Lotte Enters Okinawa League, Three Tasks Need Period

The Lotte Giants, which are preparing for the 2024 season under manager Kim Tae-hyung, will check their homework on the actual stage.

Lotte will finish its first camp in Guam until the 20th and move its training stage to Okinawa, Japan, on the 22nd to start the second camp.
On the 24th and 25th, they will have two exchange games with the Japanese league Chiba Lotte. After that, they will hold practice games with other KBO league teams such as the Samsung Lions, KIA Tigers, KT Wiz, and Hanwha Eagles in Okinawa.토토사이트

The match against the Chiba Lotte Marines is drawing particular attention. The Chiba Lotte Marines are expected to deploy right-hander Roki Sasaki for the Japanese national team as its starting pitcher in the match on April 25. Sasaki is a pitcher who throws fastballs at 160 kilometers per hour. In the game against the Orix Buffaloes on April 10, 2022, he became the youngest player (20 years and 157 days) in the Japanese league to achieve perfect game.

The first task is to select the fifth starter. Foreign pitchers Charlie Barnes and Aaron Wilkerson, and Korean pitchers Park Se-woong and Na Kyun-an are also considered candidates for the 2022 season. Lee In-bok, a right-handed orthodox pitcher who showed his potential by posting nine wins and 4.19 ERA, and Han Hyun-hee, a right-handed sidearm pitcher who signed a free agent contract ahead of the 2023 season, are also considered candidates for the starting lineup, with Jeong Seong-jong and Kim Jin-wook, who are capable of handling innings.

It is also necessary to distinguish between good and bad players in the bullpen session. Of the 19 players who joined the first camp, 18 also joined the second camp except Lee Min-seok, a rookie in his third year. The team should secure a must-win pitcher who can block the 6th and 7th innings in front of closing pitcher Kim Won-joong and setup man Koo Seung-min. Lotte has strengthened its left-hander line by recruiting off-season veterans Jin Hae-soo and Lim Jun-seop. Right-hander Park Jin-hyung, who recorded 17 holds in the 2020 season, also returned after completing his military service. Generally, 12 to 13 pitchers are registered for the first team. Currently, Lotte’s bullpen pitcher lineup is even fiercely competing to remain in the first team.

Competition to become a starting member is also ongoing both inside and outside. Victor Reyes, a foreign player, and Yoon Dong-hee, who played for the national teams of the Hangzhou Asian Games and the Asian Baseball Championship (APBC) last year, were selected as the starting members of the outfield. Kim Min-seok, who proved his contact ability by recording triple-digit hits in the 2023 season as the eighth highest-ranking rookie in the history of high school graduates, and Hwang Sung-bin, who recorded a batting average of 0.294 while playing full-time in the 2022 season, are expected to compete for the remaining positions.

Another challenge is to form an infield where An Chi-hong has lost weight after transferring to the Hanwha Eagles. It also needs a player to fill in after June when Han Dong-hee, a key third baseman who applied for the Korean Armed Forces Sports Unit (Sangju Baseball Team), leaves the team. The first baseman has no fixed key either. Oh Sun-jin, who was drafted in the second round, Ko Seung-min, who returned as an infielder, and Na Seung-yeop, who returned after completing military service, should contribute to strengthening the infield.

Eagles Fall Baseball Wings

Monster Ryu Hyun-jin (37) will return to the Hanwha Eagles in 12 years. With Ryu’s return, Hanwha will have the strongest capacity in pitching and hitting, and will expand its wings to become the “autumn baseball” in the 2024 season.

It has been reported that Ryu and Hanwha have agreed on a four-year contract worth 17 billion won (11 million U.S. dollars). In addition, Hanwha received the result of checking Ryu’s status by the secretariat of the Major League Baseball in the U.S. According to the Korea-U.S. player contract agreement under the KBO rules, checking his status is effectively the final stage of the recruitment process. Only agreement on contract details and the team’s official announcement remain. Ryu and Hanwha will sign their contracts on Monday.

