MLB’s best pitcher Kershaw chooses to accompany the Dodgers… with the Dodgers for 17 years

Clayton Kershaw (35), a famous pitcher in the U.S. Major League Baseball, has chosen to stay with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

On the morning of the 7th (Korea time), Major League Baseball’s Dotcom reported that free agent Kershaw will stay with the Dodgers. According to the Major League’s Dotcom, Kershaw is only left with a physical examination. Details of the contract terms and conditions have not been disclosed. However, The Athletic added that Kershaw has a player option for the 2025 season, so he can choose to extend his contract. Dodgers plans to officially announce the signing of Kershaw’s contract soon. It is the 17th season with Kershaw.마카오카지노

Kershaw is a representative pitcher of the Major League. He won the Cy Young Award for best pitcher three times, and received the National League MVP award in 2014 for his outstanding performance with 21 wins, three losses and an earned run average of 1.77. Kershaw also played 11 out of 16 seasons in fall baseball, and won three World Series championships (2020).

Since his debut in 2008, Kershaw has garnered 210 wins (92 losses and 2.48 ERA) until last year. He is highly likely to be inducted into the Hall of Fame based on his current performance. Kershaw also showed off his robustness last year with 13 wins and five losses and 2.46 ERA in 24 games.

Some people talked about Kershaw’s future as a free agent this winter. His health was a variable. Kershaw has been saddened by frequent injuries over the past three years. In fact, Kershaw failed to meet the required innings for three consecutive years. Notably, Kershaw will not be able to play until August after undergoing shoulder surgery after the 2023 season, which is another important variable in his contract. As negotiations with the Dodgers slowed down, rumors suggested that he would return to the Texas Rangers, his hometown team. However, Kershaw chose the Dodger man.

Meanwhile, the Dodgers will have early season starters in the lineup of Yoshinobu Yamamoto, Tyler Glasnow, Bobby Miller and James Paxton.

“Lotte → LG, Trade” 8th-year infielder “It’s time to burst”… Hitting coach “I got my first hit in 8 years”

At the LG Spring Camp in Scottsdale, Arizona, U.S.A., hitting coach Mo Chang-min and hitting coach Choi Seung-joon conducted special batting training in an outdoor cage with infielder Kim Min-soo.

The training also serves as a “time to cultivate one’s mind” during the spring camp when Yeom Kyung-yeop takes the helm. He also has time to get to know each other by having conversations with coaches, and each batter intensively swings his way. The training is conducted by one batter every day, and targets young batters, excluding the main players, for about 30 minutes. The training is conducted to determine the quality of batting performance rather than quantity.

Last year, coach Lee Ho-joon and coach Mo Chang-min held on to the player, but coach Lee Ho-joon was excluded when he became QC coach this year, and the new hitting coach Choi Seung-joon will be with coach Mo Chang-min. It was Kim Min-soo’s turn as a trade from Lotte.

[OSEN = Scottsdale (Arizona, USA), Reporter Han Yong-seop] LG Kim Min-soo is training batting under the guidance of hitting coach Mo Chang-min and hitting coach Choi Seung-joon. /

a conversation during training

Coach Mo Chang-min: “Is this the 7th year?”
Kim Min-soo: “It’s my 8th year.”
Coach Mo Chang-min: “It’s time for Choi to burst. In what year did Choi burst?”
Coach Choi Seung-joon: “It exploded in the 10th year.”
Coach Mo Chang-min: “Let’s (to Kim Min-soo) break out a little early.”
Choi Seung-joon: “I got my first hit in eight years.
Coach Mo Chang-min: “I played when I was a rookie…”
Coach Choi Seung-joon: “I didn’t have a chance (in the first team) until then.”
Coach Mo Chang-min: “There should be opportunities. I think the coach will give (Kim Min-soo) a lot of chances this year.”라바카지노주소

Choi joined the LG Twins in 2006. Despite his slugging ability, he had only eight matches and nine at-bats (no hits) for eight years until 2013. He had his first hit since his debut in 2014. He had 10 hits and two homers from 38 at-bats. He was traded to the SK Wyverns in 2016, and had a batting average of 266 in that year (53 hits from 199 at-bats) with 19 homers.

Kim was traded from Lotte to LG right before the departure of the spring camp on April 26. The Korean team signed and traded Kim Min-sung as a free agent. LG signed a three-year contract with Kim for a total of 900 million won (900 million won for a down payment, 500 million won for an annual salary, and 200 million won for options). The team then sent Kim to Lotte and brought in infielder Kim Min-soo in a one-on-one trade.

