“I’ve prepared a lot.” The special compliment of ‘Korean Express’ that I watched Ko Woo-suk

A special guest watched the San Diego Padres’ new bullpen pitcher Ko Woo-seok (25), his bullpen pitch.마카오카지노도메인

Ko Woo-seok played pitching group training at the Peoria Sports Complex, a club training facility in Peoria, Arizona, on the 12th (Korea time).

A special guest stood behind him who threw the ball on the day. Park Chan-ho (50) is the star of the game.

Park Chan-ho, who served as a special aide in the Padres’ baseball management division, visited Peoria to help Ko Woo-suk communicate, who was not yet ready to interpret, and at the same time to empower him as a senior.

After Ko Woo-suk’s bullpen pitching, he met with reporters and praised Ko Woo-suk’s appearance, saying, “He must have a special plan and determination. I could see that he prepared a lot to match it.”

“I asked the coaches and players at LG and they all praised their sincerity,” he said, who played a role in delivering related information from the time the Padres showed interest in Ko Woo-seok. “I prepared a lot before coming here,” he said, giving a high evaluation of Ko Woo-seok again.

After the bullpen pitching, Ko Woo-seok talked with catcher Brett Sullivan and the coach who watched it while looking at the analysis screen installed in the bullpen.

“He looked like he was checking the movement against the catcher,” said Park Chan-ho, who helped him translate the game. Cutters and changeups have different bending directions. The catcher also complimented the ball, saying that he liked it even though he had studied it beforehand. In particular, he praised the ball as a good rising fastball. “I highly appreciated that most of the balls went into the strike zone,” he said, also introducing the conversation.

He, who was a baseball commentator at last year’s Asian Games, also introduced that he was impressed by Ko Woo-suk while commentating.

“It was a strike, but the referee kept giving the ball to the pitcher. He smiled even though he must have felt bad from the pitcher’s point of view. When I saw it, I thought, “Hey, this is going to work,” and the result was good, too. There are times when it is important for pitchers to show confidence to the outside. This is because you can feel positive energy. I think this was a scene where I could see the strength and growth of a player named Ko Woo-suk. This led to a good performance at LG in the second half of the year.”

He also praised Ko for coming here after winning the LG title. “You can feel the confidence and passion in that you came here after winning the title. Players aim and work hard to win the title. It will be beneficial to come here with experience that tasted the title and played a role in winning it as a closer.”

He didn’t forget to give advice. “The season starts early, so you will have to adapt well accordingly. You can’t try to show too much. When you adjust and get excited about something new, you will want to over-face and show it to fans. If you calm down and calm down, I think you will do well. You have prepared well physically and mentally.”

“I brought a good player. Now, I am not trying to look good, but preparing (how) to use a good player, so I think I need to take good care of it. As a fastball pitcher, I will not be discouraged by other players’ physique or anything like that. I will do well because I have good talent,” he said, expressing expectations for his junior teammates.

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