“He really wanted me.” Why Lingard chose FC Seoul despite 26 team love calls

Lingard is wearing FC Seoul uniform. FC Seoul officially announced its recruitment of Lingard on Wednesday. On the same day, Lingard told a press conference how he felt about coming to Korea 꽁머니사이트.

He is a foreign player who boasts the highest name value in the history of the K-League. Lingard, who had been with Manchester United for a long time, was also a promising striker in the Premier League. He also made the roster of the England national team and played in many matches.

Lingard’s transfer to FC Seoul was a surprise news that surprised everyone. The Daily Mail, a British media outlet, told a news conference on Lingard’s joining of FC Seoul on Tuesday, “What a surprise transfer. Lingard has received offers from 26 teams around the world, including Lazio. Nevertheless, he chose to transfer to FC Seoul in a surprise move. The contract period is two years. The deal will also include an option to extend the contract for another year.”

Although the value has fallen significantly recently, there was still demand in the European big leagues. Above all, the transfer to FC Seoul suffered a great financial loss.

According to the Daily Mail, Lingard received 100,000 pounds (about 168 million won) a week when he re-signed with Manchester United in 2017. His weekly salary at FC Seoul fell sharply to 175,0 million pounds (about 29 million won). Of course, even though it was as difficult to receive as he did at Manchester United, if you chose it after paying for it, you would have had a better option.

Lingard revealed the reason he chose FC Seoul in person at a press conference. “I liked the commitment FC Seoul showed. So many teams offered me recruitment. But they were all just shoes. FC Seoul was different. They brought their own contract. They even came to England to see me train. They showed how much they care about me and how much they want me. I wanted to repay FC Seoul’s dedication,” he said.

“I’m so excited. Moving to FC Seoul is a new challenge for me. I’m ready to embrace Korean culture. It’s a new beginning. It’s a new chapter in my soccer career. I want to enjoy soccer again and put smiles on people’s faces. I will show everything I can to Korean fans,” he said.

If you look at Lingard’s past history, you can see why he was shaken by FC Seoul’s sincerity. Lingard, who joined Manchester United in 2011, has spent many years on loan. He has never been with a team for long.

There is a possibility, but it was a little short to become the main player of Manchester United. He only had potential, but his solid presence was regrettable. He rented out to Leicester City, Birmingham City, Brighton and Hobby Albion, Derby County, and gained experience. Then, even when he returned to Manchester United, he was far from the main player. He repeatedly rented and returned.

His talent was extraordinary. Even Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal acknowledged Lingard’s soccer talent. He had excellent soccer intelligence, so he had excellent movement to receive the ball and ability to play in conjunction with teammates. In particular, his strength was his attack ability to break the opponent’s defense in the process of counterattack.

Then, he made a turning point in his career with West Ham United in the 2020-2021 season. He displayed his attacking talent with nine goals and five assists in 16 Premier League games while wearing a West Ham uniform that he moved to on loan. Analysts continued to say that he broke the egg with his outstanding finishing touch.

In an instant, Lingard became one of the best strikers in the Premier League. He tried to recruit Lingard here and there. But Manchester United did not let him go.

Lingard returned after rejecting all other teams’ offers to recruit him. Manchester United did not fly. Cristiano Ronaldo and Jadon Sancho joined the team for more time on the bench. In the last 2021-2022 season, Lingard only scored two goals and one assist in a total of 22 matches, and started only two of the 16 Premier League games.

Lingard moved the team again. Unsigned on free agency, Lingard decided to move. He moved the team to receive certain playing time from his promotion team, Nottingham Forest. He made a fresh start by signing a one-year contract.

Nottingham Forest was a promotion team that returned to the Premier League in 23 years. They made aggressive investments in the summer transfer market to strengthen their capabilities. They recruited Lingard to reinforce the offense. They suggested that they pay him more weekly than West Ham, which was one of the candidates for destination. If he gets a basic salary of 115,000 pounds (or around 174 million won) and receives a bonus, he will increase his salary to 150,000 pounds (or around 227 million won).

Lingard had the worst performance in his career. He scored two goals and had two assists in a total of 20 games during the 2022-2023 season. He started 12 of 17 Premier League games but had no attacking point. In the end, Nottingham Forest decided not to sign an extension contract with Lingard.

As a free agent again, rumors have swirled that Lingard would transfer to other teams including Barcelona, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and West Ham. However, West Ham and Saudi Arabia’s Alty Park decided not to sign Lingard, and their transfer fell through. Other teams were interested in Lingard as well. Negotiations have not progressed in detail.

Unable to find his own team, Lingard started to promote himself. He regularly shared videos of his training through his social media. He posted pictures of how he has been doing lately, and was confident in his physical condition. In the picture, Lingard was wearing a pink top and bottom and was showing off his body shape with the top undone. He was in perfect physical condition. Recently, he even sold himself. He expressed his desire to go to Barcelona.

The Sun, a British media outlet, reported that “Lyngaard has sold himself to Barcelona. Barcelona will have limited transfer window in January due to financial fair play.” However, Barcelona is suffering from financial difficulties. It is difficult to spend money on the January transfer window. It is possible to bring in Lingard, a free agent. It will be a win-win for both the club and the players.

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