The total amount of 17 billion won is the highest ever in the KBO League, far exceeding Yang Eui-ji’s 4+2 year 15.2 billion won contract with the Doosan Bears last season. Ryu Hyun-jin, who joined the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2013 with 98 wins and 52 losses with a 2.80 ERA over seven seasons in the KBO League, has played 78 wins and 48 losses with a 3.27 ERA over 10 years in the MLB. Ryu, who became a free agent after the end of last season, failed to reach a contract with a big league club due to his surgical experience, considerable age and poor pitching. Ryu Hyun-jin, who returns to the KBO League after about 12 years, will be able to start and end his professional career in Hanwha.

Last winter, Hanwha recruited new foreign hitters Jonathan Peraza and FA An Chi-hong to build a top dynamite lineup that led to An Chi-hong, Peraza, Noh Si-hwan and Chae Eun-sung. And the starting lineup also became strong as Ryu Hyun-jin joined the lineup, which was composed of two proven foreign pitchers including Felix Peña, Ricardo Sanchez, Moon Dong-ju, Kim Seo-hyun and Hwang Jun-seo, and three “scary” Young guns, the first overall pick of the three consecutive rookie drafts from 2021-23.퀸알바

Moon Dong-ju led the team to the championship at the Hangzhou Asian Games last year, and has already established himself as the “next ace” of the national team. Also, his ball control, which used to be a weakness of “fire bowler” Kim Seo-hyun who shoots balls over 150 kilometers per hour, is improving noticeably through the spring camp. Unlike the two right-handed ones, Hwang Joon-seo, a left-handed pitcher, is well-received for his strong ball control and outstanding ball control in the spring camp, raising the possibility of starting the first team in his debut season.

In particular, if Ryu Hyun-jin transfers not only the starting rotation with them, but also the know-how he has accumulated in the KBO league and MLB, it is expected to create tremendous synergy in the growth of the three guns. Therefore, it is evaluated that it is never lagging behind the Eagles’ “pitcher dynasty” days, which started with Han Hee-min and Lee Sang-gun and continued with Han Yong-deok, Song Jin-woo, Jung Min-cheol and Koo Dae-sung.

The prevailing view in the baseball community was that the remaining six teams, excluding the LG Twins-kt wiz-KIA Tigers, and the Kiwoom Heroes, will compete for fourth or fifth place in the “Autumn Baseball” in the 2024 season. Hanwha was mentioned last among the six teams. However, the situation has changed due to Ryu’s return. There is also a rosy outlook that Hanwha may seek to win the title as one of the pillars of its semifinal system along with LG, KT, and KIA if its defense and bottom line increase concentration.

“I’m going to throw eight ⅓.” The general manager also admired the change… Will the 1R rising star shake the competition for selection

Doosan Bears right-hander Kim Dong-ju (22) was criticized for throwing balls without using his lower body at all until last year. Since he only threw balls with upper body strength, he lost strength early, and became a different pitcher around the fourth inning. Doosan wants to raise Kim Dong-ju as a starting pitcher, but if he kept throwing balls with only his upper body, his long-term growth potential would decline.토토사이트

Kim Dong-ju was also aware of the problem. However, it took some time for him to get his lower body corrected. Kim made ceaseless efforts to use his lower body this winter, and gradually began to show changes from the first spring camp in Sydney, Australia. When Kim first started pitching in the bullpen, Doosan officials welcomed the change, saying, “Now I’m starting to use my lower body.”

Kim Tae-ryong, Doosan’s general manager, smiled at Kim Dong-ju, who would have tried to use his lower body, saying, “If I throw like this, I will be responsible for eight ⅓ innings. Why don’t you just hand the ball over to the closing pitcher?”

Kim was not satisfied with the change immediately. “I’m not 100 percent physically fit yet, so I’m not sure. Still, as I throw while using my lower body, I feel like my arm is less strained. I feel that way,” Kim said calmly.

“Stamina has been my weakness since I graduated from Sunlin Internet High School and joined Doosan Bears as the 10th priority in the second round of 2021. The ball was good, but I lost my stamina to throw the ball. For the first two years or so, I started training my lower body so that I could use my lower body. Compared to when I was a rookie, Kim’s lower body has become much thicker than before. Based on my trained lower body, I am slowly growing in a good direction as I learn how to use my strength.

