Poets Meet Politics 2019 Results

We have had an excellent response to our Poets Meet Politics International Open Poetry Competition 2019
and would like to thank our judge Christy Ducker and everyone who has entered.

We are delighted to congratulate the competition winner and the other successful poets. All works listed below are
featured in the Poets Meet Politics Competition Anthology 2019, ( which can be purchased here ).
The winning entries are now available to read below.

'Oystercatcher Skull' by Sharon Black

2nd Prize
'Bruises like Countries' by Lani O'Hanlon

3rd Prize
'Terra Australis Nondum Cognita' by Dean Gessie

'My Mother My Life' by Angela McCabe

'To speak like an Estonian forget' by A C Clarke

Outstanding Entries
( in no particular order )

'The field-doctor’s tale' by John Gallas
'No more to be said?' by Maxine Bachus'
'The Tea Lady of Azkaban' by Jilly O'Brien
'Orderly Gashes' by Matt Hohner
'The fatigue of the male chameleon' by P R Walker
'Bluster' by Jean Tuomey
'Love Bite' by Julie Aldridge
'Postcards from Lesvos' by Lani O’Hanlon
'Border Crossing' by Emma Gallagher
'Assisted Suicide' by Maxine Bachus
'Hate Speech' by Jilly O’Brien
'Where Are We Right Now?' by Julie Landsman
'Dockers' by David Butler
'Nobody should' by Bill Bradford