7 months of “humiliating replacement”, but is Manchester United’s next destination?… “The right person to change the team”

Former Chelsea manager Graham Potter (48) is being mentioned as a replacement for Erik ten Hag (53) of Manchester United.

Sky Sports, a British media outlet, reported on the 15th (Korea time), “Although Potter failed miserably to Chelsea, he is highly regarded in the soccer community. Many people like his philosophy and the way he plays.” “James Ratcliffe, 71, who took part in Manchester United’s acquisition, will consider appointing Potter if Ten Hag’s slump continues. He is considered the right person for the team’s long-term project.”랭크카지노

Manchester United has been in disarray lately. The team already had seven losses (nine wins) in 16 matches in the 2023-2024 season in the English Premier League, falling behind in sixth place, and was eliminated at the bottom of the group stage of the UEFA Champions League. Rumors of Ten Hag’s replacement are rising day after day. Sky Sports said, “Sports coach Dave Brazford conducted a full-scale audit at Old Trafford. Soon, it will be the core of Manchester United’s management,” adding, “He will completely change the team structure. He can also replace the team’s coaching staff.”

Analysts say that Potter could be appointed as the next Chelsea manager. Potter was fired seven months after taking the helm of Chelsea due to his poor performance. He is known to have been appointed by Chelsea’s new owner Todd Boehly, but he left the team in disgrace with a devastating performance. “Potter failed miserably at Chelsea,” Sky Sports said. “Brafford and Ratcliffe have investigated the club to acquire Manchester United over the past two months,” adding, “They may have confirmed uncertainty about the coach’s future.” Ten Haah said he has lost three games in the past four games and is under pressure.

The media then predicted, “The INEOS group owned by Ratcliffe will run the Manchester United club. The group will put Porter as the top priority as a candidate for Manchester United coach.”

Manchester United will face Liverpool on the 18th. It suffered a humiliating 0-7 defeat at Anfield last season. At that time, the British local reported on the possibility of replacing Ten Haq. There is a possibility that the fate will be decided in the second Anfield expedition. “If Ten Haq loses to Liverpool again this time, he will be under severe pressure,” Sky Sports said, adding, “There have been five manager changes in four years at other clubs owned by INEOS.”

Hwang Moon-ki, who had an eventful season, said, “The change of position was ‘Turning Point’, I really ran like a dead horse.”

Gangwon FC midfielder Hwang Moon-ki (27) had an eventful season. Playing mostly as substitutes early in the season, he got another chance by playing full-time as a starting player for the first time under Yoon Jung-hwan (50), who took the helm of Gangwon FC in mid-June. However, Hwang dropped his head again soon afterwards due to “unfortunate injury.”

Hwang Mun-ki returned after rehabilitation for about a month, but was pushed back to the bench and was not given a chance to play. Even if he played, he had difficulty in improving his sense of play and condition, so most of them played for a short time as a substitute. Gangwon was on the verge of “death” as it fell to the relegation zone, so he had to have a harder time.월카지노

Hwang hit a new turning point right before entering the final round. Originally playing as a center midfielder or winger, he switched to sideback based on coach Yoon Jung-hwan’s recommendation. And it became a “turning point” in his soccer career. After switching to sideback, he started to receive opportunities again, and he showed good performances and solidified his position as a starting player.

Notably, Hwang started in both the first and second rounds of the playoff and spearheaded the effort to keep Gangwon in the team. Notably, he scored an offensive point in the second round of the playoff, leading the team to win. At that time, he attempted overlapping at the 31st minute of the second half and crossed into the penalty box to help Gabriel (23) score the come-from-behind winning goal. Eventually, when Gangwon remained, Hwang shed tears.

Looking back on the eventful season, Hwang said, “I’m so glad and happy to be able to smile at the end while staying,” adding, “I became a turning point in my soccer career as I changed my position to a sideback.” “As it was an opportunity that I had a hard time getting, I think I prepared it with a stronger mindset not to miss it. I really played to the death.”

Below is Hwang Moon-ki’s interview with Q&A.

How do you feel about this season.

“As a team, things continued to be difficult this season, but I’m so glad and happy to be able to laugh at the end while staying. Personally, I think it was a season where I changed my position to a sideback in the middle and became a “turning point” in my soccer life.”