Kim Dong-ju is on the list of candidates for the starting lineup this year. Currently, only three spots including Raul Alcantara, Brandon Waddell and Kwak Bin have been confirmed for Doosan’s starting rotation. Left-hander Choi Seung-yong was considered as the fourth starter, but Choi needed time to recover from a fatigue fracture in his left elbow, making it difficult for him to join the opening lineup. With two empty spots, Kim Dong-ju, Choi Won-joon, Lee Young-ha, Park Shin-ji, Kim Yu-sung, Choi Jun-ho, and Kim Min-kyu are fiercely competing.

In order to gain an upper hand in the starting competition, he is striving to prove his ability to play in innings. “Even if I wanted to throw up to five innings, there were too many games in which I threw four ⅓ and four innings. If I join the starting rotation, I want to become a pitcher who throws at least five innings. I am constantly striving to increase my physical strength in throwing balls,” Kim said.

While watching Kim Dong-ju in Sydney, Doosan manager Lee Seung-yeop said, “(Kim) Dong-ju has shown some potential last year, and he is one of our starters. Since five starters cannot play a year, they need players like him. He was good at the beginning of the season but was sluggish in the middle of the season, but he showed his potential as a starter. Seeing him play in the camp, he has been dealing with his weaknesses, the stamina that he has strong will to work hard. I have a feeling that he will be a good player, and I think he will be a good player.”

Kim focused on boosting his value as a starting pitcher by checking the curves that he is honing with new pitches in Sydney. “I threw some curves when pitching with a bullpen, and I’ve been practicing for three years, but it’s not working well. Coach Cho Woong-cheon told me not to pay too much attention to curves. He told me to practice curves when catching balls, and to think that since what I usually throw is fastballs, sliders and folk balls, I only show one curve at a time, without paying much attention to them.” (Kwak)bin taught me how to play curves. I did ask him, but what I feel matters most no matter how I ask the older members, but what I feel. Even if I follow him, he doesn’t show how he feels,” he said, hinting that he will continue to sharpen his curves while refining his existing pitches.

Kim Dong-ju pitched in 18 games (17 starts) and pitched 78 ⅓ innings last year. His ERA was high at 4.14, but he increased value by filling in gaps whenever there was a hole in his starting rotation. He has improved his performance by recording four quality starts. This year, he intends to be labeled as an alternative starting pitcher based on his successful experience last year.

Kim Dong-joo said, “I think we have grown a lot compared to the previous year just because we have continued to start last year,” vowing to become a starting pitcher who can take charge of longer innings and more stable than last year.

KBO to prepare for the introduction of ABS+Pitch Clock’s joint training between the referee and the recording committee in Masan-gu district office

The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) held a joint adaptation training at Masan Stadium from the 14th to the 18th for regulations introduced into the KBO league in the 2024 season, including the Automatic Pitcher Judgment System (ABS) and Pitch Clock, which are piloted.여우알바

The actual mock test training was conducted at Masan Stadium, where ABS and pitch clock systems were installed, and the judges and recorders performed their roles as in the actual game.

In order to adapt to the pitch clock, which is piloted in the KBO League and introduced in the Futures League in the first half of this season, the team also conducted training to match the accurate judgment and coordination of the referee who runs the game and the recorders who measure the time.

In addition to adaptation training, actual competition tests were also conducted. In the matches between college and high school teams held on Saturday and Sunday, training was conducted to accurately convey ABS decisions, measurement of pitch clocks, and application of them to game management.

Prior to the training at the stadium, KBO held an educational seminar involving referees and recorders on the 14th and established simulations and communication methods for various situations of pitch clock.

KBO President Heo Gu-yeon attended a training session on the 17th, where the game between Dongwon National University of Science and Technology and Jeonju High School was held, and checked the overall operation status, including the judgment and measurement of ABS and pitch clock. In addition, he stressed that ABS is a very important change for fans in the new season to show more exciting and smooth games through fair and accurate strike zone decisions and asked them to prepare thoroughly for perfect operation.

Meanwhile, KBO dispatches referees and recorders to its own practice games between clubs in the future to continuously conduct actual adaptation training and testing. In addition, they tour the training sites of each club, including the United States and Japan, and hold briefing sessions for each team’s players for the stable settlement of the new introduction system.

Will it be weak or poisonous to the first and best trial since joining the club

Will this ordeal be a medicine or poison in the days ahead of the KBO league’s leading prospects.

