Poets Meet Politics 2016

We are delighted to announce the winners and short listed poets for Poets Meet Politics 2016.
We had a very strong field, and would like to thank everyone for sending such thoughtful and
interesting poems. The winners and short-listed poems are included in an anthology - copies of which are
available via our publications page.

'The Sheepskin Coat' by Edward Denniston

Second Prize
'The Head' by Ed Briggs

Third Prize
'i.m. 13 November 2015' by Joan Michelson

Winner of the 1916 Prize
'Constance Markiewicz at St. Stephen's Green' by James Caruth

Highly Commended
'The 1916 Proclamation and My Mother' by Edward Denniston

'Seisiún – II' by Michael Woods

'And it was Snowing Outside' by John D. Kelly
'San Francisco January' by Jane Boxall
'Survivor' by Breda Spaight
'After Paris' and '9/16' by Frank Farrelly
'Prokofiev's Concerto No. 3' by Derek Sellen
'Flashes' by Bogusia Wardein
'Papier Mâché' by Joan Michelson
'A day in the Life' by Maurice Devitt
'Looting, Easter 1916' by Michael Farry
'Traffic' by John Ling
'The Dam: Summer 1981' by Caroline Bracken
'Entangled Life at Murrisk Pier' by Kevin Conroy
'Letter home from Fenian Creek Goldfields, Oparara, NZ' by John Gallas
'Turning' by Josh Ekroy
'Banna Strand (long after 1916)' by Alan Weadick
'Beyond the New Pail' by John D. Kelly