Poets Meet Politics 2022 Results

We had a fantastic response to our 2022 Poets Meet Politics International Open Poetry Competition
and thank our esteemed judge Philip Gross and everyone who entered.

We are thrilled to congratulate this year's competition winner and all the other successful poets.
All works listed below are featured in our our annual Poets Meet Politics Competition Anthology 2022 publication,
( which will be available for purchase via this website from Sept 26th ).

The winning entries will shortly be available to read below.

'The Denials' by DAMEN O'BRIEN

2nd Prize
'Why I'm Invisible' by Mike Schneider

3rd Prize
'Gullenbursti' by Martin Figura

3rd Prize
'Sweeney in Parliament' by Bernadette McCarthy

'The Debate' by Jed Myers

'Hunger is not a Metaphor' by Julie Landsman

Outstanding Entries
( in no particular order )

'After the Rush to Execute a Prisoner before the Administration Ends' by Partricia Clark
'Searching for Tenderness in America' by Julie Landsman
'Dinner With Brezhnev' by Judith Wozniak
'Rushnyk' by Mark Fiddes
'Fast Cars Go Dangerously Around Every Bend' by Jamie O'Halloran
'The Baltic Way' by Judith Wozniak
'Family Tree' by Frank Farrelly
'Saying it with Flowers' by Geraldine Mitchell
'A Language Dies Out Every 14 Days' by David Sullivan
'Flying in That Summer over the Golden Gate' by Dolores Walshe
'Without Moons or Lilies' by Mike Schneider
'Ojciec' by Judith Wozniak
'Michigan Open Carry' by Susan Donnelly
'Preservation Order' by Mark Fiddes
'Far from the Turbulent Waters' by Anne Stewart
'Beneath the Snow' by Laura Foley
'Manuel's Restaurant' by Mike Schneider
'The Saltwater Geechee Girl Leaves Canada for the Carolinas' by Jill Fricker