LG Twins’ Kim Bum-suk is a player with potential that the league is paying attention to, beyond a team. He is recognized for his powerful performance, as he hit 10 home runs, the most by a wooden bat in his high school days.

LG General Manager Cha Myung-seok even nominated Kim Bum-seok last year and evaluated him as “a player who will become a pronoun representing the league beyond the proper noun Kim Bum-seok.”토토사이트

Kim Bum-seok faced a big ordeal even before he entered his second season. He was injured, but he had to leave as if he had been kicked out of the spring camp after being pointed out by the coach for mental problems.

Kim Bum-seok suffered a radiative muscle injury during a training session in Arizona, the U.S.

It is said that the severity is not serious. It is known that he is capable of controlling injuries while conducting exercise in a cautious manner.

However, LG manager Yeom Kyung-yeop pushed Kim Bum-seok hard.

“Kim Bum-suk is a talented player, but he has to deal with his weight problems to advance to a higher position,” Yeom said. He instructed him to clearly maintain his weight during the off-season. Kim Hyun-soo, the oldest player in the team, also went on a strict diet during the off-season to perform better. However, he came to the camp without any preparation. As a result, he ended up with injury. He had problems even from his preparedness.”

Yeom had vowed to give Kim a chance.

He said he would use Kim as the second catcher rather than the third catcher to run the season three times. He said he would use Kim as the first catcher on the day off for Park Dong-won, not veteran Huh Do-hwan.

To that end, the spring camp even had QC coach Lee Ho-joon marked Kim Bum-suk in charge. However, Kim’s injury ruined everything.

“The coach and the coach promised to give each other a chance,” Yeom said. “How many players would get such a chance? However, Kim Bum-suk wasted the opportunity on his own. I missed several opportunities that would not come to my life.”

“This is the first ordeal I have experienced since joining the team. It will be a painful medicine for growth for promising players. Depending on how he or she overcomes this ordeal, Kim’s baseball life could change significantly.

There are also voices of concern. Critics point out that it is a level of ordeal that a young player cannot endure.

It is clear that there are voices of concern that it could be a mental trauma, not just an injury treatment. For a player who is just entering his second year, the coach’s public criticism is bound to be a huge burden. There is definitely room for psychological contraction with a significant loss of confidence. Coach Yeom’s public criticism may have an adverse effect.

Commentator A said, “I personally don’t know Kim well, but I think he must have been quite shocked by this incident. Rookie players have strength in having confidence and being able to bump into each other without fear. However, the incident has greatly dampened Kim’s spirit. I think we need to watch carefully how it will affect baseball going forward.”

KANGMIN said, “Why did you welcome him as a veteran?”

For Hanwha Eagles outfielder Lee Jin-young, the 2023 season was an unforgettable time.

Lee Jin-young, who was selected by the KIA Tigers as the 58th pick in the 6th round of the 2nd round of the 2016 KBO Rookie Draft, gradually announced his presence after moving to Hanwha in late April 2022. He played in 70 games that year, including the days of KIA, the most since his professional debut, and played 121 games last year.여우알바

He also displayed good performance in terms of his record. During the 2023 season, Lee had 89 hits in 358 at-bats, posting a batting average of 0.249, 10 homers, 50 RBIs and 0.738 OPS (on-base plus slugging percentage). As his value was recognized at the annual salary negotiations this winter, he paid 70 million won (79.49 percent) per year, up 31 million won from the previous year (39 million won).

However, it was more regrettable than satisfaction. “After some time, I realized that there were more things I could have done, but I still could not do it,” Lee Jin-young said ahead of the second match of the Australian national team’s practice match at Ballpark in Melbourne, Australia on Wednesday. “That would have been the best thing back then, but looking back now, I still have many shortcomings.”

Lee Jin-young, who also focused on making up for his shortcomings in this camp, said, “I came to the camp with my own plans, so I’m going to keep doing just that. Since new seniors came, I think I learned something new because I think I have to learn both aggressively and defensively. It was a more beneficial time than I thought, and I think I’m getting ready in my own way.”

“My first goal is to improve my performance, and even if I don’t play much, I’ve been paying most attention to that as I have to show what I’ve practiced or done on the field,” he said, adding, “I think I tried to improve my mind control every time I did that.”

