NC 194cm Young Gun left injured state… Jeon Sa-min returned home midway due to ruptured internal abdominal muscles

Jeon Sa-min (25), a rising star of the NC Dinos’ Young Gun, returned home midway due to a ruptured internal oblique muscle.월카지노

The NC club said on the 8th, “The former soldier returned home halfway due to a ruptured internal oblique muscle.” He complained of pain in his left side on the 1st and underwent a thorough examination after returning home on the 2nd. As a result of the examination, he was diagnosed with a partial rupture of his left internal oblique muscle. The club explained, “I will join the rehabilitation group in anticipation of three to four weeks of rehabilitation.”

Jeon was nominated as the 17th overall pick in the second round of the rookie draft in 2019. He immediately debuted in the first division in 2019, and in June during the 2020 season, Jeon joined the Armed Forces Sports Unit (Sangmu) and completed his military service.

His 194 centimeter tall fastball is an attractive pitcher. Based on Trackman data last year, Jeon had an average fastball speed of 144.2 kilometers. His fastball pitching was as good as that of NC Dinosaurs, who were full of fastball pitchers.

In total, he recorded two losses and one save with an earned run average of 4.10 in 17 games. He recorded two losses and one save with an earned run average of 4.76 without winning any of the nine games and 17 innings last year. He pitched in the most games this season.

In particular, in the top of the seventh inning when he was leading 10-0 against Hanwha on May 26, he took the mound following starter Eric Peddy and recorded three hits, three walks, one strikeout and no run in three innings, achieving his first save in his debut.

He took starting classes mostly in last year’s Futures League, but the results were not very good. He had one win, six losses and an ERA of 9.05 in 61 ⅓ innings in 15 games.

Although he was considered a potential candidate for selection this year, he suffered an unexpected injury on the first day of the camp and was separated from the first team.

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