Jeong Ho-yeon, who answered Celtic’s ‘transfer theory’ directly, said, “There was no official offer, it’s because I’m not good enough.”

Jung Ho-yeon, a midfielder of Gwangju FC, had a great year last season. He was the center of the “breakthrough” in Gwangju. Gwangju came in third and achieved better-than-expected results. He was selected at the Hangzhou Asian Games and solved military service issues with a gold medal around his neck. After the end of the season, he won the Young Player Award. As such, Jung Ho-yeon received attention from many coaches and clubs. The same applies to foreign countries.꽁머니환전

Jung Ho-yeon is preparing for the new season calmly, while taking part in winter training in Gwangju. “I’m building up my body through hard training,” he said at the 2024 K-League Winter Training Media Camp held at the Parev Hotel in Seogwipo, Jeju on Saturday. “My physical condition is around 80 percent,” he said. “My interest in myself has increased a lot. Only one person came to the media camp last year for an interview. I feel grateful.”

Jung Ho-yeon will continue to be the centerpiece of Gwangju in the new season. Moreover, midfielder Lee Soon-min, who played as Jung’s partner, has moved to Daejeon Hana Citizen. However, I have no complacency. “I think every day is precious time as a player. There is no place for sure, and I don’t think I play for sure. I set myself as the best 11 players and don’t exercise. I don’t know who will be the starting pitcher. My big goal is to show my value through internal competition,” Jung said.

“Soon-min is very active and tough in defense, so it will be very obvious when he plays against strong teams,” he said. “Soon-min is also going to die and die. He even moved to Daejeon. He has never defeated Daejeon since joining Gwangju. I will do my best.”

“Jung Ho-yeon is a midfielder who can demonstrate competitiveness in the national team as well,” the coach said. ” Rumor has it that he will transfer to Celtic. Jung Ho-yeon was still lacking in many areas during his winter training sessions. He still has a long way to go. I think it would be okay for him to challenge for Europe after improving his performance.”

Jung Ho-yeon is connected to Scotland’s prestigious Celtic. “If I had the exact offer, I would have liked to go (to Europe). But I didn’t have any suggestions. I don’t have any regrets at the moment,” he said. “I think the club must have felt the same way. I think there are many things to improve.”

Gwangju will also participate in the Asian Champions League Elite (ACLE) in the new season. It could be an important year for Gwangju as well. We have to hold three competitions at the same time. “I want to be ranked higher (in the league) than last year,” Jung Ho-yeon said. “Didn’t the coach say Gwangju is a strong team? I feel it while exercising,” Jung said. “I will not give up on all competitions again.” “I don’t know if it will be an FA Cup or a league. I think we need to lift a trophy.”

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