The advice of veteran players such as An Chi-hong and Kim Kang-min was a great help. In particular, Lee Jin-young, who is receiving a lot of help from Kim Kang-min, who has the same position, said, “[Kim] Kang-min helps a lot. He says first, “Do this or do this.” There are some things I was curious about, but he told me first that I learned a lot about that. For example, I could throw the ball strongly in the past, but (the senior) said that I only had to throw it accurately rather than take a risk by throwing it strongly.”

Lee Jin-young also said, “Since there are 144 games, the more I play, the more fatigue I get on my shoulders, and they teach me a lot about how to manage that.” “I think I’m feeling what you’ve said because I have a long schedule as well as taking care of my condition,” he said. “I think a top-class player has come out of the field. I love what the coach tells me, but it feels different to talk to me as a player.”

Lee Jin-young, who grew up watching Kim Kang-min when he was developing his dream as a baseball player, said, “The atmosphere itself is different. The senior teaches me more, and I practice one more thing,” and expressed satisfaction, “The coach can’t tell each of the six to seven players, but I think that’s changed a lot with the senior coming.”

Lee Jin-young also asked Kim Kang-min for advice on mental health. Lee Jin-young said, “Because I’m not the main player yet, I have no choice but to think, ‘There’s no next time,’ and that’s why it was very hard in terms of mental health if I didn’t play one game,” adding, “Kang-min told me about his experiences, ‘It was hard for me when I played a lot as a main player, too.’ Listening to the story made me think twice, and he said, ‘If that changes, there will be more positive aspects in the stadium.'”

Having made up his mind, Lee Jin-young dreams of a better season. “My condition has changed a lot depending on my mood every day, but if I keep my composure, I think I will have more opportunities,” he said. “I want to show better performance in all figures, including batting average. Records show that I am working hard, but if the figures are better, I think I will be satisfied with that.”

Lee Jin-young, who didn’t forget to mention his fans, said, “I feel that there are more people cheering for me than last year. I think I have a chance to show more if I keep doing it for a season without getting hurt.”

At the stadium, at the ‘Yumgalyang’ training site, ‘Yumtail’ is expected to be a masterpiece in the 2024 season

LG manager Yeom Kyung-yeop is leading the spring camp with detailed guidance.

The LG Twins are in spring camp at Indian School Park Baseball Field in Scottsdale, Arizona.토토사이트

Coach Yeom Kyung-yeop came to the ground early in the morning to watch the players’ training.

Coach Yeom Kyung-yeop, who was watching the infielders’ defensive training, demonstrated himself with his gloves on.

Manager Yeom showed a series of movements from port preparation to port movement to Kim Bum-seok, who is preparing for first base after Moon Bo-kyung and Shin Min-jae, and Kim Sung-jin, who turned from catcher to infielder.

He also gave advice on batting.

Manager Yeom Kyung-yeop, who ranked Song Chan-ui, who showed strong batting in exhibition games last year, as the top backup in the outfield line of Kim Hyun-soo, Park Hae-min, Hong Chang-ki and Moon Sung-joo this season.

The team is often assigned to batting group A, where sluggers such as Kim Hyun-soo and Oh Ji-hwan belong, so that sluggers can learn batting performance from their seniors. Coach Yeom, who was watching the training, gave advice by holding the bat in person and demonstrating swing performance.

Manager Yeom Kyung-yeop’s affectionate advice and guidance did not discriminate against rookies and veterans. While watching the training, he immediately gave advice and helped the players improve quickly.

Manager Yeom Kyung-yeop, who has to fill the gaps of Ko Woo-suk, Ham Deok-ju and Lee Jung-yong who left, visited the bullpen every day to look at new faces and advise them.

Coach Yeom Kyung-yeop watching players train

Head coach Yeom Kyung-yeop’s defense demonstration with his own gloves

a detailed defense lecture

Director Yeom Kyung-yeop is closely looking at the training site

Song Chan’s intention

Park Hae-min’s batting tutoring

Director Yeom Kyung-yeop’s detailed coaching

Coach Yeom Kyung-yeop emphasized, “Here we go again,” leaving behind last year’s unified victory.

Players are no longer drunk on the joy of winning and are creating an atmosphere to start all over again for the new 2024 season’s top Mercury.

