“Five Months After Elbow Surgery” $700 Million Man Ohtani, Resilience Monster “Pitch From Next Month”

Shohei Ohtani of the Los Angeles Dodgers has revealed the first scenario for his return to pitching and hitting career. Ohtani had his first official training session on Tuesday (Korea time) at Dodgers’ spring camp training center in Glendale, Arizona. It was the first day for Dodgers to call a team of pitchers and catchers. Ohtani also started official training for the first time since joining Dodgers.마카오카지노

While playing for the Los Angeles Angels, Ohtani underwent a top-secret elbow ligament surgery in September last season. Ohtani used to be a monster pitcher and batter, but he was always caught in injury. He felt strong pain during the pitch in late August last year, and later went on an operating table. Even after checking his elbow ligament, he played as a batter, but as surgery was decided in September, he was quickly out for the season.

Ohtani, who acquired the FA qualification, has decided to transfer to the Dodgers. The Dodgers also confirmed his physical condition before proceeding with the contract. A total of 700 million U.S. dollars for 10 years. It was the highest contract in the history of professional sports.

Ohtani plans to play only as hitters this season and return to his pitching and hitting career starting in the 2025 season. He has been keeping pace to play normally since the Dodgers’ regular season opener next month in Seoul.

In a media interview with numerous reporters at the Glendale camp site on the 10th, Ohtani said, “Currently, the intensity of batting practice is close to 100 percent.” He has started batting practice indoors, and will take steps from hitting using a fastball machine to hitting a real pitcher’s ball. If he even plays a practice game, he will not have any problems playing in the opening game of the regular season.

He also announced his plan to return to pitching. “I think the pitching staff will be cautious. I will resume pitching practice about a month later. Now, I am not thinking about batting for now. I want to build up my physical condition so that I can play for the entire season without getting hurt,” Ohtani said.

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