Gas Corporation to Challenge 8th Victory in January…The Rise Created by ‘Coach Kang Hyuk and Captain Cha Ba-wi’

While Daegu Korea Gas Corporation, which won only seven games from the opening of October last year to the end of the year basketball spirit, has shown a remarkable rise with seven wins in eight games this month, coach Kang Hyuk’s leadership and captain Cha Ba-wi’s role are cited as the driving force.

From the first face-to-face victory of the season against the league’s No. 1 Wonju DB to Busan KCC, which has won three consecutive games against the strong team, from the leading rival Seoul SK to the championship team Busan, the main point is that it won despite the absence of the main players Kim Nak-hyun and Lee Dae-heon.꽁머니환전

Gas Corporation, which has a thin player base and the lowest annual salary ranking among the 10 clubs, has the best performance in the fourth round, with strong organization basketball based on coach Kang Hyuk’s defense.

The victory in the DB match, which gave Andrew Nicholson, who was tired, a break and used Duvan Maxwell as the main player, was a game that showed that Kang Hyuk’s basketball was firmly in place.

On top of that, Chabawi’s role in leading the squad as the team’s captain, regardless of the playing time, and making up to three points whenever necessary, played a decisive role in continuing the team’s rise.

Coach Kang Hyuk, who has led the team and strengthened the team by sending trust and trust in Chabawe, who has been the team captain since its inception, cited the rising atmosphere of the team as the background of the team’s strong bond, saying, “Captain Chabawe took the center well.”

Gas Corporation, which is set to play its last ninth game in January on the rise, will go on its eighth win hunt this month in an away game against Goyang Sono, a professional basketball team in 2023-24 at Goyang Sono Arena.

Although the team’s injury continues and the power gap is clear, Korea Gas Corporation will try to win four consecutive games based on its organizational power against Sono, who was the only one to have the upper hand in the opponent’s game this season.

If the Korea Gas Corporation catches the Sono match, the victory this month will exceed half of the wins it has won this season.

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