“I’m getting humbled.” Why Buchanan thanked a rookie he didn’t even see, and Yuk Sun-yeop’s will in the number ‘4.’

As soon as he joined the Samsung Lions in the 2024 season, rookie Yook Sun-yup wore a uniform number that was somewhat “unfamiliar.” The uniform number he chose was “4.” It is a bit unusual for a rookie to put a single-digit number, but the club’s permission to do so proves that he has high expectations.월카지노도메인

However, the number four is even more significant than that. It is the number Koo Ja-wook, who has become the heart of Samsung, wore in his first year as a member of the team, and most of all, it was worn by foreign ace pitcher David Buchanan over the past four years.

Yuk chose No. 4 because of Buchanan. I recently met him in Okinawa, Japan. “I really wanted to meet him. It’s a shame,” he said. “I wanted to use a different number when choosing a number, but I saw No. 4 that Buchanan used. I chose that number to be like Buchanan.”

This news went to Buchanan, too. I heard about the episode of Yuk’s jersey number through Lee Cheol-hee, Buchanan’s interpreter manager and now Connor Seabold’s interpreter. Buchanan said, “Thank you so much for using the number that I wrote.”

Buchanan said, “Even though I was at Samsung as a mercenary (foreign player), I think I’m humbled that a young player chose the number considering me as an idol,” adding, “I want to say thank you to Yuk Sun-yeop once again.”

Although there is no Buchanan, Samsung has many seniors to see and learn from, including Oh Seung-hwan and Won Tae-in. Yuk Seon-yeop also said, “I want to learn a lot from them,” looking forward to his future career with the Lions.

Currently, he is training at Ishikawa Stadium, Samsung’s second-tier camp. It is not the first-tier camp, but veteran pitchers such as Oh Seung-hwan, Baek Jung-hyun, Jang Pil-jun, and Kim Dae-woo are also present. “He is shy, but isn’t it a rare opportunity?” said Yuk. “I would like to ask questions after getting used to camp in a few days.”

In particular, Yuk Seon-yeop said he wanted to learn Oh’s straightforward pitching. “I’m curious how they maintain their composure during a crisis or nervous situation,” he said. “I want to ask Oh for his fastball. I want to learn his fastball.”

Yuk Seon-yeop, who joined Samsung as the third-ranked player in the 2024 season, was evaluated by the team, “He is a player with all conditions to grow into a starting pitcher, including fastballs, ability to use breaking balls, and stamina.” “I expect that he will play a role in the starting lineup in the future due to his physical conditions and outstanding work style.”

Both the club and its fans have high expectations for Yuk. “I threw the first pitch in front of fans last year, and I thought, ‘If I play baseball in front of so many fans, it will be fun to throw.’ I also felt responsible that I should throw better,” he said. “I prepared hard as expected. I will do my best in a way that is not like a rookie in this season.”

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