Oh Jae-il, who has become unrecognisably sleek, said, “The weight will remain the same… The effect of limiting defensive shifts will come out.”

There are no two failures. Oh Jae-il of the Samsung Lions is sweating hard not to repeat last year’s regrets.꽁머니사이트

Oh, who displayed his troubleshooting instinct by hitting 20 or more home runs for two consecutive years in 2021 and 2022, played 106 games last year, posting a batting average of .233 (64 hits in 315 at-bats) with 11 homers, 54 RBIs and 31 runs scored. Injuries are also injuries, but they have been far from what he has displayed thus far.

Was it because he underwent intensive training all winter? He lost body fat and gained muscle mass. He looks sleeker at a glance.

“I’m feeling very well now. But I’m still in the same weight. Maybe it’s because I lost weight and gained muscle, but I think I lost weight,” said Oh Jae-il, who sweats hard at the Okinawa spring camp in Japan.

“I couldn’t play many games due to injury last year, so I underwent a lot of reinforcement training and gained muscle mass. I think it was possible thanks to your good management in the training part,” Oh said.

Starting this season, KBO decided to make changes by introducing an automatic pitching judgment system (ABS) called a “robot referee” and expanding the size of the base and limiting defensive shifts.

A defensive team must have at least four players on the infield and two infielders on the side based on the second base. Three infielders cannot be deployed per side. However, infielders are not restricted from entering the infield.

In addition, four infielders must be within the boundary of the infield dirt when a pitcher is standing on a pitch board. If the infielders are not properly aligned when pitching, the offensive team can choose automatic balls or batting results. Movement of outfielders is not restricted, but more than four outfielders cannot stand.

Oh Jae-il, who has suffered damage due to defensive shift, said, “If a well-hit ball is thrown out (due to defensive shift), it will affect psychology,” adding, “It is said that left-handed batters’ performance has increased since the Major League restricted defensive shift last year. I think it will certainly bring about meaningful results.”

Oh Jae-il is the best at first base defense in the league. His defense ability is unmatched enough to give stability to the entire infield. “Personally, I think I am confident in defense and have strengths, so if I play in many games, I think my team will improve,” he said confidently.

Coach Park Jin-man stressed, “I was very stressed as Oh Jae-il hit the bottom last year. Oh Jae-il needs to survive in order for our team to advance to fall baseball.”

If Oh Jae-il, who is preparing for this season with a determination of utmost pride, uses his solver instinct, wouldn’t he be able to look higher than last year.

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