Cleanup trio stronger than any other team”…”The Return of MVP” and “People’s Big Gun” are one team, and Rojas is also looking forward to it.”

Mel Rojas Jr., who returned to the KT Wiz after four years, is preparing for the 2024 season. Rojas arrived at Incheon International Airport on January 29 and immediately moved to Gijang Hyundai Motor Dream Ball Park, KT’s spring camp, to build his body for a successful return to the KBO League.

At the time of his arrival, Rojas said, “I’m so excited to come back to Korea. There are so many things to look forward to. Other teams also offered me an offer, and I thought Korea was my second home. I thought it was natural to choose KT in Korea.”헤라카지노도메인

Rojas met with reporters at the spring camp on Monday and opened up about his physical condition. He is moving individually before the training starts, and is warming up by conducting individual training sessions.

“I’m training normally as well. I’m in very good physical condition. I’m doing well depending on the environment, although it is limited due to poor weather,” Rojas said. “When I was training in Korea, I preferred to come out first and train. As for the swing, I preferred to do it in an environment where I could concentrate on myself, so I came out early and conducted the training with my coach.”

It is highly likely that KT’s clean-up trio this season will consist of Rojas, Park Byung-ho, and Kang Baek-ho. Rojas has worked with Kang, but it is his first time sharing a room with Park. Expectations are high on achieving a clean-up trio with the sluggers representing the KBO League.

Rojas said, “We talk a lot about what we can talk about. It helps a lot. If all three players are in good condition, I think they will be stronger than any other team’s center lineup.” “Of course, if I do my part, I think the other two players will do enough. I’m looking forward to the season. I think it’ll be a strong trio, but I’m thinking about what nickname to use.”

In the 2020 season, Rojas had 192 hits, 47 homers, 135 RBIs, 116 runs and a batting average of 0.349 OPS 1.097 in 142 games, topping the list in home runs, RBIs, runs scored, and slugging percentage (0.680). He became the first KBO player to win the title of home run on switch-hitter, and won the MVP award.

Rojas left KT and joined the Hanshin Tigers of the Japanese professional baseball league. Meanwhile, KT won its first unified championship since its foundation, and advanced to the Korean Series last season as well, becoming a strong team.

“I don’t think the players were bad before that, but now I think KT is strong enough to win the championship,” Rojas said of KT and its current KT before leaving. “I think we are a stronger team than ever,” he said. “I think I can see that more clearly from now on. I feel that we are a team that can win more while training together.”

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