“I want to shoot 150km”…KIA 1R rookie Cho Dae-hyun’s “Debut.”

Rookie pitcher Cho Dae-hyun (KIA Tigers), who drew attention with his extraordinary physique and outstanding talent, is dreaming of a successful debut.헤라카지노주소

Cho, who graduated from Yeungnam Middle School and Gangneung High School, is a right-handed pitcher with physical conditions of 193 centimeters tall and weighing 90 kilograms. At the 2024 KBO rookie draft held in September last year, he was drafted by Kia as the sixth-ranked player in the first round. Many critics say that his fastball from his tall height is powerful.

KIA team expected Cho Dae-hyun to grow into an outstanding pitcher resource if he receives systematic guidance after joining the team. Cho Dae-hyun was listed on the first spring camp participation list with “seven-rounder” Kim Min-ju, and is sweating with prominent seniors.

After training at Nabunda Ball Park in Canberra, Australia on the 7th, Cho Dae-hyun said, “Time seems to pass fast. I pitched for the first time in spring camp (since joining the KIA), and the second bullpen session was better than the first one,” adding, “I wasn’t ready to pitch because I didn’t throw a ball before spring camp, but I’m still getting better little by little.”

Cho Dae-hyun, who checked his condition through two bullpen sessions, said, “I wasn’t nervous. I couldn’t press the ball during the first bullpen session, so I flopped up, but I think I threw the ball low during the second bullpen session, and it was okay.” “Coach Jung Jae-hoon said it’s natural to throw the ball for the first time, and coach Lee Dong-geol told me a lot about how to play catch.”

Kim Tae-gun’s encouragement, which he worked with during the bullpen pitching, was a great help. “I was joined by Kim Tae-gun during the second bullpen pitching, and I was grateful that he shouted more fighting and said it was okay even if my control didn’t work out,” Cho Dae-hyun smiled.

Heavy ball power has already earned passing marks in high school. After all, ball control is what you need to do for a “long run.” Cho Dae-hyun knows this, too. “I think ball control is the priority for professionals. I want to show you my fastball, which is my biggest strength based on ball control,” Cho said.

I didn’t set up any numerical goals, but I have strong will to leave a strong impression on my debut. “I didn’t have a 100 percent physical condition during the spring camp, so I hope I can pitch at my own pace,” Cho said. “After moving to the first division, I want to shoot 150km/h on my first appearance. If I get a sign of a breaking ball, I have no choice, but if I choose a fastball, I want to throw it that way. (If I see 150km/h on the electronic display), I think I’ll get excited and throw it even harder.”

Lastly, Cho Dae-hyun said, “I have no fear. I have high excitement. Standing on the mound with full spectators, I feel excited and excited. I want to highlight my strengths to the fans and coaches because I can be satisfied only when I show the result of the fans’ support. My goal is to show my strong fastball and stable ball control. I will become a diligent and steady player.”

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