Manager Yeom Kyung-yeop saw Kim Min-soo’s talent well as an infield utility, and plans to train all positions in the third, shortstop, second, and first base as an infield backup.

Kim joined the Lotte Giants in the second round (13th overall) in the 2017 draft, and there has been no season that has shown such performance. In 2021, 82 games were the most in a season, and the number of games gradually decreased. Until last year, he played in 188 games during seven years (including military service) at the Lotte Giants, recording a batting average of 240 (106 hits in 441 times at bat).

He performed fairly well in defense, but his batting performance was unfortunate. In the second-tier Korean Professional Baseball League, he hit the .300 mark, but failed to produce any results in the first-tier Korean Professional Baseball League. Last year, he recorded a batting average of .331 (59 hits in 178 at-bats) with seven home runs and an OPS of .517 and .982 in the second-tier Korean Professional Baseball League. However, in the first-tier Korean Professional Baseball League, he played in 25 games and recorded a batting average of .290 (nine hits in 43 at-bats) with zero home runs and an OPS of .599.

“There must have been something I wanted to give (Lotte) a chance, but I didn’t meet that requirement,” Kim said. “I have nothing to say even if I don’t have ten mouths to say.” Trade can be a turning point, and it gives new motivation.

Kim Min-soo said, “If it doesn’t work, it will help the team only if it becomes a super backup.” Attention is focusing on whether Kim Min-soo, who has been in his eighth year, will be able to burst in LG.

“I learned from Hyunjin and I really liked it…” Is there only Moon Dong-ju, Kim Seo-hyun, and Hwang Jun-seo in Hanwha? Secret weapons to take responsibility for 10 years

Hanwha Eagles veteran Jang Min-jae (34) also had a personal training session with Ryu Hyun-jin (37, FA) in January. Lee Tae-yang joined the team, and Jang Min-jae and Lee Tae-yang took two more young guns to Okinawa at Ryu’s request. The main characters are right-handed Nam Ji-min (23) and left-handed Kim Ki-joong (22).월카지노주소

After graduating from the Busan Jeongbogo Institute, Nam joined the team as the eighth-ranked team in the second round in 2020. He had one win and seven losses with an ERA of 6.45 in 16 games last season. He had three wins and 19 losses with an ERA of 6.45, in 41 games in the first division. His pitching skills were said to be comparable to those of Moon Dong-ju and Kim Seo-hyun.

However, he had many hits and lost many runs. According to Statistics, a baseball statistics website, Nam Ji-min had an average fastball speed of 145.5 kilometers per hour in the 2023 season. His fastball hit ratio was 0.323 and slider hit ratio was 0.364. He needs to think hard to improve the quality of his pitches.

After graduating from Yushin High School, Kim joined the club as the second runner-up in the second round of 2021. Last season, he won 37 games with one win, three losses, one hold, and an earned run average of 4.63. He had three wins and nine losses and one hold, and an earned run average of 4.80, in 57 games in the first division. He has had many ups and downs in his ball control over the past three years.

Choi Won-ho, who directs the spring camp at Melbourne Ball Park in Victoria, Australia, said that Kim Ki-joong is aiming to join the starting lineup of four to five players, including rookie Hwang Joon-seo, Kim Min-woo and Lee Tae-yang. Nam Ji-min is also a candidate for starting lineup in a broader sense.

The two received sweatshirt training from Ryu Hyun-jin in Okinawa. Jang Min-jae said, “I recommended it because Hyun-jin asked me to recommend it. Since you are left-handed, I recommended Kijung. Kijung got really upgraded as he learned from Hyun-jin. I saw the bullpen pitching and it got better.”

Even Jang Min-jae said, “Hyunjin doesn’t look at me when Taeyang or I play catch ball. However, Jimin and Kijung kept watching me throw. Jimin and Kijung have a great experience. It’s amazing that an active Major League player does that for me. I wish Kijung and Jimin were the same age as me. Kijung and Jimin are pitchers who will lead Hanwha for over 10 years. I think they will be good pitchers.”

In the Hanwha Eagles, Moon Dong-ju has virtually broken the eggshell to become the native ace of Young Gun. Last year’s No. 1 ranking Kim Seo-hyun runs for the closing pitcher, turning to the bullpen. This year’s No. 1 ranking Hwang Joon-seo is also seeking to start. However, Hanwha has many young pitchers besides top-tier prospects. Nam Ji-min and Kim Ki-joong are representative examples.

