Samsung, which directed an “unexpected and wonderful match,” had a word from acting director Kim Hyo-beom, who awakened the sense of defeat?

“Even if everyone puts all the money in thinking of going to the emergency room, will they win one game?”

Seoul Samsung, the lowest ranked team in the league (10th), had a thrilling 88-86 win against Changwon LG in the fifth round of the 2023-2024 Jeonggwanjang Professional Basketball League held at Jamsil Gymnasium on Sunday. Having escaped a swamp for 10 consecutive losses, Samsung has won six games (31 losses) for this season.라바카지노

Samsung was weak against LG until the match. Its last victory over LG was held at Jamsil Gymnasium on Nov. 30, 2022. At the time, Samsung had a 75-70 victory thanks to performances by Lee Jung-hyun (26 points, two rebounds, and five assists) and Marcus Derrickson (16 points and 11 rebounds).

Since then, Samsung has lost eight games in a row. In their four showdowns this season, the average margin between the two teams was 19.5 points, and LG had an overwhelming advantage. Samsung has not been on Samsung’s side in recent months either. Samsung has allowed more than 100 points to lose in recent three consecutive games, leading to lethargic losses.

Acting coach Kim Hyo-beom also expressed regret, saying, “He allowed an average of 12.8 three-point shots in three games with a 54.3 percent chance. He showed a performance that he could not win no matter how hard he tried.”

However, the world of the match was not known. “Ball is round” was just right. He led the game by boasting high energy level from the first quarter. Kofi Coburn successively targeted under the basket of LG Twins without Asem Maray, and even Lee Won-seok and Cha Min-seok, who needed active participation, showed their presence.

Victory was not an easy one. In the second half, he gave up three-point shots to Yang Joon-seok, Yang Hong-seok and Lee Jae-do, and gave up the lead by making a series of mistakes due to LG’s strong defense under pressure. It was Lee Jung-hyun who came into a crisis moment. He scored the finishing mid-range shot with 7.6 seconds left before the game ended.

Samsung produced an “unexpected and wonderful win” for home fans. After that, acting coach Kim Hyo-beom said a word.

Before the match, acting coach Kim Hyo-beom said, “Even if we pour all of our efforts into the players after the last match, we will not be able to win one match. If we do not play with that mindset, we will not be able to avoid losing consecutive games.” In other words, his remarks were intended to remind the players of the sense of defeat.

Could this be the result of his remarks? Samsung has overcome LG’s natural enemy after a neck-and-neck race. Let’s see if this victory will be a turning point for Samsung, and pay attention to its remaining games this season.

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