Lee Kang-in also cheered… ‘Barcola leaves’ PSG and Brest drew 2-2 → Still, 14 league games were undefeated

Despite Lee Kang-in’s support, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) did not win.

PSG had a 2-2 draw with Brest in the 19th round of the 2023-24 season of the French Ligue 1 at the Parc des Princes in Paris, France, at 4:45 a.m. on Saturday (Korea time). PSG had 44 points to rank No. 1 in the league, while Brest had 35 points to rank third.마카오토토

Lee Kang-in cheered for PSG while preparing for the Asian Cup. Lee posted a photo of himself watching the PSG-Brest match on his SNS. He left the message “Allez” along with the broadcast screen of the PSG-Brest match.

Lee Kang-in left the team for a while due to the Asian Cup. Lee Kang-in is playing hard to win the title for the first time in 64 years for Korea. He scored three goals in the group league and is currently tying for third in the Asian Cup score. Despite Lee’s strong performance, Korea continued to play in the group and advanced to the round of 16 as the second-ranked team in the group. The opponent team in the round of 16 will be Saudi Arabia. The match between Korea and Saudi Arabia will take place at 1 a.m. on the 31st.

The Korean team dominated Asia for a long time and achieved good results in World Cups. It participated in World Cups from the 1986 Mexico World Cup to the 2022 Qatar World Cup. It is a whopping 11 consecutive trips. At the 2022 Qatar World Cup, it made it to the round of 16 teams for the first time in 12 years since the 2010 South African World Cup.

However, Korea had no chance to win the Asian Cup. Korea ranked third in 2011, second in 2015, and advanced to the quarterfinals in 2019. Many people say that this event is a good time to win the title. Before the Asian Cup, many players including Son Heung-min, Kim Min-jae, Lee Kang-in, and Hwang Hee-chan were active in Europe. Korea was mentioned as a strong candidate along with Japan, but expectations declined due to below-expectations. The Korean national team is preparing for the round of 16 teams with desperation.

Home team PSG activated a 4-2-3-1 formation. Kylian Mbappe, Bradley Barcola, Marco Asensio, Randal Colo Muani, Fabian Ruiz, Vitinha, Luca Hernandez, Lucas Veraldo, Danilu Pereira, Weren Zaire Emery and Gianluigi Donnarumna were the starters.

In response, away team Brest pulled out a 4-3-3 formation. Le Duaron, Moni, Del Castio, Magneti, Rees Melo, Kamara, Rocco, Bracier, Shachdone, Lalla and Vizo started.

PSG targeted Brest’s goal from an early hour. In the third minute of the first half, Barca beat the defense from the left side to enter the penalty box and hit a grounder cross. However, the defense cleared it and the ball flowed to Vitinha. Vitinha calmly folded and deceived the defense and hit a left-footed shot, but it crossed the net.

PSG’s offense continued. After receiving Barca’s pass in the eighth minute of the first half, Mbappe attempted to shoot with the defense in front of him in the penalty box, but was blocked by the goalkeeper. In the ensuing corner, Vitiña crossed, but the defense kicked it with its head. PSG continued to maintain its offensive position and Brest’s handball foul earned a free kick from a long distance. However, it failed to create a significant scene.

The mood of the game tilted towards PSG. After receiving a pass from Jair Emery in the 12th minute of the first half, Kolo Muani gave up a cutback from the right side, and Mbappe immediately connected with a shot, but turned a blind eye to the net. However, Kolo Muani was declared offside as his position was ahead.

Brest also had a chance. Magnetic passed in the 19th minute of the first half and Lala saved the ball from the right side and crossed. Le Duaron hit the ball on the head, but it was hit weakly and did not lead to a goal. In the 27th minute of the first half, Brest got a free kick from the right side and Del Castio shot himself. However, Donnarumma saved the game.

PSG scored the first goal. In the 37th minute of the first half, Vitinha exchanged with Mbappe and switched to the left side. Barcola caught the ball with his chest from the left side and put the ball into the penalty box with a lob pass. Asensio flooded in, he immediately tried to shoot a left-footed volley and shook the net.

Mbappe also aggressively tried to score a goal. In the 40th minute of the first half, Mbappe hit a shot from a long distance while hitting from the center, but was blocked by the defense. In the 42nd minute of the first half, Mbappe, who received Asensio’s pass, tripped over the defense in the penalty box, but the referee did not declare a penalty.

PSG gained momentum. In the 43rd minute of the first half, Zaire Emery folded his defense in front of him in the penalty box and exchanged it with Vitinha. Vitinha, who received Zaire Emery’s pass, shot it, but it fell to the left of the net as it was hit too weakly.

PSG scored an additional goal. Barca, who received Mbappe’s pass in the 44th minute of the first half, passed to Asensio. Asensio shot from inside the phenylty box, but the goalkeeper blocked it. However, the ball flowed to Kolo Muani and Kolo Muani pushed it in. The first half ended with PSG leading 2-0.

In the second half, Brest opened the door. Reece Melo shot a left footed shot from outside the penalty box in the 5th minute of the second half, but Donnarumma blocked it. Brest threatened PSG early in the second half. In the 7th minute of the second half, Magneti attempted a right footed shot in the penalty box, but Donnarumma saved it again this time.

In the end, Brest scored one goal. At the ninth minute of the second half, Lala gave up a cutback on the right side, and Del Castio dribbled past the defense in the penalty box. Del Castio’s pass hit the defense and passed to Camare. Camara’s shot went to the goal after fracturing Danilu Pereira, and Donnarumna scored a double play, leading to the goal.

PSG also launched a counterattack. In the 13th minute of the second half, Kolo Moani defended the ball and Vitiña connected to the left side. Mbappe caught the ball and passed it to the returning Barcola. Barcola entered the penalty box and shot, but was caught in the defensive foot.

Brest had a lot of defending to stop Mbappe.

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