Coach Choi Won-ho also admitted his future by looking at their bullpen pitching. He also praised them for their good physical shape in Okinawa. The first mission is to get in shape well in line with the two warm-up matches and exhibition matches against the Australian national team. Choi’s view is that players who are unsure of their position should.

200 Hitters Run Again… Seo Geon-chang “What I’m good at, I can do it now”

The 200-hit batter, who experienced both the best and worst moments, will enter the 2024 season with a new mindset. Infielder Seo Geon-chang, who moved to KIA Tigers this winter, is looking at a rebound.

Seo Geon-chang joined the LG Twins in 2008 as a nurturing player, but was released without showing any significant performance, and after serving in the military, he joined hands with the Nexen Heroes (current Kiwoom) through a joining test. Since 2012, his first season since his contract, he has been active in the team, and in 2014, he recorded 201 hits in 543 at-bats in 128 games, 0.370 seven homers and 67 RBIs with 0.985 OPS (on-base plus slugging), becoming the first player to reach 200 hits in a single season in KBO league history.

In particular, Seo consistently bullied pitchers based on his skillful contact skills and outstanding pioneering skills, and achieved a milestone that no batter has ever achieved. He was able to become the hero of the record because of his steady and sincere attitude.

Seo, who continued his upward trend since the mid-2010s, showed sluggish performance over time. On July 27, 2021, he traded with LG for Jung Chan-heon, a pitcher of Gwangju Jeil High School, in a 1:1 trade. Kiwoom had to strengthen the starting lineup right away, and LG wanted resources on the second base. As a result, the interests of the two sides matched.

Seo, who sought to rebound after the transfer, suffered from severe slump as he played 77 games and 219 at-bats for both 2022 and 2023, respectively, with a batting average of 0.224 with two homers and 18 RBIs and an OPS of 0.605 with a batting average of 22 at-bats for 110 at 44 games and a batting average of 0.200 with 12 RBIs and an OPS of 0.542. After all, he asked LG to release him after the end of the last season, and joined hands with Kia, his hometown team.헤라카지노주소

Seo Geon-chang, who is playing the first spring camp at Nabunda Ballpark in Canberra, Australia, said, “I always prepare for winter. I didn’t do it more this year, but I prepared as I always did. I am in good condition. I think I exercised well in winter. I am doing it in a relaxed mood, and I think that will come out of the baseball stadium.”

It is his first time playing for Kia Tigers. “But I think it is important to integrate into the team well,” Seo said, considering adaptation as his first assignment. Also, if there is something I want from the coaching staff and something I have not tried, I should try those things out. There is nothing in detail as it is still early days of camp, but my biggest goal is to learn quickly and contribute to the team’s needs.”

“I always thought that KIA was a good team outside, but now that I come in, I think there are many better players, and the environment and atmosphere to play baseball have been established. I think the relationship between the players and the coaching staff are all good. There is no problem adjusting at all,” he expressed satisfaction.

Seo Geon-chang, who naturally had to give up the main position to other players as his performance fell, thinks it is most important to play a lot of games. “I think that when I play a lot of games, I naturally follow the on-base line and things like this,” he said. “I’m trying to save what I thought was an advantage before. I can still do things that I can do well and things that I did well, such as bullying the opponent by getting on base a lot.”

Kia, which is drawing attention for its outstanding offensive capabilities, is a team that displays confidence even in fast baseball. If Kim Do-young and other mobile players roam around the field, the pressure that the opponent team feels will increase just as much. Attention is also focusing on whether Seo, who achieved 48 steals in a season in 2014, will be able to play or not.

Seo said, “I used to like to play. I know what kind of player Cho Jae-young is like, and I know what kind of style he is, so if I lose a lot of those skills, I will be able to play more frequently. I have a desire to play.”

At the end of the interview, Seo was told by reporters that he felt happy to prepare for the season. “It’s a relief to hear that it looks like that,” he said, smiling, “It’s not what I expect, but if it looks like that, wouldn’t it be right?” Attention is focusing on whether Seo Geon-chang, who is preparing for the new season with positive thoughts, will be able to revive his hometown team.

“Ulsan is running, Daejeon is passing, Seoul is a person.” Kagoshima is in the midst of transformation

If you stop, you will be left behind. In modern soccer, which changes rapidly every year, if you neglect your efforts even for a moment, you are likely to be overtaken by latecomers.꽁머니지급

At the Kagoshima training camp in Japan, which is about to open professional soccer, the will of those who know this better than anyone else attracted attention.

