KT, which has a poor bath, Ha Yoon-ki endured until the end, but…

Suwon KT met Changwon LG in the fourth round of the 2023-2024 Jeonggwanjang Professional Basketball match held at KT Arena in Suwon on the 27th and lost 68-71.꽁머니환전

KT failed to advance to the playoffs last season. Then, the team replaced the coach and two foreign players at the same time. Notably, the team made efforts to recruit foreign players. It recruited Michael Eric (206 cm tall), a defensive big man, as its second option. It also recruited Ferris Bath (199 cm tall, F), who is versatile.

However, after putting the lid on, Bath took the first option and Eric took the second option. Bath quickly adapted to the KBL by banking on his versatility. He is a versatile player with long shot range, dribble breakthrough, and pass.

The problem was defense under the basket. Center defense was an extremely difficult task for Bath, who used to be a forward. However, there were no major problems. Bath mainly dealt with domestic forwards or big men, not foreign players from the opponent team’s center. This was because KT had a certain big man named Ha Yoon-ki (204 cm, C).

Most teams attach domestic players to Bath, and foreign players to Ha Yoon-ki. This is to control Bath’s outlying score and Ha’s height. However, Ha and Bath boast perfect teamwork and are producing the best synergy effect.

Although he first joined the KBL, Bath averaged 32 minutes, recording 25 points, 10.6 rebounds, and 4.4 assists this season. The success rate of 3-point shooting amounts to 37 percent. It ranks second overall in scoring. Ha Yun-ki, who meets Bath, is dominating under the basket. He has 16 points and 6.9 assists per game. His average score is the second highest among Korean players. The two players boast perfect synergy.

Bath, however, was sluggish in the game against LG. LG deployed Lee Seung-woo (193 cm, F) to block Bath. Lee focused his efforts on outer defense. On the contrary, when he stepped under the basket, other players assisted him. Juan Tello (206 cm, C) actively defended him. He failed to create an easy scoring opportunity.

Then, Ha actively sought empty space and went under the basket. Bath didn’t miss it and passed it. The two players showed off their perfect teamwork and bullied LG.

Bath failed to make many attempts to shoot at the opponent’s defense in the first quarter. He only made four attempts. He scored four points. However, he did not overdo it and delivered the correct pass to Ha. He recorded three assists. In contrast, Ha scored 10 points by targeting underneath the opponent’s empty goal. KT took the lead early in the game thanks to the two players’ performances.

KT lost control of its opponent’s energy level in the second quarter and pulled out 26-33. Then, KT deployed Ha Yoon-ki and Bath at the same time in the final minutes of the quarter to change the atmosphere. However, the two players failed to display synergy like in the first quarter. As a result, KT scored only seven points in the second quarter, giving the opponent the mood. It finished the first half 29-35.

In the second half, the two players also started. Thanks to Ha Yoon-ki, Bath was matched with a Korean player. They tried to break through by taking advantage of their superiority in height. Unlike the first half, they aggressively launched attacks. However, they lacked sophistication. In addition, they failed to fully utilize the synergy with Ha Yoon-ki.

On the contrary, Ha Yoon-ki was also pushed by the opponent’s defense and caught the ball outside the basket, not under the basket. He attempted mid-range shots, but turned away from the rim. Both players failed to display the same presence in the offense as in the first quarter.

Still, the two players somehow managed to score. Rather than going under the basket, Bath targeted the opponent’s defense with a shot from mid-range. Ha Yoon-ki also created space with a two-man game. As a result, the two players combined for 11 points in the third quarter.

Unfortunately, Bath lacked sophistication throughout the game. He scored 11 points but only 24 percent (4/17) of his fieldwork success rate. He also made eight errors.

However, Ha made up for Bath’s poor performance. He fought hard under the basket and scored valuable points. Notably, he added nine more points in the fourth quarter, creating an atmosphere to fight back.

Despite Bath’s poor performance, Ha performed his part by scoring 25 points and seven rebounds in the game. However, Ha’s performance faded due to his team’s loss.

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