The Arizona camp, which will run through March 4, attracted 19 players including manager Yeom Kyung-yeop and his coaching staff and 42 players including captain Oh Ji-hwan. During the camp, the team will hold practice matches against NC on February 26 and 29.

What’s your first career high of hitting a .300, ‘Idol’ coach?

Lee Woo-sung (29), who inherited No. 25 as Kia Tigers coach Lee Bum-ho, is also drawing attention as he took over the position. Over the past two years, he has received various practical assistance as a batting coach, and has actually achieved good performance for the second consecutive year. This year, he is challenging to hit the regulation mark for the first time since his debut. Now, attention is focusing on whether he will become a man of idol stars.

Upon his retirement in 2019, Lee handed over his badge to Park Chan-ho. He dressed Lee in a uniform with No. 25 embedded in him at the retirement ceremony. Park was the third baseman. Naturally, his badge also became Park’s. He also expressed his ambition to become a big player like him.

However, Park took the lead from the third baseman to the starting shortstop, but his bat was the problem. He humiliatingly recorded the lowest batting average (.223) in the 2020 season. He only posted 246 percent in the 2021 season. He had a different image from Lee’s 329th career home run. Perhaps that’s why he changed his mind to No. 1 from the 2022 season with a renewed mind. It was his favorite number.룸알바

At the same time, Lee was named as the new owner of the 25th game. Of course, Lee’s permission enabled him to inherit the game. Lee transferred to KIA after Lee Doo-san and NC Dinos, but the situation did not turn out well. When Lee transferred to KIA, he had high expectations as the next generation giant, but suffered injury in the first year and rarely had a chance to rebound. To Lee, Lee was an icon. Born and raised in Daejeon, I watched a lot of Hanwha games. Lee, who led Hanwha’s batting lineup with Kim Tae-kyun, was fascinated by Lee.

When his idol was assigned to his team, he immediately put it on his uniform. Perhaps that’s why things started to go well. He played in 80 games during the 2022 season, posting a batting average of 292 with one homer, 12 RBIs and 23 runs scored by OPS (on-base plus slugging percentage) of 0.736. Although he played only 137 times at bat, he faithfully served as a backup man, including a pinch runner and made the roster of the first team for 178 days, the most since his debut. His potential has finally begun to emerge.

The 2023 season has been even brighter. He filled in the vacancy of outfielder Na Sung-bum, who was sidelined due to injury, and played 400 times at bat in 126 games. He also posted a batting average of .31 with eight homers, 58 RBIs and 39 runs scored with an OPS of 0.780. He played as a key player in the offense and defense. He showed off robust batting performance in chances, including a home run that changed the course of the game. He also hit a grand slam and received autographs from Lee, who holds the record of 17 overall.

Lee, who served as the batting coach for Lee’s leap forward over the past two years, also helped him greatly. He has demonstrated his know-how in batting, ranging from timing to technique and posture. With good performance, he has earned his first annual salary of over 100 million won (130 million won) for the first time. As he plays outfield and first baseman this year, he is also expected to have his first career homeruns, as well as his first two-digit percentage.

The idol, who had been guiding the batting until the beginning of the Canberra camp, suddenly became a coach. Suddenly, the weight of Baebeon was added. Lee Woo-sung’s lackluster will is likely to strengthen his will.

“We need to maximize players’ abilities”… What will coach Lee Bum-ho do for KIA

“We will create an environment where players can play baseball comfortably and bring out the maximum of their ability to play baseball.”

The baseball pursued by KIA Tigers coach Lee Bum-ho was solid.

Lee was appointed as the 11th Kia manager on Wednesday. Lee, who retired after the 2019 season, served as the Futures (second tier) coach, batting coach for the first tier and scout for four years at Kia. It is the first time that Lee has served as the coach of a first tier team.꽁머니

“I’ve watched all the players train in the first spring camp,” said Lee, who led the team as soon as he became the official head coach. “I’m doing well to figure out the players,” adding, “In the second spring camp, we need to focus on the actual games. We will organize rotation according to the games and check the conditions.”

At the upcoming camp, Lee has instilled a sense of psychological stability in the players, saying, “I want them to play baseball comfortably and without feeling nervous.” “I want them to play baseball without fear. That way, I can maximize my abilities. I will prepare for the best performance by creating a situation where I can show my skills,” Lee said.