Ulsan HD, which is dominating the K-League 1 strongest team, is the first to call for transformation. It was the beginning of Ulsan coach Hong Myung-bo’s bold attack on the team that led the team to the top place over the past two years. Instead of sending key players such as Baco, Jung Seung-hyun and Kim Tae-hwan, they wore Ulsan uniforms to Kim Min-woo, Hwang Seok-ho, Ko Seung-bum, Matheus Salles and Kelvin.

Coach Hong said, “If we maintained the winning member last year, this year has been completely different.”

Ulsan has pursued soccer to dominate the flow of the game based on thorough ball possession. The most sophisticated soccer in the K-League was excellent, but his concern was that he was often swayed by the opposite team colors. Hong’s choice was to add a small “detail” while keeping the existing soccer philosophy.

Coach Hong said, “Sometimes we have to play, but there was a problem that we couldn’t play,” adding, “We brought players who can make changes to Ulsan’s team color. Kim Min-woo and Ko Seung-bum will be able to show new changes while maintaining the soccer we played before.”

The field has shown positive response. It was powerful to find gaps in the opponent’s defense and free up attacks by moving regardless of position. If a new team color is completed, Ulsan can become even stronger. “Our team’s goal this year is to win the title in both the K League 1 and the Asian Champions League (ACL),” said Joo Min-kyu, last year’s top scorer.

Koo Taek of Daejeon is training in Hanoi, Vietnam, on the 24th of last month. Courtesy of the Professional Football Federation

Daejeon Hana Citizen, which surpassed the limit of promotion team ranking eighth last year, is interesting as it has walked the opposite path. Based on solid defense, the team has decided to put down its existing identity for a while and wear a new outfit called “build-up.” This reflects the concern that “playing soccer” cannot overcome challenges in summer.

“This year is the fourth year since I took office, and the reason why my performance has been falling every June to August over the past three years has been because of my lower ball occupancy than the players,” Daejeon coach Lee Min-sung said. “The data also confirmed the evidence, so I boldly chose to change.”

Daejeon has made a drastic change, which is just the first step forward. From this month’s Kagoshima off-season training, the team is converting the three-back to four-back, while implanting a build-up strategy. “It will not be easy because it is a different kind of soccer from the composition of our players, but I agree with the direction of increasing the ball occupancy rate,” said Joo Se-jong.

FC Seoul’s Kim Jin-ya is taking actions at the direction of the coaching staff at a training camp in Hua Hin, Thailand on April 17. Courtesy of the Korea Professional Football Federation

FC Seoul, which has changed its coach, is seeking changes in its members who play soccer rather than soccer. Rather than recruiting Jesse Lingard from Manchester United, who shook the K-League, the team focused on establishing relationships between existing players.

This is the color of Kim Ki-dong, the new coach who showed talent in leading the team in one direction when he was playing for the Pohang Steelers. “Soccer itself is a level that adds detail to the soccer that Seoul was playing,” Kim said. “Players should come together rather than soccer.”

In fact, rather than taking a break individually after training, Kim encourages people to gather together and have conversations in groups of three. After the opening of the season, he plans to work on his unique home game attendance system.

“I also told the club, but I want to create an environment where the players can talk about soccer more comfortably and prepare for the game,” head coach Kim said. “It is also a concern that the players drive for about an hour and play.”

As Seoul seeks change rather than outside soccer, it will take time for the results to come out. Ki Sung-yueng said, “I am confident in whatever decision the coach makes. Our team’s preparation is going well. The atmosphere is positive.”

“Thank you!” pouring rain → 200 fans and ‘immediate signing event’… Sasaki, who received applause, is recovering from the ‘imperfect image’

When Chiba Lotte Marines refused to allow them to advance to the Major League this winter, Loki Sasaki (Chiba Lotte Marines), who caused noise during salary negotiations, actively communicated with fans to recover his fallen image.

Selected by the Chiba Lotte Marines in the first round of the 2019 Japanese professional baseball rookie draft, Sasaki received keen attention from not only Chiba Lotte but also Japanese baseball fans when he joined the team. Since his high school years, Sasaki has garnered attention by throwing fastballs in the late 150 kilometers, and there were high expectations for his performance in the professional stage. However, Sasaki never made it to the first division in his first season. This was because of Chiba Lotte’s thorough management.

