“Lotte → LG, Trade” 8th-year infielder “It’s time to burst”… Hitting coach “I got my first hit in 8 years”

At the LG Spring Camp in Scottsdale, Arizona, U.S.A., hitting coach Mo Chang-min and hitting coach Choi Seung-joon conducted special batting training in an outdoor cage with infielder Kim Min-soo.

The training also serves as a “time to cultivate one’s mind” during the spring camp when Yeom Kyung-yeop takes the helm. He also has time to get to know each other by having conversations with coaches, and each batter intensively swings his way. The training is conducted by one batter every day, and targets young batters, excluding the main players, for about 30 minutes. The training is conducted to determine the quality of batting performance rather than quantity.

Last year, coach Lee Ho-joon and coach Mo Chang-min held on to the player, but coach Lee Ho-joon was excluded when he became QC coach this year, and the new hitting coach Choi Seung-joon will be with coach Mo Chang-min. It was Kim Min-soo’s turn as a trade from Lotte.

[OSEN = Scottsdale (Arizona, USA), Reporter Han Yong-seop] LG Kim Min-soo is training batting under the guidance of hitting coach Mo Chang-min and hitting coach Choi Seung-joon. /orange@osen.co.kr

a conversation during training

Coach Mo Chang-min: “Is this the 7th year?”
Kim Min-soo: “It’s my 8th year.”
Coach Mo Chang-min: “It’s time for Choi to burst. In what year did Choi burst?”
Coach Choi Seung-joon: “It exploded in the 10th year.”
Coach Mo Chang-min: “Let’s (to Kim Min-soo) break out a little early.”
Choi Seung-joon: “I got my first hit in eight years.
Coach Mo Chang-min: “I played when I was a rookie…”
Coach Choi Seung-joon: “I didn’t have a chance (in the first team) until then.”
Coach Mo Chang-min: “There should be opportunities. I think the coach will give (Kim Min-soo) a lot of chances this year.”라바카지노주소

Choi joined the LG Twins in 2006. Despite his slugging ability, he had only eight matches and nine at-bats (no hits) for eight years until 2013. He had his first hit since his debut in 2014. He had 10 hits and two homers from 38 at-bats. He was traded to the SK Wyverns in 2016, and had a batting average of 266 in that year (53 hits from 199 at-bats) with 19 homers.

Kim was traded from Lotte to LG right before the departure of the spring camp on April 26. The Korean team signed and traded Kim Min-sung as a free agent. LG signed a three-year contract with Kim for a total of 900 million won (900 million won for a down payment, 500 million won for an annual salary, and 200 million won for options). The team then sent Kim to Lotte and brought in infielder Kim Min-soo in a one-on-one trade.

Manager Yeom Kyung-yeop saw Kim Min-soo’s talent well as an infield utility, and plans to train all positions in the third, shortstop, second, and first base as an infield backup.

Kim joined the Lotte Giants in the second round (13th overall) in the 2017 draft, and there has been no season that has shown such performance. In 2021, 82 games were the most in a season, and the number of games gradually decreased. Until last year, he played in 188 games during seven years (including military service) at the Lotte Giants, recording a batting average of 240 (106 hits in 441 times at bat).

He performed fairly well in defense, but his batting performance was unfortunate. In the second-tier Korean Professional Baseball League, he hit the .300 mark, but failed to produce any results in the first-tier Korean Professional Baseball League. Last year, he recorded a batting average of .331 (59 hits in 178 at-bats) with seven home runs and an OPS of .517 and .982 in the second-tier Korean Professional Baseball League. However, in the first-tier Korean Professional Baseball League, he played in 25 games and recorded a batting average of .290 (nine hits in 43 at-bats) with zero home runs and an OPS of .599.

“There must have been something I wanted to give (Lotte) a chance, but I didn’t meet that requirement,” Kim said. “I have nothing to say even if I don’t have ten mouths to say.” Trade can be a turning point, and it gives new motivation.

Kim Min-soo said, “If it doesn’t work, it will help the team only if it becomes a super backup.” Attention is focusing on whether Kim Min-soo, who has been in his eighth year, will be able to burst in LG.

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