I think it will be a shame that the season is over while I was constantly getting opportunities to improve my performance and gain confidence.

“It’s a shame, but I felt more pressure until the end as I started both the first and second rounds of PO that determined my fate to remain. I also experienced promotion and promotion in 2021, and I was a substitute member at that time. But this time, I started both games. With these two games, everyone could laugh and cry, so I felt a lot of pressure and it was hard. I really don’t want to experience that pressure again. Only those who have really experienced it can know.”

When comparing the promotion POs for the year 21 and this year, when was the hardest time.

“It was hard in the year of 21, but I felt more pressure this year. But the promotion PO is really hard and I’m very nervous every time I experience it.”

Unfortunately, he raised the attack point every time he was promoted, helping him stay.

“In the 21st year, all the players who played first did a good job, and it was like putting the spoon on the table. I really think so. I also did really badly in the first half of the promotion and promotion PO second round. I crossed twice in the first half, but it was too strange. I thought to put it up well in the second half, and the coach told me to just pay attention to the crosses. Actually, when I helped Gabriel with the goal, I thought the cross was wrong. But I think Gabriel scored it because it was well received in quality.”

I’d be grateful to Gabriel for getting a cross and scoring a goal.

“He talks like this, but I told him once to buy me a meal when I met Gabriel. I think Gabriel will be silent based on his appearance, but he’s very playful and funny.”

He kept crying after the second round of promotion PO.

“After the game was over, I didn’t know what I was feeling, but all of a sudden, I kept crying. Players around me teased me asking why I was crying on a happy day, but I couldn’t stop crying because I didn’t want to. Eventually, I think I shed a lot of tears because the ending came out that I wanted while staying. Now that I think about it, I’m so embarrassed. I keep posting crying pictures and videos on Instagram. I’m embarrassed, but I think I made a fun memory.”

I’ve been out of the game for a long time in the middle of this season.

“I played full-time against Pohang Steelers in the quarterfinals of the FA Cup, which was the second game since Yoon Jung-hwan took the helm. At that time, I stepped on my ankle by the end of the game. I thought it was a tolerable injury, but I couldn’t, so I went to the hospital and got a diagnosis, but my condition was not good. Since then, I took about a month off while rehabilitating.”

Even after returning, he did not receive many opportunities, but changed his position to a sideback and took the main spot.

“A week before returning from injury, the team beat Ulsan Hyundai 2-0. It’s a very good thing for the team, but I was actually very nervous personally. I thought a lot about whether there would be a place to play if I went back. I tried to keep my mind on it and my wife always cheered me on, so I overcame it well. However, after returning to the team, I was pushed back to the bench because my condition and performance did not improve much, but after that, I was given a chance to change my position to sideback. As it was a difficult opportunity, I think I prepared with a stronger mind not to miss it.”

As the team changed its position in a difficult situation and was assigned a heavy task, it seems that the team was determined differently.

“Your commitment to play in the game is different. Since I didn’t have many opportunities to play, I always play for one minute with the mindset that I will do my best on the ground. However, I felt pressured as much as the coach and coach gave me an opportunity and looked forward to it. In particular, if I do something wrong, the coach and the coach take responsibility for it, so I did my best. I was so sorry that I did so poorly in the first game against FC Seoul. So from the next game, I played as hard as I could.”

Lee Jong-beom, the father of the “grandchild of the wind,” who raised the “100 million dollar man.”

Lee Jung-hoo (25) has passed his physical and officially joined the San Francisco Giants of Major League Baseball (MLB). Lee Jong-beom (53, former LG Twins coach), the “son of the wind” who raised the “100 million dollar man,” also played a big role in the signing.헤라카지노

“Welcome to the San Francisco Giants, Lee Jung-hoo,” the team wrote on its official website on July 15 (KST). Lee passed his medical on the same day, officially signing a six-year, $113 million (14.62 billion won) contract with San Francisco. It includes a $5 million signing bonus, annualized salaries of $7-22 million, and an opt-out clause after the 2027 season.

Lee’s father, Lee Jong-beom, was the biggest star in Korean baseball. He ranked third behind Sun Dong-yeol and Choi Dong-won on the list of “40 Legends” selected by the Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) for its 40th anniversary in 2022. Lee batted .393 with 84 stolen bases in 1994. He won four Golden Gloves (1993-94, 1996-97) in the six years after joining the team. He was known as a “baseball genius” and “son of the wind.