Chiba Lotte gave Sasaki consideration so that he could only focus on building his body for a year so that he could play healthy on the professional stage. Instead, he allowed him to gain experience indirectly by always accompanying the top-tier Korean pro team. He has been on the mound since 2021, in his second year as a member of the team. At that time, Sasaki pitched in 11 games to garner three wins, two losses and an ERA of 2.27 and fans’ expectations were even higher. Sasaki made his name known all over the world in the 2022 season.

This is because Sasaki achieved the youngest “perfect game” in Japanese professional baseball history against the Orix Buffaloes in the early part of the season. In particular, Sasaki became the “first” pitcher to achieve a perfect game with no experience in complete pitching on the professional stage, and in the process, he struck out 13 batters in a row, setting a new unauthorized world record. Sasaki then rose to stardom by blocking eight perfect innings even in the mound immediately after achieving the perfect game.

Loki Sasaki during the 2023 World Baseball Classic./Getty Images Korea

Sasaki played 9-4 with a 2.02 ERA in 20 games, including achieving a perfect game in the 2022 season, and based on that momentum, he joined the World Baseball Classic (WBC) national team in March last year, helping the Japanese national team lift the championship trophy with a “total victory.” And last season, which started with high expectations, he only played in 15 games due to finger blisters and ruptured inner abdominal muscles, but he left a not bad performance of 7-4 with a 1.78 ERA.마카오토토주소

It was after the season that Sasaki’s image, which had been on a high march, fell. In Japan, he can always challenge the Major League with the permission of his team from his first year as a professional player, and Sasaki also expressed his intention to advance to the Major League. However, since he entered the professional stage, he has never played a full-time season, and since players under the age of 25 are signed only within the international amateur contract “Bosnerpool,” Chiba Lotte did not allow Sasaki to challenge, as the posting fee is not large.

Then, the conflict began. Sasaki, who had never crossed the line in the salary negotiation process since he wore the Chiba Lotte uniform through the 2019 draft, did not sign the contract this winter even after the year had passed. In addition, as the news spread that Sasaki withdrew from the Japan Professional Baseball Association early last year, voices of criticism against Sasaki began to rise in Japan, and eventually, the contract was signed soon after the departure of the spring camp.

Sasaki apologized for causing a stir in interviews with Japanese reporters after agreeing on salary for the 2024 season, and Chiba Lotte also tried to protect its family members, saying that this was not just Sasaki’s fault. Sasaki seems to be struggling to recover his fallen image at the spring camp that started on Ishigaki Island in Okinawa.

According to multiple local media including Japan’s Sponichi Annex and Sports Hochs, Sasaki had time to communicate and breathe with fans on Saturday (Korea time). Ishigaki Island received heavy rain and strong winds from the morning. However, fans visited the Chiba Lotte Spring Camp site to see the players despite bad weather conditions. Sasaki put her arms up in response.

Sasaki walked toward fans amid the rain and started an impromptu signing event. According to multiple Japanese media, Sasaki signed autographs for all 200 fans who visited the site for about 36 minutes. “After the 36-minute signing event, the fans applauded,” Sports Hoch said, while Sponichi Annex said, “After the signing event, fans shouted ‘Thank you!'”

As for baseball talent, there is no doubt that he is the “best” among Japanese professional baseball players. This is why Major League Baseball teams are paying attention to Sasaki’s moves. As it was a happening where he disagreed with his team in his dream of entering the big league, not about crime and morality, Sasaki is trying hard to become a trusted player again.

“I expected a tough competition,” said Ko Woo-seok, who did not even mention SD’s closing candidate

Ko Woo-seok (25, San Diego Padres), who is about to debut in the U.S. Major League Baseball (MLB), is expected to challenge the big league much more than expected.라바카지노도메인

There were already formidable competitors such as Robert Suarez (33) and Yuki Matsui (28) for Ko’s position as the closing pitcher, but recently Wandy Peralta (32) also joined the team. San Diego manager Mike Shildt even mentioned Ko’s name in his plan to become a closing pitcher for the new season.

Coach Shildt presented his 2024 season plan in an interview with the local media “San Diego Union-Tribune” on the 3rd. He expressed his thoughts on various positions and responded to the closing pitcher’s management plan, but he did not mention Ko Woo-suk’s name at all.

