“Naturally gifted, it will succeed.” KIA left-hander praised 150km fire bowler… Learn the sincerity of 10-win pitcher in the ML and Yang Hyeon-jong

To put it in a bit of an exaggeration, the player who carries the fate of the KIA Tigers in the 2024 season is Will Crow (30), the first foreign player. It is the ace that KIA picked for the first time since it organized the foreign scout part under the direct control of Shim Jae-hak immediately after the 2023 season. Although there is a shoulder issue, the cross-check result determined that there was no abnormality. Expectations are high as a pitching ace.월카지노주소

In fact, Crow has been continuing to pitch smoothly at the Nabunda Ballpark in Canberra, Australia. Through the third bullpen session on Thursday (Korea time), he checked his pitches. “I’ll get about five miles more in the actual game,” he told pitching coach Chung Jae-hoon with a smile.

The 22-year-old Crow reportedly enjoyed watching Lee Eui-ri’s bullpen pitching recently. He didn’t even give advice to Lee. Rumor has it that Lee also listened intently to the story of a pitcher who has 10 wins out of 94 games in the Major League.

Lee Eui-ri is a left-hander, but he is a pitch-type pitcher who shoots 150 kilometers. He is a unique pitcher in the KBO League. However, he has ups and downs in his control and command. The 2023 season was not that bad, but the season was especially big. When he saw Lee’s pitch, he instantly felt that it was different. He also checked his weaknesses.

After the bullpen session on Thursday last week, Crow said, “His objection is to throw a splitter like a fork ball. He appears to be a pitch bell that draws a swing rather than a strike. But the ball fell out of the strike zone. He told me to keep it away from the strike zone.”

Even if it’s a manned ball, you have to drop it from the strike zone to literally attract a batter. The more you fall out of the strike zone, the more likely it is that the batter won’t be deceived. This is an important point. This is because it is the difference between whether or not you can secure a favorable ball count. In the case of Lee Eui-ri, it is true that if the ball count is unfavorable, the probability of a walk increases.

However, Crow highly praised his objection. “He is a naturally gifted pitcher. I think he will succeed.” “To lay the groundwork for his next growth, I hope he learns more ways to deal with batters. Yang throws a breaking ball after a fastball, and a fastball after a breaking ball,” he said. He seems to have talked about how to manage games. In fact, Yang boasts the best game management ability in the KBO league.

Crow, Lee Eui-ri and Yang Hyeon-jong are the core players of Kia’s starting lineup this season. It is safe to say that the four players including James Nail have the fate of Kia this season. Lee Eui-ri, who is entering his fourth year in the team, is also a big part of the team. Lee has decided to change his grip on changeups through training at the Seattle Driveline in the U.S., and is currently practicing through bullpen pitching.

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