“I was very worried that (Lee) would be mentally shaken by his dad’s spectacular career,” Lee said, “so I wanted him to play soccer, golf, and short track. I tried many other sports, such as soccer, golf, and short track, but what stood out from a young age was that he was good with a ball. He asked me to buy him baseballs, tennis balls, and soccer balls instead of toys. He was even sliding them under the desk.” “I thought, ‘What are you going to do with them later?’ In my mind, I thought, ‘I shouldn’t play baseball. I was in a different time and environment, and I don’t think I had the hunger. He also suggested that I should try something other than baseball, because it’s hard when you go to high school or enter the professional ranks.”

But that didn’t break his son’s stubbornness. He took a step back and watched his son. He was worried that his son would be hurt or swayed by his father’s shadow. He didn’t interfere or nag him about baseball. He never visited his son at school, but silently cheered him on from behind. “Mom’s influence on teaching is huge. If you look at 100, my mom’s share is 90 percent. I don’t say much to (Lee),” Lee said.

Instead, his father passed on his baseball DNA to his son. “Sometimes when I see a play, I think, ‘I did that, it’s similar,'” Lee said. Lee went on to win the Rookie of the Year (2017) and the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award.

But he didn’t stop there. In particular, he encouraged his son to play baseball with his left hand. “Jung-hoo is right-handed. But I ordered a left-handed hitter. I thought that if he wanted to make contact and succeed as a pinch hitter instead of a long hitter, a left-handed hitter would have an advantage. Of course, I think he would have hit well even if he went out as a right-handed hitter, but in the end, I’m glad I chose a right-handed hitter.” Coach Lee Jong-beom, who was a left-hander, only used his right hand when playing baseball.

Lee bought his son three of Ichiro’s books. He wanted his son to look up to Ichiro as a role model, as he had established himself as one of the best players in Asia through natural talent and endless hard work. “The day Ichiro, the world’s most prolific hitter, went 0-for-4, he came home and trained for another four to five hours. I told him to emulate Ichiro, not my dad,” he said, “but Jung-hoo didn’t read the book.”

Father and son won a gold medal together as coaches and athletes shortly after the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta-Palembang. Shortly after the Games, Lee Jong-bum sat down for an interview with Yeo Hong-cheol, the father of hometown junior gymnast Yeo Seo-jung. “Honestly, I think it’s much better to be called ‘Jung-hoo’s dad’ than ‘Lee Jong-bum,'” he said.

MLB.com introduced Lee on Friday, writing, “Lee’s father is Korean baseball legend Lee Jong-bum. His nickname was ‘Son of the Wind,’ and his son was charmingly nicknamed ‘Grandson of the Wind.'” Now, thanks to his son, Lee has made a name for himself on the American stage. In the future, the father plans to stand by his son’s side and support him in his new endeavors.

Romano who shouted “Here We Go” will be soon… “Lifichi MF, who faced Korea at the World Cup in Russia, is going to MLS in the U.S.”

RB Leipzig’s Swedish midfielder Emil Forsberg is leaving the club for the United States.

“Forsberg is heading to the New York Red Bulls of Major League Soccer (MLS),” transfer market journalist Fabrizio Romano wrote on his social media accounts on Friday (July 15). The deal has not been signed yet, but Forsberg will join the MLS after playing his last two games for Leipzig.”

Forsberg is a longtime midfielder in the German Bundesliga. He has been with Leipzig for eight years after joining the club from Malmö FF in Sweden in January 2015. His main position is as an attacking midfielder, but he can also play on the wing.랭크카지노

Forsberg immediately established himself as a key midfielder for Leipzig after joining the club. He had a breakout season in the Bundesliga in 2016/17, scoring eight goals and providing 22 assists in 30 games. That season, Forsberg led the Bundesliga in assists.

In eight years with Leipzig, Forsberg scored 70 goals and 68 assists in 323 games across all competitions. He is second on Leipzig’s all-time appearances list behind Yusuf Poulsen (379). His 68 assists are the most in club history.

