Beginner coach to win KIA’s ‘Winnow’ championship? Upcoming selection, league pays attention

KIA, which is rushing to find a new manager in an unexpected situation, is now expected to select candidates and start full-fledged recruitment of its coach. As the team is selected as the dark horse of this year’s championship, the entire KBO league is drawing keen attention. KIA’s options are expected to have advantages and disadvantages, which is expected to deepen its agony.

Kia, which terminated its contract with former coach Kim Jong-kook, who is under investigation by prosecutors for allegedly accepting bribes in breach of trust, is in the process of appointing a new head coach to lead the 2024 season. Although there are signs of embarrassment in the club as it is so unexpected, the team must stay alert now. The team plans to appoint an official coach due to various burdens and risks to lead the team to the acting system for one year.월카지노도메인

Kia reportedly looked into options for internal promotion and recruitment from outside while excluding active leaders who belong to other teams. It is expected that the team will select final candidates and proceed to the interview stage with high-ranking officials of the team. Usually, at least two or as many as four finalists are chosen, and in-depth interviews are conducted. In many cases, the team focuses on how well the leader’s philosophy matches the direction of the team.

No time table has been updated yet, but it is possible to backfire. KIA is currently holding its first camp in Canberra, Australia, which centers on technology, tactics and training. As the first round of camp plan has already been discussed and decided at a meeting of its coaching staff, absence of a coach will not have a significant impact on the team. Under the new system, camp is underway normally. However, coach Jin Gap-yong is absolutely necessary for the Okinawa second camp, which will start on Tuesday.

Considering this, it would be ideal to decide on a coach by next week at the latest, and have a new coach lead the Okinawa camp. If the team is greedy enough, it would be better to lead the team at the end of the Canberra camp. In other words, KIA has to decide its final candidate this week and start full-fledged interviews. The team needs to be sanctioned, and since the Lunar New Year holidays are also a matter of time, it does not have enough time. SSG, which appointed Lee Sung-yong as its manager for its previous interviews, conducted interviews with one person a day.

There are so many different people who want to recruit from outside. Leaders who are in the middle of the night are criticized whenever a team appoints a new coach. As for internal options, leaders representing the team, such as senior coach Jin Gap-yong and batting coach Lee Bum-ho, are being discussed. The first step is how KIA thinks about internal promotion. This is because it can be the best card to deal with a team that is confused. If the internal candidates’ ability should be judged, and if they judge that it is “no” or “premature,” it is reasonable to consider external recruitment cards.

However, there are growing doubts in the industry over whether KIA will pick up internal promotion card. Those considered internal promotion options have no experience as KBO league manager yet. All of them are “novice coaches.” Regardless of their ability and suitability, analysts say that the move does not match KIA’s current situation. No matter how prepared a coach is, trial and error in his first year as a coach is inevitable. Unfortunately, Kia is not a rebuilding team. It requires performance reform or shock therapy. It is more important to maximize the team’s existing capabilities.

There could be different opinions on whether Kia ranks sixth overall in the championship title or not. This is because the team ranked fifth last year. However, critics say that the Korean players are definitely among the best in terms of performance and capability. It is an action that other teams acknowledge. The batting lineup that competes with LG for the best in the league is robust, and the mound is also building a fairly strong capacity in both quantity and quality. In fact, Kia ranked second last year after LG, the winner of the regular season, in the Pittagorian win percentage based on its gain-loss margin, and higher ranking could have been expected had it not been for the “injury evil spirits” that seemed to rush in at once with foreign pitchers. Meanwhile, the game gap versus the third-ranked SSG was 3.5 games.

Kia has little more than two to three years left to challenge for the championship. Among its main players, players in their 30s account for a considerable portion. In particular, there is pressure to see something of a showdown before Choi Hyung-woo and Yang Hyun-jong, the pillars of pitching and hitting, get older. It is one to two years. Even if young and competent players are waiting behind them, there is no guarantee when they will build up their power to win the title again if they miss this period.

This is where those argue that they will bring in outsiders who know how to manage the season and have proven their ability in the event of a competition. Of course, outsiders do not have a clear understanding of the squad compared to internal options, and there are disadvantages in that the composition of the coaching staff, which has already been completed ahead of the season, may need to be slightly changed. It may be related to this that KIA is agonizing over selecting as many candidates as possible. Anyway, it is clear that the time to make a choice is gradually approaching.

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