“Leaving after eating grass.” The absurd ceremony that sparked a reversal

Iraq, which had emerged as a strong candidate for the championship, was eliminated with one absurd ceremony.라바카지노주소

Iraq lost 2-3 against Jordan in the round of 16 at the 2023 AFC Asian Cup at Khalifa International Stadium in Alayyan, Qatar on the 29th (Korea time).

Iraq, which topped Group D by beating Japan in the last group stage, passed the group stage with three wins with Aymen Hussein, the leading scorer of the tournament, and tried to win the championship for the first time in 14 years since 2007, but it made a mistake with an absurd exit.

On the other hand, Jordan, which had an equal performance as South Korea in its group league, secured the quarterfinals by catching the big fish Iraq. Jordan’s opponent in the quarterfinals is Tajikistan, which beat the UAE. The winning team in the face-to-face match between Jordan and Tajikistan will achieve the feat of advancing to the semifinals at the Asian Cup for the first time in its own soccer history.

The game was interesting, with fierce battles throughout the game. Jordan scored the first goal.

Jordan stole the ball near the half-line in the extra time of the first half, and Yazan al-Naimat drove to the goal and scored the first goal with a sensational chip shot. Shortly before the end of the first half, Iraqi striker Aymen Hussein was warned, and this yellow card acts as a factor in the second half.

Iraq, in a hurry, pushed Jordan hard at the start of the second half. Iraq, which continued to beat the opponent’s goal, scored an equalizer with a header in the 23rd minute of the second half.

In Iraq, where the momentum has risen, Aymen Hussein scored a come-from-behind goal eight minutes later. Then a scene in question arises.

Excited, Hussain moved behind the billboard as soon as he scored the goal, and rushed to the spot where the Iraqi audience gathered to share the joy. So far, there have been no major problems.

Jordan, who created a counter-reversal electrode. ⓒ XINHUA=Newsis
After the ceremony, Hussein returned to the ground and suddenly collapsed and performed a grass-eating performance. After seeing this, Australia’s referee Alireza Pagani immediately took out a yellow card, and Hussein, who accumulated warnings, was sent off.

There are two main reasons why Hussein was sent off. The ceremony time after scoring the goal was too long.

On top of that, the “grass mukbang” ceremony could be seen as a mockery of the opponent. When Jordan scored the first goal, several players gathered to eat, and Hussein also copied it and finally showed him eating with his left hand. In the Islamic world, left-handed eating is strictly prohibited and is seen as an act of insulting the opponent.

Hussein’s exit provided an excuse for a reversal. Iraq, which was outnumbered, used all of its replacement cards and had to deal with Jordan’s counterattack head on. Eventually, two goals were scored in the second half of the extra time, Jordan dramatically advanced to the quarterfinals, and Iraq futilely packed its bags.

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