Forsberg is also a mainstay for the Swedish national team. He made his debut for the Sweden national team in 2014 and has since gone on to make 86 appearances, scoring 21 goals. Forsberg has played in major international tournaments, including Euro 2016, the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, and Euro 2020. He also played against the South Korean national team in the group stage of the 2018 World Cup.

Forsberg has three goals and one assist in 20 games this season. Despite his small number of appearances, Forsberg is mostly used as a substitute in the Bundesliga. Now in his early 30s, Forsberg is looking to start over in the United States. According to Romano, his contract with the New York Red Bulls runs through 2026 with an option for a one-year extension.

‘Gidong Magic’ to Seoul… ‘I’ll recreate it in glory’

Professional soccer team FC Seoul has named Kim Ki-dong as its new head coach.

After leading the club to an FA Cup win and a second-place league finish this year, Kim coined the phrase “maneuvering magic” and promised to bring back “Seoul glory.월카지노

FC Seoul, which has been stuck in the Final B for four consecutive seasons, has chosen Kim Ki-dong as its trump card to ‘rebuild the franchise’.

He reportedly received the highest level of treatment in the K League during his three-year contract.

Kim is a proven leader in Pohang.

He earned the nickname “Ki-Dong Magic” for leading the club to an FA Cup win and Asian Champions League runner-up finish in 2019 despite a shoestring budget.

Now he takes on a new challenge in Seoul.

Yashin Kim Sung-geun, who lined up the coaches of 10 clubs, what the hell is going on?

On April 4, JTBC’s “Strongest Baseball,” starring Kim Sung-geun, won the Achievement Award at the Zoa Pharmaceutical Baseball Awards 2023 held at the Elena Hotel in Gangnam, Seoul.헤라카지노

Kim Sung-geun’s seat was located in front of the table where the managers of 10 clubs were seated.

All the managers lined up in a row as if they had an appointment and shook hands with Kim Sung-geun. From Yeom Kyung-yup, who won the LG championship for the first time in 29 years, to SSG’s newly appointed coach Lee Sung-yong, all 10 managers greeted Kim with bright smiles.

Kim Sung-geun himself was not as charismatic as he was on the field, but he responded with a gentle smile and greeted his former students one by one.

It was a memorable scene that confirmed his overwhelming presence.

Meanwhile, “Choi Kang-geun Baseball” starring Kim Sung-geun won three consecutive Golden Glove, Ilgoo Award, and Professional Baseball Award.

Cold evaluation of Lee Kang-in, who started 4 consecutive games in “Level 4″… “In a burdensome game, the accuracy is not good.”

Local media have given Lee Kang-inne’s performance against Borussia Dortmund a cold shoulder.

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) drew 1-1 with Borussia Dortmund in the sixth round of the 2023-2024 UEFA Champions League (UCL) Group F at the Zignale Iduna Park in Dortmund, Germany on Thursday (July 14). Karim Adeyemi opened the scoring six minutes into the second half before Warren Zairemery equalized five minutes later. With one point apiece, Dortmund and PSG advance to the knockout stages side by side.랭크카지노

Lee Kang-in started the match again. He was only rested against AS Monaco in the league, his first game since the A-match period in November, and has started four games in a row since then. He had also played the full game in the previous two matches against Dortmund. With the recent injury setbacks in the midfield, Lee’s minutes have been long.

Starting in the left center midfield, Lee looked a little flat compared to his previous games. In the 16th minute, he had a golden opportunity from a cut-back pass from Randal Colomuani, but his shot was blocked by his right foot instead of his left.

In the 23rd minute of the second half, the PSG bench utilized its first substitution and brought on Lee Kang-In, who played 68 minutes on the day and recorded three shots on goal. One was on target. His dribbling was successful in one of five attempts, and there were no key passes that led to a teammate’s shot. His rating, calculated by soccer statistics company Fúscore.com based on his performances, was 6.1, the second lowest among starters behind Ashraf Hakimi (5.6).

French media outlet L’Equipe was also critical. L’Equipe gave Lee a rating of 4 for his lackluster performance. It was the same score as Marquinho and Hakimi, and the lowest after Randal Colomuani (3). “Didn’t make any concrete moves when he had the ball. I still don’t have enough communication with my teammates. In pressure games, his accuracy in the attacking area is poor,” said the analyst.

