“Strong expression.” Son Heung-min said, “Players’ will is more important than tactics… I will overcome it like in 2018.”

Son Heung-min was also disappointed by the shock draw against Malaysia. He also added that the players would show more willingness.마카오토토

Korea, which played its third Group E match at the 2023 Qatar Asian Cup, tied with Malaysia 3-3 at the Al-Zanub Stadium in Al-Wakra, Qatar on Saturday (Korea time). Korea, which now has five points, advanced to the round of 16 by ranking second in Group E, while losing to Bahrain, which overpowered Jordan at the same time. The opponent team in the round of 16 will be Saudi Arabia, which ranks first in Group F.

Son appeared in the mixed zone with a firm face on the day. He scored a come-from-behind goal with a penalty kick made by Oh Hyun-kyu in the extra time of the second half, but his disappointment over the result was apparent with his expression. Notably, considering that his opponent is Malaysia, which ranks 130th in the FIFA rankings, Son’s regret is understandable.

“In terms of results, I don’t think it was the result that I wanted at all. Malaysia fought endlessly and showed great determination to earn one point. It was another game that made me feel a lot as a soccer player,” Son said. “The most important thing is that I made it to the round of 16.” “When I advance to the round of 16, I think the most important thing will be to prepare for the victory so that I can have better performances.” Hereinafter, the full text of the interview with Son.

Q: How do you feel about the game

In terms of results, I think it was never the result that we wanted. Malaysia fought endlessly and showed willingness to bring one point. It was another game that made me feel a lot as a soccer player. The most important thing is that I made it to the round of 16. When I advance to the round of 16, the most important thing will be to prepare for a victory with better performance.

  • Do you have any additional suggestions from Coach Klinsmann before or during today’s game.

There is no additional order. He asked for the players to move a little more and make more movements to penetrate space. I think I tried to do a lot of these things. In the current situation, it was a game that made me think more about how our players would perform better than that I received a man of the match.

-What do we need to do to rebound the mood as the game continues to be disappointing compared to the previous game.

It is often helpful to learn more quickly about this bad performance in the group qualifying round, and those things often help prepare for the tournament. There were a lot of difficulties in the middle, as well as in the 2018 Asian Games. I think that by overcoming this opportunity, the team has become stronger. I think we will be able to make sure that we will be able to strengthen ourselves with these games again this time, and the players will prepare for the games in the future with more responsibility in this regard.

Q: So what should you do most to complement.

In fact, everything has to be improved. When entering the penalty box, there is clearly a part that needs to be handled neatly in the last pass and last shooting scenes. In terms of defense, we also lost a lot of points during the group qualifiers. We have to reduce these things as well. Rather than having to be a couple in particular, we have to develop a little more as we train. The will of the players is more important than the tactical issues. I think we need to supplement these things well while preparing for the round of 16.

HJ: How will you prepare for the next game

Now the players know and everyone knows. You have to always go into the game with the mindset that it can be the last game. Rather than some players expecting me and everyone expecting me, I always think about how I can be more helpful to the team and try to play. We don’t know how many games we’ll play in the next, but I think it’s always the last and I think we should try to put everything we have into it.

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