“Go at a time when everyone is rooting for you”… A word with bones from the legend of “America, Japan 382SV” toward Sasaki, “165km.”

Japan’s “Daily Sports” delivered a message to Kazuhiro Sasaki, dubbed “the god of horse riding,” who appeared as a guest on TBS’ “Sunday Morning” on Tuesday (Korea time). Kazuhiro Sasaki sent a message to Rocky Sasaki, the “165-km monster.”

Recently, the transfer of Tsuyoshi Wada, dubbed the “Japanese version of Kim Kang-min scandal” in the Japanese baseball community, came to an end, and Sasaki heated up the heat. The reason is that Sasaki never caused friction during the salary negotiations since he joined the pro team, but he did not sign the contract until after the year. The problem is that Sasaki was not simply unhappy with the contract.월카지노도메인

Since his high school years, Sasaki has garnered attention from professional baseball teams by throwing 150 kilometers of fastballs in the second half. Although Sasaki never performed on the Koshien stage when he was an amateur, his interest was so intense that he was selected by four teams in the first round. Chiba Lotte, which embraced Sasaki, did not put Sasaki on the mound in his first year as a member of the team, but instead focused on building a body capable of playing on the professional stage while accompanying the top-tier Korean national team.

Sasaki made his first major league debut in his second year under thorough management by Chiba Lotte, who raised expectations by posting impressive 3 wins, 2 losses and 2.27 ERA in 11 games. In 2022, Sasaki made his mark in the global baseball community. It was because he achieved a “perfect game” against the Orix Buffaloes, who won the Japan Series (JS) trophy that year.

Sasaki was the “first” to achieve a perfect game among players who had no experience in complete pitching on the professional stage, which led to the youngest record. In addition, at the time, Sasaki struck out 19 strikeouts, 13 of which were “consecutive strikeouts,” setting a new unauthorized world record. It was great to achieve the perfect game, but Sasaki surprised the world again by blocking eight perfect innings in his next appearance.

As Sasaki, who has caught the eyes of major league scouts since his amateur days, achieved a perfect game, big league clubs began to pay more attention to Sasaki’s move. Meanwhile, Sasaki joined the World Baseball Classic (WBC) national team in March last year, and his stock price soared further as he played in two games with one win and an unbeaten ERA of 3.52.

Sasaki was overwhelmed as he entered the 2023 season amid high expectations. Sasaki became the first player in the two major leagues to reach 100 strikeouts, and has emerged as a rival to prevent Yoshinobu Yamamoto from leading the league, who won four Pacific League pitchers, the regular season MVP, and the Sawamura Award for the second consecutive year. As a result, Sasaki was unable to stop Yamamoto due to his absence due to finger blisters and ruptured internal abdominal muscles, but he proved that he is Japan’s ace to succeed Yamamoto.

It was after the 2023 season that Sasaki, who had grown and gained experience amid high expectations and support from fans, became a “rumor.” The reason why Sasaki announced his intention to advance to the big league to Chiba Lotte five days before the deadline for posting on December 15 last year. Chiba Lotte recognized that Sasaki was a talented player who could play in the Major League, but it did not allow Sasaki to challenge, who had never played a full-time season in good health.

There was another reason. Sasaki is a player still under the age of 25. The Major League Baseball does not accept big contracts from a 25-year-old international player. International amateur contract Bonus Pool rules stipulate contract limits. In other words, a club has a limit on the amount it can pay to a player. Even if a club dumps all of its international amateur Bonus Grass into Sasaki, the contract amount is only about 5 million U.S. dollars. Therefore, the posting fee for Chiba Lotte is not that high.

For these reasons, Chiba Lotte dissuaded Sasaki from challenging him, which is where the conflict began. The 2024 season salary negotiation process has not been concluded until more than a year ago. In particular, when asked about Sasaki in an interview with local Japanese media on the 22nd, Chiba Lotte President Shunsuke Kousaka said, “I will refrain from individual players.” And as the news spread that Sasaki had withdrawn from the Japanese professional baseball league “Action” from the year before, criticism and criticism against Sasaki began to pour out.

Loki Sasaki has signed an annual salary contract with Chiba Lotte./Chiba Lotte SNS

Kazuhiro Sasaki./Getty Images Korea

Still, there was no incident where Sasaki was holding a spring camp due to “Sabi.” Chiba Lotte and Sasaki concluded an agreement on salary negotiations on the 26th and signed a seal of 80 million yen (about 723 million won). In a press conference on the 27th, Sasaki vowed to pour out everything in the 2024 season, saying that his intention to advance to the Major League remains unchanged, and Chiba Lotte expressed its position that the club is also at fault, not just Sasaki’s problem, as he drew a line on various speculations surrounding Sasaki.

As Sasaki stamped his salary contract and held a press conference, Chiba Lotte also had time to explain about what had happened, the issue related to Sasaki’s advance to the Major League seemed to be ending, but Sasaki is still a hot potato in Japan. In the midst of this, legend Kazuhiro Sasaki, who is called “Daemasin,” appeared on Japan’s TBS broadcast “Sunday Morning” and sent a message of support with bones.

Kazuhiro Sasaki joined the Yokohama BayStars in 1990 and took the big league stage after harvesting 229 saves for 10 seasons, including four consecutive years from 1995 to 1998.

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