu-seom decided to take the poor performance in the first half of last season as a lesson. “It might be the worst, but I think it’s a good experience looking back at it,” he said. “Now that I’ve had such a season, I’ve gained more experience. That’s why I think I should not repeat the same mistakes, and I think I should do well this year based on that experience.”

One of the reasons Han Yu-seom was able to revive last season was because he put everything down. Han Yu-seom said, “Every player wants to do it consistently and will pursue consistency, but looking back on my career, I honestly don’t think I’ve been such a steady player,” adding, “I think it’s a strong impression, and I think it’s because I put down my mental burden rather than because of a specific game.”

He continued, “If I’m chased, I feel urgent and the performance doesn’t come out, but I think my pace was so bad at the beginning and I think I was down a lot because I went back and forth in the second division. Still, when I came up from the second division, to be honest, there was nothing that seemed like a rude talk. I thought, ‘I think my grades are ruined this year (2023) anyway, so let’s play it comfortably,’ and it went well at the same time,” he added.

Starting with 29 homers in the 2017 season, Han Yu-seom hit double-digit homers for six consecutive seasons with 41 homers in the 2018 season, 12 homers in the 2019 season, 15 homers in the 2020 season, 31 homers in the 2021 season and 21 homers in the 2022 season. However, Han Yu-seom broke his record of seven homers in a row last season. He regretted that a lot.

Han Yu-seom said, “I was very annoyed with myself that I broke the double-digit home run record last year. I’m not a person who talks about home runs, but I’m sure there are certain numbers that you expect from me,” adding, “I’m angry with myself that I didn’t meet those expectations, and I want to hit a double-digit home run for now. What I’m a little more greedy than a home run is an RBI. I’m very greedy about producing RBI, so I want to call in a lot when there are a lot of runners on the floor.”

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