Director Lee Jung-hyo, who renewed his contract with Gwangju until 2027, what is his immediate task?

Lee Jung-hyo, 48, has chosen to “accompany Gwangju FC for a long time.” What are the immediate tasks ahead of him?

On the 13th, Gwangju announced, “Coach Lee Jung-hyo will stay with the club until 2027. It is the longest contract since the club’s founding.” His previous contract ran until 2024.월카지노

Details of the contract, including salary, were not disclosed, but according to soccer circles, it is the third highest in the country after Ulsan Hyundai coach Hong Myung-bo and Pohang Steelers coach Kim Ki-dong, who is leaving for FC Seoul.

Lee took over as Gwangju’s seventh head coach in December 2021 and led the club to the K League 2 title in 2022. His meteoric rise didn’t stop there. In 2023, he led Gwangju to a third-place finish in the K League 1. It was the highest finish in the club’s history. Gwangju also became the first club to qualify for the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League Elite (ACLE).

The immediate task for Lee, who has been in charge of the team for a long time, is to protect the “bones” of the squad.

With Gwangju’s rapid rise to prominence, many other clubs are coveting their key players.

“The players have grown a lot,” Lee Jung-hyo told reporters at the Hana OneQ K League Grand Award Ceremony in Seoul on April 4, adding, “Their status and interest in the club have also increased. If you always do well, there are more clubs that take young players. It’s a vicious cycle of buying and selling players. I hope the bones of the squad remain the same. If you look at Na Sang-ho (FC Seoul) and Uhm Won-sang (Ulsan Hyundai), they went to other clubs (after being in Gwangju) and are shining. If those players had stayed, how good of a synergy they would have had with the current players. It’s sad to think about that. I want to keep the bones of the team,” he said.

Lee can’t help but think of strategies to protect his players. “I don’t have a special strategy, but I will continue to find ways to keep the players working hard on the field. It will create opportunities for them to grow.”

Along with solving immediate challenges, Lee also has to think about the big picture. “I want to give the players the feeling that ‘if they learn soccer from me, they will grow,'” he emphasized. He wants to continue to motivate the players and improve the team’s cohesion.

[OSEN=Suwon, Park Jun-hyung]Gwangju FC’s Lee Sun-min tries to shoot in the second half 2023.02.25 / soul1014@osen.co.kr

Indeed, Lee Soon-min, who became the nucleus of Gwangju’s “defense” under Lee Jeong-hyo, was called up by Jürgen Klinsmann, who is now in charge of the Korean national team, and has been playing consistently in A matches, albeit for a small amount of time, since September against Wales. The implications are significant. It suggests that if Lee Jung-hyo trusts him, he can earn the Taeguk mark.

Also, the fact that Gwangju produced the K League 2 Player of the Year (Um Ji Sung) last season and the K League 1 Young Player of the Year (Jeong Ho-yeon) this season may be an incentive for players to follow Lee’s lead.

Lee Jeong-hyo, who has to draw a big picture starting with ‘protecting players’ amid the ‘club’s first long-term contract’ unconventional sponsorship, will convene the team on January 3 next year and leave for winter training in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The team will begin preparations for the new season in earnest.

“I met him three times. But…” Is the FA contract between Cha Myung-seok and Lim Chan-kyu going into a long-term battle

As expected, it’s going to take some time. This is the story of the negotiations between LG CEO Cha Myung-seok and FA Im Chan-gyu.

Cha Myung-seok and Im Chan-gyu had three rounds of negotiations. Im’s agent, Lee Yerang, and a representative from Rico Sports traveled to the United States in early December to attend the Major League Baseball Winter Meetings and returned home on the 10th. Before the Golden Globe Awards ceremony on the 11th, Cha Myung-seok and Lee held a third round of negotiations.헤라카지노

“We first met at the end of November, and we talked for about an hour and a half on Zoom in the United States. It was our third meeting, and we talked about various proposals,” said Lee. In the third round of negotiations, they came up with a more concrete proposal, but Cha Myung-seok said, “I think it will take some time. We will continue to meet and narrow it down.”

