Busan Wins 31-30 Reversal by Blocking 6 consecutive wins in Gyeongnam… Seoul Wins 34-28 against Gwangju with Woo Bit-na, the top scorer

] Busan’s momentum is scary. It beat Gyeongnam, which was threatening the top spot, which had won six consecutive games. The organization seems to be improving as it heads toward the middle of the Women’s Handball H League.

Busan beat Gyeongnam Development Corporation 31-30 in the third round of the second round of the women’s Shinhan SOL Pay 23-24 Handball H League held at SK Handball Stadium in Songpa-gu, Seoul on Sunday. Having won three consecutive games, Busan rose to fifth place with four wins and six losses (eight points). Gyeongnam maintained second place with eight wins and two losses (16 points).

It was the trend of Gyeongnam in the first half. Busan Joana edged out with a mid-range shot, but Gyeongnam successfully turned the tables 6-7 as Kim So-ra scored consecutive points through pivot play. Since then, Gyeongnam goalkeeper Osara, who was the No. 1 in saves (138), blocked Busan’s attack and finished the first half 12-16.

There was a tight race in the second half. Gyeongnam scored two goals first, but Busan scored three goals in a row to make the first turnaround 23-22. Later, Gyeongnam’s decisive error came out. One more player was sent off for two minutes after the operation time.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Busan ran away 26-24. Busan also went back to square one with 27-27 after two minutes of sending off. With the score tied at 30-30, Busan left again for two minutes. In addition, Gyeongnam ace Lee Yeon-kyung was also sent off for two minutes.

After that, Busan Joana hit the net with a dramatic mid-range shot. The ball, which was thrown with a wrist snap, was sucked into the corner of the net. goalkeeper Osara said, “Oops,” but it was the moment when Busan took a 31-30 lead.

With 39 seconds left before the end of the game, South Gyeongsang Province has a chance. Kim So-ra, the South Gyeongsang Province pivot, received a ball from the wing and threw a strong shot for a one-on-one chance. However, Busan goalkeeper Kim Soo-yeon stretched out his left hand and blocked it sensibly, giving the team a 31-30 victory.

Busan led the attack with Joana scoring 12 goals, Lee Hye-won and Jeong Ga-hee scoring five, while goalkeeper Kim Soo-yeon made 10 saves. For South Gyeongsang Province, Choi Ji-hye led the attack with nine goals and Lee Yeon-kyung with eight, while goalkeeper Osara made 11 saves. Lee Yeon-kyung of South Gyeongsang Province recorded her fifth-ever 900 goals, while Choi Ji-hye recorded her 26th 500th. Kim Yeon-woo made 100 assists.

Joana, who was selected as Match MVP, said, “I’m really happy to win,” adding, “My first round performance was low, but I’m more happy to continue my winning streak by working hard with my team members.”

Woo Bit-na, who scored 10 goals in the match, secured the top scorer (91 points) in the Women’s Handball H League. She now has a 16-goal gap versus second-ranked Kang Kyung-min. Songpa | Korea Handball Federation

Yoon Ye-jin, who was selected as Match MVP, said, “We all wanted to win today and raise the mood. I’m glad that we worked hard. We’ll practice harder to show you better performances, so please keep an eye on us.” Songpa | Korea Handball Federation마카오토토주소

In the game that followed, Seoul beat Gwangju Metropolitan City Corporation 34-28 to regain the third place. Gwangju lost the victory because it failed to stop Seoul ace Ubitna even though it caught the early trend.

In the beginning of the first half, Gwangju led the flow by taking advantage of Seoul’s mistakes, widening the gap to 3-11. Seoul, which rearranged its stance, chased after 11-13 by actively utilizing Ubitna, the top scorer in the Women’s Handball H League (91 points). Seoul then scored five consecutive goals by taking advantage of Gwangju’s exit, and successfully turned the game around 20-18 to finish the first half.

In the second half, the gap widened to 25-20. Despite the two-minute exit from Seoul, Seoul’s offense in Gwangju was so weak that it even scored one goal. Yoon Ye-jin scored a goal in the second half, and ran away to 30-22. In the end, Seoul won 34-28. Seoul led the attack with Ubitna scoring 10 goals and Yoon Ye-jin scoring seven goals.

Yoon Ye-jin, who was selected as Match MVP, said, “We all wanted to win today and raise the atmosphere, but I’m glad that we worked hard. We’ll practice more and show you better results in the future, so please keep an eye on us.”

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