When asked about the closing pitcher, Shildt said, “The good news is that we have a lot of candidates.” Since Josh Hader (29), who was the team’s main closing pitcher until last season, left for the Houston Astros as a free agent, more attention is being paid to the San Diego closing pitcher in the new season.

First of all, Shildt said that Suarez has played a role so far and possesses adequate quality and mental capacity. Suarez is expected to be the most likely San Diego closer for the next season.

As for Matsui, he mentioned that he has been a solid closing pitcher for many years in Japan. As for Peralta, who recently joined his team, Shildt said, “We recently recruited Peralta, who has pitched amid a lot of crises.” In the end, Ko Woo-suk’s name was not mentioned.

It is true that there were many reactions that Ko Woo-seok’s entry into the big league after the end of last year’s season was rather surprising. This is because Ko Woo-seok had a career low season in the 2023 season.

Ko had only three wins, eight losses and 15 saves in 44 games last year. His ERA is 3.68. He was selected to the World Baseball Classic in March last year and participated in the championship, which was largely attributable to the injury he suffered during the warm-up match. He started the season late due to his recovery, and he had difficulty pitching normally even after his return.

However, San Diego had high expectations for Ko Woo-suk. The San Diego club announced on the 4th that “San Diego signed a two-year contract with South Korean closer Ko Woo-suk.” “This contract was announced by A.J. Preller himself,” he said.

Despite struggling conditions, Ko’s heavy ball power was still alive. He might have been betting on his performance in the KBO League. Ko had four wins, two losses and 42 saves in 61 games and an ERA of 1.48 to become the KBO League Save King. He has been reborn as a closing pitcher representing Korea​
Excellent competitors are holding out, but the season has not even begun. Notably, Shildt emphasized the importance of spring camps. “We will evaluate through spring camps,” he said. “That is why we are conducting our training.”

“Anyone can take the mound depending on the situation,” Shildt said, adding, “I will not give a definite answer.” “The best bullpen is that there are several players who can cope with various situations,” he said. “It’s hard to choose just one player.”

For Ko, the spring camp could be the last chance for the coach to catch his eye before the season opens. If he proves his worth at the spring camp that the coach emphasized, he could be on the “dream stage.”

The San Diego spring camp will begin on the 12th with a pitching and catching drill that includes Ko Woo-suk. The fielders’ group, which includes Kim Ha-sung (28), will work together from the 17th.

Beginner coach to win KIA’s ‘Winnow’ championship? Upcoming selection, league pays attention

KIA, which is rushing to find a new manager in an unexpected situation, is now expected to select candidates and start full-fledged recruitment of its coach. As the team is selected as the dark horse of this year’s championship, the entire KBO league is drawing keen attention. KIA’s options are expected to have advantages and disadvantages, which is expected to deepen its agony.

Kia, which terminated its contract with former coach Kim Jong-kook, who is under investigation by prosecutors for allegedly accepting bribes in breach of trust, is in the process of appointing a new head coach to lead the 2024 season. Although there are signs of embarrassment in the club as it is so unexpected, the team must stay alert now. The team plans to appoint an official coach due to various burdens and risks to lead the team to the acting system for one year.월카지노도메인

Kia reportedly looked into options for internal promotion and recruitment from outside while excluding active leaders who belong to other teams. It is expected that the team will select final candidates and proceed to the interview stage with high-ranking officials of the team. Usually, at least two or as many as four finalists are chosen, and in-depth interviews are conducted. In many cases, the team focuses on how well the leader’s philosophy matches the direction of the team.

No time table has been updated yet, but it is possible to backfire. KIA is currently holding its first camp in Canberra, Australia, which centers on technology, tactics and training. As the first round of camp plan has already been discussed and decided at a meeting of its coaching staff, absence of a coach will not have a significant impact on the team. Under the new system, camp is underway normally. However, coach Jin Gap-yong is absolutely necessary for the Okinawa second camp, which will start on Tuesday.

Considering this, it would be ideal to decide on a coach by next week at the latest, and have a new coach lead the Okinawa camp. If the team is greedy enough, it would be better to lead the team at the end of the Canberra camp. In other words, KIA has to decide its final candidate this week and start full-fledged interviews. The team needs to be sanctioned, and since the Lunar New Year holidays are also a matter of time, it does not have enough time. SSG, which appointed Lee Sung-yong as its manager for its previous interviews, conducted interviews with one person a day.

