Nasta leadership as important as Jin Gap-yong’s leadership… KIA in crisis, baseball is played by players. “Canber is the land of reversal.”

The leadership of captain Na Sung-beom is as important as the leadership of senior coach Jin Gap-yong.

KIA Tigers sent a series of shocking news releases on May 28-29. Following the suspension of manager Kim Jong-kook’s job, the contract was terminated. The Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office on Tuesday filed an arrest warrant for former coach Kim Jong-kook and former coach Jang Jung-seok on charges of in-lawsuit. Whether the two former officials will be investigated or not will be decided on the day. They left a dark history in the KBO League and KIA.

The 2023 professional baseball game between Kia and Doosan held at Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul on September 7, 2023. Na Sung-beom-Yang Hyun-jong/My Daily

“I still play baseball.” KIA’s coaching staff headed to Canberra, Australia by plane on Tuesday evening. Players will fly to Canberra on Tuesday evening. Coaches will likely arrive in Canberra one day before players and have a meeting on countermeasures naturally. Players will renew their commitment just as they do.헤라카지노

Jin Gap-yong, the head coach, said, “We will exchange feedback with players in Canberra to minimize internal disturbances. Apart from that, players will also naturally have time to strengthen their commitment, centering on the captain, Na Sung-bum. Given the special circumstances, Na’s leadership as captain has also come to draw attention.

After the 2023 season, Kia appointed Na Sung-bum as its captain for the 2024 season through an agreement between coach Kim Jong-guk and the team. Now that it is the third season in KIA, it is time for the team to claim the title. He has already served as a leader in the locker room and has had a good influence on younger players both on and off the field.

After this season, Na Sung-bum will turn the turning point of the six-year, 15 billion won contract he signed in the 2021-2022 FA market. Personally, he would have felt sorry that he played in only 58 games due to calf and hamstring injuries in the 2023 season. If the captain plays in many games in good health, he can naturally show leadership on the ground.

Originally, Na Sung-bum, who trains hard, can show his silently devoted leadership, but he can also give his voice to the players directly in Canberra. If a new head coach is decided during the spring camp, it is also important for the captain to establish an appropriate bridge of communication between the new coach and the team.

After all, baseball is played by players, so there should be no agitation among players. The club said it would appoint a new manager as soon as possible, so there is no reason for players to be anxious. It seems that Na Sung-bum can take the lead in creating an atmosphere where he focuses only on baseball with his seniors.

In a way, this is an opportunity. If we use this chaotic situation as a stepping stone to solidify our commitment and unite together, our team chemistry could be better. As KIA has good power this year, nothing is as important as internal solidarity.

The 2023 professional baseball game between Kia and Doosan at Jamsil Baseball Stadium on September 7, 2023 in Seoul. Na Sung-bum/My Daily

Canberra could be a land of reversal for KIA players. It should be. If Na Sung-bum takes leadership as a captain, his high value will be even higher.

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