ENTRY FORM ( at bottom of page )

Prior to uploading, please read   HERE  for entry requirements and file & formatting information.
Unfortunately, entries that do not meet the set requirements will be disqualified

*If you are unsure of the regulations, please email us HERE prior to entry*

A flat fee of €11.75 is payable - for this, you can upload up to three poems

and all income from our entry fees goes to cover the prizes awarded, the cost of the guest judge, the anthology creation and printing. The prizewinners and finalists award weekend and anthology launch in Cork, Ireland, is paid for entirely by core members of the Hungry Hill Writing group

You may enter the competition as many times as you wish

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a) Files should be in pdf format ( though doc or docx are also acceptable )

b) Each poem ( if entering more than one ) must have its own file

c) The file name should be the name of the poem ie: The Tollund Man.pdf, Sailing to Byzantium.docx, Song of Myself.doc etc

d) Your file should not contain any identifying information, such as your name, email address etc

e) For anonymisation purposes, poems must be written in one of the following fonts:
Arial, Times New Roman or Open Sans

e) Poems cannot exceed 42 lines or 500 words, and should be typed single-spaced

f) Please ensure you have already paid ( above )
so you can enter your Payment Receipt Number ( found in your payment email receipt ) below