There are so many different people who want to recruit from outside. Leaders who are in the middle of the night are criticized whenever a team appoints a new coach. As for internal options, leaders representing the team, such as senior coach Jin Gap-yong and batting coach Lee Bum-ho, are being discussed. The first step is how KIA thinks about internal promotion. This is because it can be the best card to deal with a team that is confused. If the internal candidates’ ability should be judged, and if they judge that it is “no” or “premature,” it is reasonable to consider external recruitment cards.

However, there are growing doubts in the industry over whether KIA will pick up internal promotion card. Those considered internal promotion options have no experience as KBO league manager yet. All of them are “novice coaches.” Regardless of their ability and suitability, analysts say that the move does not match KIA’s current situation. No matter how prepared a coach is, trial and error in his first year as a coach is inevitable. Unfortunately, Kia is not a rebuilding team. It requires performance reform or shock therapy. It is more important to maximize the team’s existing capabilities.

There could be different opinions on whether Kia ranks sixth overall in the championship title or not. This is because the team ranked fifth last year. However, critics say that the Korean players are definitely among the best in terms of performance and capability. It is an action that other teams acknowledge. The batting lineup that competes with LG for the best in the league is robust, and the mound is also building a fairly strong capacity in both quantity and quality. In fact, Kia ranked second last year after LG, the winner of the regular season, in the Pittagorian win percentage based on its gain-loss margin, and higher ranking could have been expected had it not been for the “injury evil spirits” that seemed to rush in at once with foreign pitchers. Meanwhile, the game gap versus the third-ranked SSG was 3.5 games.

Kia has little more than two to three years left to challenge for the championship. Among its main players, players in their 30s account for a considerable portion. In particular, there is pressure to see something of a showdown before Choi Hyung-woo and Yang Hyun-jong, the pillars of pitching and hitting, get older. It is one to two years. Even if young and competent players are waiting behind them, there is no guarantee when they will build up their power to win the title again if they miss this period.

This is where those argue that they will bring in outsiders who know how to manage the season and have proven their ability in the event of a competition. Of course, outsiders do not have a clear understanding of the squad compared to internal options, and there are disadvantages in that the composition of the coaching staff, which has already been completed ahead of the season, may need to be slightly changed. It may be related to this that KIA is agonizing over selecting as many candidates as possible. Anyway, it is clear that the time to make a choice is gradually approaching.

Even if my salary decreased after leaving my hometown… I found laughter at the baseball stadium

“You’ve gotten a lot brighter, you look happy at the ballpark, so I’m happy when I hear that.”

Lee Jae-won, who graduated from Incheon Sungui Elementary School, Sangcheon Middle School, and Incheon High School and entered the professional league with the first SK Wyverns nomination in 2006, played for his hometown team alone for 18 years. He decided to leave Incheon to play baseball more. To be exact, he wanted to play baseball more “in the original form of Lee Jae-won.”헤라카지노도메인

He could have remained as a one-club man. Leaving a team he had worked for for nearly 20 years was never an easy task. Lee Jae-won, who was at the crossroads of retirement, has decided to continue his career with Hanwha. His annual salary is 50 million won (about 9.8 million U.S. dollars) this year, which is a small amount compared to when he signed an optionless 6.9 billion won (about 9.4 million dollars) as an FA. But that was not important. What was more important than the number was how he looked and how he felt.

“I was offered a coaching position (at the SSG), and I could have wished I had retired,” Lee told reporters at the Melbourne Ball Park, where Hanwha’s spring camp is taking place. “However, I did not want to do that. If I had shown my true self and human being as ordinary as Lee Jae-won, I could have quit as I was. However, that was not the case at all.”

“I was down regardless of my poor baseball performance, and I had a bad expression. People around me helped me a lot, but I had a hard time. It was hard for me as well, but I had a hard time around me. I didn’t think that was right. I came to Hanwha because I wanted to find myself by working with young players and show my support to the team. I am also grateful that you called me at that time,” he confessed.

He looked different in the new team. “Players and coaches were there together, and the front staff were so nice to me, so I think he’s the player that I always existed,” Lee Jae-won said with a smile. Lee Myung-ki, Kim Kang-min, Lee Tae-yang, Chung Kyung-bae, and Park Jae-sang were all members of the SSG team.

Lee Jae-won said, “I don’t know what kind of style the existing players are, but I know Myung-ji and Kang Min-hyung. Still, I’m happy when I hear those words because they say that I’ve gotten a lot brighter and still look happy at the ballpark.” I think it’s a lot of “up,” but it’s not about whether I’m good at baseball or not. As long as I’m on this team, I always try to stay bright and energetic,” he said.

