200 Hitters Run Again… Seo Geon-chang “What I’m good at, I can do it now”

The 200-hit batter, who experienced both the best and worst moments, will enter the 2024 season with a new mindset. Infielder Seo Geon-chang, who moved to KIA Tigers this winter, is looking at a rebound.

Seo Geon-chang joined the LG Twins in 2008 as a nurturing player, but was released without showing any significant performance, and after serving in the military, he joined hands with the Nexen Heroes (current Kiwoom) through a joining test. Since 2012, his first season since his contract, he has been active in the team, and in 2014, he recorded 201 hits in 543 at-bats in 128 games, 0.370 seven homers and 67 RBIs with 0.985 OPS (on-base plus slugging), becoming the first player to reach 200 hits in a single season in KBO league history.

In particular, Seo consistently bullied pitchers based on his skillful contact skills and outstanding pioneering skills, and achieved a milestone that no batter has ever achieved. He was able to become the hero of the record because of his steady and sincere attitude.

Seo, who continued his upward trend since the mid-2010s, showed sluggish performance over time. On July 27, 2021, he traded with LG for Jung Chan-heon, a pitcher of Gwangju Jeil High School, in a 1:1 trade. Kiwoom had to strengthen the starting lineup right away, and LG wanted resources on the second base. As a result, the interests of the two sides matched.

Seo, who sought to rebound after the transfer, suffered from severe slump as he played 77 games and 219 at-bats for both 2022 and 2023, respectively, with a batting average of 0.224 with two homers and 18 RBIs and an OPS of 0.605 with a batting average of 22 at-bats for 110 at 44 games and a batting average of 0.200 with 12 RBIs and an OPS of 0.542. After all, he asked LG to release him after the end of the last season, and joined hands with Kia, his hometown team.헤라카지노주소

Seo Geon-chang, who is playing the first spring camp at Nabunda Ballpark in Canberra, Australia, said, “I always prepare for winter. I didn’t do it more this year, but I prepared as I always did. I am in good condition. I think I exercised well in winter. I am doing it in a relaxed mood, and I think that will come out of the baseball stadium.”

It is his first time playing for Kia Tigers. “But I think it is important to integrate into the team well,” Seo said, considering adaptation as his first assignment. Also, if there is something I want from the coaching staff and something I have not tried, I should try those things out. There is nothing in detail as it is still early days of camp, but my biggest goal is to learn quickly and contribute to the team’s needs.”

“I always thought that KIA was a good team outside, but now that I come in, I think there are many better players, and the environment and atmosphere to play baseball have been established. I think the relationship between the players and the coaching staff are all good. There is no problem adjusting at all,” he expressed satisfaction.

Seo Geon-chang, who naturally had to give up the main position to other players as his performance fell, thinks it is most important to play a lot of games. “I think that when I play a lot of games, I naturally follow the on-base line and things like this,” he said. “I’m trying to save what I thought was an advantage before. I can still do things that I can do well and things that I did well, such as bullying the opponent by getting on base a lot.”

Kia, which is drawing attention for its outstanding offensive capabilities, is a team that displays confidence even in fast baseball. If Kim Do-young and other mobile players roam around the field, the pressure that the opponent team feels will increase just as much. Attention is also focusing on whether Seo, who achieved 48 steals in a season in 2014, will be able to play or not.

Seo said, “I used to like to play. I know what kind of player Cho Jae-young is like, and I know what kind of style he is, so if I lose a lot of those skills, I will be able to play more frequently. I have a desire to play.”

At the end of the interview, Seo was told by reporters that he felt happy to prepare for the season. “It’s a relief to hear that it looks like that,” he said, smiling, “It’s not what I expect, but if it looks like that, wouldn’t it be right?” Attention is focusing on whether Seo Geon-chang, who is preparing for the new season with positive thoughts, will be able to revive his hometown team.

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