During his playing career, Lee served as a top third baseman in the league under the guidance of several heads of teams including Kim In-sik, Cho Bum-hyun, Sun Dong-yeol and Kim Ki-tae. During his coaching years, Lee assisted Matt Williams and Kim Jong-kook.

Lee, who has various experiences, said about his baseball colors, “I will make it possible for players to play baseball in comfortable situations and bring out the maximum that they can perform. I want them to go out and show their abilities.”

The last time KIA won the Korean Series was in 2017. Coach Lee, who was the captain at the time, led his teammates and enjoyed the honor of winning the team’s unified title.

Now, Kia aims at taking the helm as a manager. With stable performance in offense and defense, Kia is considered a favorite along with the LG Twins and KT Wiz this year.

“We are focusing on winning the championship this season. All players must see and work together to achieve their goals as one. A team cannot rise to the top with just one player’s efforts. We will aim for the goal together,” Lee said. “We need to create an environment to reach the top.”

“Thri Punch, I’m confident no matter where I get stuck”. I’m so sure. What did you see

SSG had trouble deciding on foreign pitchers ahead of this season. Roenis Elias and Kirk McCarty, who were together for the last season, showed poor performance. It was a little disappointing to renew the contract, but it was a little disappointing to throw them away.퀸알바

As a result, Elias renewed his contract, McCarty released him, and a new foreign pitcher named Robert Duggar was selected. It was natural that attention was focused on the results because foreign pitchers accounted for a large portion of the rotation, not to mention the importance of starting rotation during the long season. On top of that, three players had to take the starting mound, including native ace Kim Kwang-hyun, whose performance fell slightly last year.

Then, what kind of process is the starting pitcher three-punch? To sum up, SSG coach Lee Sung-yong, who is leading the spring camp at the Jackie Robinson Training Center in Vero Beach, Florida, expressed satisfaction. Kim Kwang-hyun is in better shape, Elias has confirmed his performance, and he is proving to be a better pitcher than expected. “I am interested in starting pitchers four to five, and I think I will be confident no matter where I play for No. 1 to No. 3,” Lee said. He shows strong confidence.

Elias, who joined last year as an alternative foreign player, is preparing for his first full-time season in normal condition. Manager Lee compliments that although he is old, he has no particular problem with his physical condition and is certainly highly technical. Elias was not very good with a 3.70 ERA in 22 games last year, but at the end of the season when he adapted to the KBO League, he played a great role and contributed greatly to his team’s third-place performance.

Manager Lee and other SSG officials explained that they expect to see better performances this year as well as their role as a leader who leads Duggar well. “A few days ago, I asked them to have a meal with foreign players and talk about what they want to say,” Lee said. Elias said thank you even more. “It’s the first time I’ve heard ‘thank you’ from a foreign player,” he chuckled.

“I think it will be really fun,” Lee said, expressing expectations for Duggar. “When I watched the video, I thought it would be a little difficult to set the timing because there was fighting on the mound, deception, and fast arm swing,” Lee said. “But I think it will be really hard to hit a rising fastball because the sweeper is good and I think it will be really hard to hit a rising fastball. He plays with cutters, changeups, breaking balls and so on. I saw him pitch at the batter’s box, but I couldn’t hit him. He threw 150 kilometers, but when I was asked ‘what kind of professional he is now’, he said it was 80 percent,” Lee said.

He also expressed strong faith in Kim. He is confident that he is an ace in both performance and character. “I heard that he is in good physical condition including his shoulder. He looked fine when pitching, and he was good when he pulled his juniors well and stood at the center,” Lee said, adding, “I liked his bullpen pitching as well,” expecting his role as a native ace this year as well.

Meanwhile, Elias and Duggar held their first live pitching on Wednesday (Korea Standard Time). Kim Kwang-hyun also warmed up by pitching in the bullpen. “I am thinking about getting one free and one free and two free starters,” Lee said. “I told Bae Young-soo to prepare for the bullpen session as I will get the timing to change pitchers quickly.” Notably, he cannot tell younger players to “get over it.” The player could go wrong. “I will continue to test players who can throw two to three innings and widely recruit them,” Lee said.