“If you do that, you can become a baseball player again. I can do whatever I want, and that was the first thing. My previous club said that if I quit baseball and become a leader like this, I don’t think it will help me at all. But it’s great to be here. The players are nice, too. It’s a problem because they’re so nice,” he said with a smile.

Lee Jae-won said, “Actually, I was very worried. As it was my first time, I thought a lot, ‘Will I be able to adapt?’ I was looking forward to it, but I was more worried, so I wanted to come to the camp quickly. That way I could adapt quickly. Now that I have come, I know that my worries were unfounded.”

Lee Jae-won’s voice is always heard the loudest in the pitch field. His energetic voice and cheerful comments boost pitchers’ morale. When asked if he was trying to raise his tension on purpose, Lee Jae-won said, “I couldn’t do it on purpose. If I force myself to go into the room, I get exhausted and hit with reality,” smiling, “I really liked the ball, so I was really happy, so I really cheered.”

Joo Min-kyu challenges K-League history, saying, “You have to be the top scorer three times.”

This winter, a player who has been busy with the success of Klinsmann’s Asian Cup, is sweating toward a new history of the K League.

Ju Min-gyu (34), who is nicknamed “the pride of a native striker,” is the hero. As the top scorer in the K-League 1 last year, he is committed to preventing his rivals from challenging him again this year.꽁머니지급

Before heading home from Kagoshima, Japan, on the 4th, Joo Min-kyu smiled broadly, saying, “There was no record of a domestic player being the top scorer three times,” adding, “It’s always motivating me to endure tough winter training.”

■ “You should be the top scorer three times”

The reason why Joo Min-kyu dreams of a new history is that he has already made achievements incomparable to existing players.

Joo Min-kyu scored a whopping 56 goals over the past three years. He has been named the top scorer twice (2021, 2023) while not missing the position of the most goals scored every year.

The only player that Joo Min-gyu needs to overcome is Dejan Hana, who has been the top scorer for three consecutive years (2011-2013). “It would be a great honor to be on top of the scoring list three times like Dejan,” Joo said. “I think it will be helpful for me to grow as a player and live my life in the future.”

Whether Joo Min-kyu will become the top scorer has become even more exciting with the emergence of his big name. Jesse Lingard (32), a former Manchester United player in the English Premier League (EPL), is about to join FC Seoul as he boarded a flight to Korea on Saturday. “I have high expectations for Lingard to come. I’ve always liked him. He has a great career, so I want to meet him in person. Still, he won’t be a competitor for the top scorer.”

■The top scorer’s transformation is innocent, “If it’s to win.”

As much as he dreams of a new history, he is not afraid of bone-breaking changes. While recuperating his performance last year, he affirmed, “I have changed again.” This is because he has reduced his greed for goals and boosted his ability to score goals. As evidenced by the fact that Joo Min-kyu has scored 17 goals for two consecutive years since 2022, the number of shots has significantly decreased.

“I have a habit of checking my data every year at the end of the season and supplementing it,” he said. “Last year, the number of shots decreased to 67. Compared to the 95 shots I had in 2022, this is a significant drop.”

The fact that Joo Min-gyu reduced the number of shots meant that he gave up to his teammates unless he had a clear scoring opportunity. It was all the more remarkable amid the difficulties in sharing the opportunity to play with Martin Adam. “I thought that if I had greedier, I would have scored more goals. However, if I had done so, I would not have lifted the trophy that I wanted,” he stressed.

Joo Min-gyu also foreshadowed another change this year. He has decided to break the stereotype that a striker only needs to play in front of the goal. Ulsan coach Hong Myung-bo is learning how to play regardless of position while ordering dynamic soccer. While Joo Min-gyu was away from the goal, he was seen at a practice game where new midfielder Kelvin and defender Shim Sang-min attempted to shoot.

“Ulsan and I don’t know what to eat. If we think about the residents’ regulations for 2023, we will be confused,” said Joo Min-kyu.

If Joo Min-kyu successfully changes his goal as he predicted, Ulsan will be able to surpass three consecutive K-League 1 titles and advance to the championship of the Asian Champions League (ACL). Winning the ALC this season is also a shortcut to receiving invitation for the 2025 Club World Cup. “It is an enviable opportunity for others to have a dream to participate in a new club World Cup with 32 teams,” Joo Min-kyu said. “I will run with a happy dream again this year.”