“I expected a tough competition,” said Ko Woo-seok, who did not even mention SD’s closing candidate

Ko Woo-seok (25, San Diego Padres), who is about to debut in the U.S. Major League Baseball (MLB), is expected to challenge the big league much more than expected.라바카지노도메인

There were already formidable competitors such as Robert Suarez (33) and Yuki Matsui (28) for Ko’s position as the closing pitcher, but recently Wandy Peralta (32) also joined the team. San Diego manager Mike Shildt even mentioned Ko’s name in his plan to become a closing pitcher for the new season.

Coach Shildt presented his 2024 season plan in an interview with the local media “San Diego Union-Tribune” on the 3rd. He expressed his thoughts on various positions and responded to the closing pitcher’s management plan, but he did not mention Ko Woo-suk’s name at all.

When asked about the closing pitcher, Shildt said, “The good news is that we have a lot of candidates.” Since Josh Hader (29), who was the team’s main closing pitcher until last season, left for the Houston Astros as a free agent, more attention is being paid to the San Diego closing pitcher in the new season.

First of all, Shildt said that Suarez has played a role so far and possesses adequate quality and mental capacity. Suarez is expected to be the most likely San Diego closer for the next season.

As for Matsui, he mentioned that he has been a solid closing pitcher for many years in Japan. As for Peralta, who recently joined his team, Shildt said, “We recently recruited Peralta, who has pitched amid a lot of crises.” In the end, Ko Woo-suk’s name was not mentioned.

It is true that there were many reactions that Ko Woo-seok’s entry into the big league after the end of last year’s season was rather surprising. This is because Ko Woo-seok had a career low season in the 2023 season.

Ko had only three wins, eight losses and 15 saves in 44 games last year. His ERA is 3.68. He was selected to the World Baseball Classic in March last year and participated in the championship, which was largely attributable to the injury he suffered during the warm-up match. He started the season late due to his recovery, and he had difficulty pitching normally even after his return.

However, San Diego had high expectations for Ko Woo-suk. The San Diego club announced on the 4th that “San Diego signed a two-year contract with South Korean closer Ko Woo-suk.” “This contract was announced by A.J. Preller himself,” he said.

Despite struggling conditions, Ko’s heavy ball power was still alive. He might have been betting on his performance in the KBO League. Ko had four wins, two losses and 42 saves in 61 games and an ERA of 1.48 to become the KBO League Save King. He has been reborn as a closing pitcher representing Korea​
Excellent competitors are holding out, but the season has not even begun. Notably, Shildt emphasized the importance of spring camps. “We will evaluate through spring camps,” he said. “That is why we are conducting our training.”

“Anyone can take the mound depending on the situation,” Shildt said, adding, “I will not give a definite answer.” “The best bullpen is that there are several players who can cope with various situations,” he said. “It’s hard to choose just one player.”

For Ko, the spring camp could be the last chance for the coach to catch his eye before the season opens. If he proves his worth at the spring camp that the coach emphasized, he could be on the “dream stage.”

The San Diego spring camp will begin on the 12th with a pitching and catching drill that includes Ko Woo-suk. The fielders’ group, which includes Kim Ha-sung (28), will work together from the 17th.

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