Lim’s performance this year has been outstanding. In 30 games (26 starts) this year, he has a 14-3 record with a 3.42 ERA. He ranked third in wins (14) and second in winning percentage (.824), both career highs. He started the season in a long-relief role, but moved into the starting rotation in late April and performed well.

However, the last two years have been less successful. In 2021, Lim went 1-8 with a 3.87 ERA in 17 games, and in 2022, he went 6-11 with a 5.04 ERA in 23 games. Im was eligible for free agency last year, but he opted to wait and re-sign with the team, a move that paid off.

The two sides will have to come to an agreement on how to determine his future value. So far, the signings of Class A free agents have been a bit overheated.

In this free agency market, Lee signed three free agents, Ahn Chi-hong (Hanwha, 4+2 years up to 7.2 billion won), Kim Jae-yoon (Samsung, 4+4 years up to 5.8 billion won), and Yang Suk-hwan (Doosan, 4+2 years up to 7.8 billion won). Not only was the amount of money involved, but the 4+2-year contracts were unusual.

Lee Yerang said, “It’s a style of throwing things in and out. “Ahn Chi-hong was done quickly, but he said he wanted to sign a free agent contract quickly this time. Hanwha contacted me, so I thought I’d take a look at him, and it was quick. I think it might work out for Im Chan-gyu at some point as well.”

“As I said in the broadcast, I want to finish the contract with the mindset of ‘bang, bang, bang! If he receives an offer that he likes, he would like to end it quickly, but it will take time for a satisfactory contact to be formed.

At a recent award ceremony, Cha Myung-seok jokingly said, “It’s quite difficult to gather 1.2 million spectators, and it’s difficult to win the championship after 29 years, but the most difficult thing is to sign a free agent contract with Im Chan-gyu,” and negotiations with Im are not easy.

‘CB Bite by Suarez’… ‘Serie A 9th consecutive Star’ Chiellini Declares to Retire Active Service → “It was an intense trip.”

Giorgio Chiellini, who led Juventus to their ninth consecutive Serie A title, is leaving the club.

Chiellini took to social media on Wednesday to say, “It has been the most beautiful and intense journey of my life. Football has been my everything. We travelled a special and unforgettable path together. But now it’s time to start a new chapter, to face new challenges and write more important pages in my life,” he said in announcing his retirement.랭크카지노

A defender who represented Italy and Serie A, Chiellini made his professional debut in 2000 with Livorno Calcio. He went on to play for Fiorentina before joining his destined club, Juventus, where he played a key role in the Bianconeri’s glory days of the 2010s.

Along with Gianluigi Buffon, Leonardo Bonucci and Andrea Pirlo, the Bianconeri boasted a number of Italy’s greatest players at the time, with Chiellini an integral part of one of the most formidable defences in the country.

Chiellini spent 17 years with Juventus, winning nine Serie A titles, five Coppa Italia titles and finishing runner-up in the European Champions League, most notably a record-breaking run of nine consecutive Serie A titles from 2011-12 to 2019-20.

Chiellini’s influence on the Italian national team has also been immense, first earning a call-up in 2004 and becoming a mainstay in the squad from 2008. At the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, he was the first-choice centre-back alongside Fabio Cannavaro, and at Euro 2012 he led Italy to the final, where they finished as runners-up.

At the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, he made a rare appearance. Chiellini was playing for Italy against Uruguay in the third round of the World Cup group stage when Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez was filmed biting Chiellini. He also scored a hat-trick in Euro 2014 qualifying despite being a defender.

At Euro 2020, the last tournament he captained the Azzurri, Chiellini played a solid, seasoned defence all the way to the final, helping Italy win their first Euro in 53 years.

Chiellini then left Europe in June 2022 to join LAFC in the American Major League Soccer (MLS). He has remained a consistent performer for LAFC and gave an interview on 10 October following the MLS Cup final defeat that hinted at his retirement. He said: “It’s been a beautiful journey. I’ve been very focused and now I need to enjoy my time with my family and make the decision to go back to Italy. I don’t like to change my mind,” he wrote on social media, confirming his decision to retire.

Meanwhile, it is likely that Chiellini will return to Juventus, where he spent most of his playing career. “I see Juventus in my future,” Chiellini said in an interview hinting at his retirement, explaining that he plans to return to the club in a non-coaching role, saying that “coaching players doesn’t mean much to me”.